Scoops FanExpo 2013 Adventures

Superman made of Lego!!


As I stated last year, this one word evokes so much to so many.  Geekery.  Friends.  Wackiness.  Discoveries.  Fantasies.  These ideas and a gazillion more collide within us, causing a fan high that lingers for days and days and days.

While FanExpo spans the Thursday to Sunday, my youthful days when I could survive all four are long behind me.  So, I settled on the Friday to Sunday route.

Writer @LesLivingston meets a fan!!

Writer @LesLivingston meets a fan!!

And the only thing I did on the Friday was hang out with friends.  While trooping through both the North and South Building, and yes taking in the mostly deserted and much despised Sports component which hopefully will never gloom this event ever again, I managed to accidently on purpose bump into all sorts of people.  From the dudes at Comics Geek Speak to the amazing creators J Torres, Jack Briglio and Lesley Livingston, all sorts of people crossed my path.  Or I crossed their path.  You know what I mean.  And it seemed like every step of the way, another friend would pop into view.  And thankfully, the crowds were way way less, so being able to move and breathe was easier.

The True Patriot crew!!  Howard Wong, J Torres, Jack Briglio, J Bone and Jay Stephens!!

The True Patriot crew!! Howard Wong, J Torres, Jack Briglio, J Bone and Jay Stephens!!

This was not the case for Saturday.  Long known as the horrid time of lengthy lines, lousy management, and lock-outs of epic proportions, this year was mostly much of the same.  The braintrusts who run the show always do stupid things on this day, all in the name of crowd control and other nonsense, with this years added ingredient of rude security guards.  With this mess going on, Saturday became a wasteland of going nowhere fast.  I somehow managed to get to the panel on the second floor that @LesLivingston was co-hosting and had a great time listening to industry advice.

Sunday came into existence with a more livable and less insane show.  And the real start of the serious shopping.  The last hour on Saturday got me hitting a couple of bargain bins, but Sunday was my day for full swing hunting.  Get a whack of comics?  Check!  Pick up my annual new toy?  Check!  Find something for Googliebear?  Check!

5 Batman Robin Catwoman RiddlerBy the end of the day, my bag was weighed down heavily with Geeky Goodiness and my heart was filled with wonderful convention memories.  Virtually every time I collided with a fellow Geek, stories were swapped.  My favourite was the Karl Urban Lord Of The Rings Socks tale.

The only downside to all this frivolity was the demolition of any and all interviews I had hoped to accomplish.

The Louise Simonson line was hugely long and taking an eternity.  From my vantage point it looked like she and Walt were taking their time and treating their fans properly by being wonderful and nice with them all.  Which meant my already wobbly schedule became even more wibbly, so I had to bail on that line.  Darn these super nice creators!  I was hoping to ask Louise about the Death of Superman and the now nullified Lois Lane / Clark Kent wedding, but alas, I shall have to wait till next year.  Hint, hint FanExpo.

4 Comics Geek Speak Pants JamieThis busyness translated to others on my list as well.  Both @JTorrescomics and @JackBriglio were, every time I went by their booth, constantly dealing with fans and such.  This also occurred with @LesLivingston, where I suddenly found myself conscripted into picture taking duty for awhile.  The aforementioned interviews with these fine creators had to be postponed, so I am crossing my fingers for sometime shortly down the line.

With the merriment and mirth now over, I finally managed to file, categorized, and index all of my new Geeky additions.  The Photo Albums and YouTube video are up, and mine eyes have plenty of new reading material to dig into.  Maybe I will get caught up by FanExpo next year?


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