True Patriot Brings Canada To The World

True Patriot

Between Captain Canuck and Alpha Flight and a few dribbles in between, the great Dominion of Canada, my home and native land, has not had a great plethora of heroes.  We have comic creators aplenty who grace our wonderful maple leaf populated land.  Combine these two solitudes together and you have a great new hardcover called True Patriot.

The brainchild of multiple comic writers and artists who hail from the Great White North, including J. Torres and Jack Briglio, this group of intrepid Canucks raised funds for True Patriot by way of indiegogo.  And the result, which I acquired at FanExpo 2013, is a wonderful anthology volume filling over a hundred pages with stories Lester B Pearson would have loved.

Okay, that last Canadian reference was a bit of a stretch.  Sorry about that, eh.

So with that polite silliness of mine finally ended, we can now plunge into the stories that inhabit this graphic novel.  And like the British North America Act of 1867, not every part is to your taste, but the whole is really amazing.  Slipped another one in, sorry!

TP Kid ComicsJ. Torres of Jinx fame provides the opening salvo, which extends into various vignettes that spring up all throughout the book.  His wordless commentary provides a backbone for True Patriot, combining childlike wonder with national pride.

The Red Ensign story is my first encounter with Scott Chantler, who gives us an uniquely told tale of a Canadian superhero who helped win the war.  The entire style propels us into this moment of nostalgia, with the song The Maple Leaf Forever ringing in my head with every panel.

TP Dominion JackDominion Jack provides a straight up generational superhero wham bam story, also starring a young heroine who is still picking an identity in more ways than one.  Jack Briglio, the writer of Growing Up Enchanted, is crafting a narrative that both kids and adults will enjoy.

The true new discovery for me was Thunder Birch by Andy Belanger.  We get a brief supernatural battle involving characters from Native American mythology, which I admit is not really something I am overly into, but Belanger sells it.  But the real shift for me here is the art and the art style he uses.  Not only are the faces and action scenes captivating, but the layout utilized is very engaging, with a central image on each page wisely locking everything together.  A new find for this old Geek.

TP Superhero GirlMy introduction to Faith Erin Hicks was at TCAF 2013 by @Taliana83, who sang her praises to me.  Here we have Superhero Girl fight the strangest villains this side of Scott Pilgrim, with a Special Canadian Guest Star!

Many more stories grace these pages, featuring everything from a superhero whose origins come out of the famous Avro Arrow, to another where Canadian television fixtures make kinda cameos, to a tale co-starring a dog of justice.  Each and every participant brings a different feel, a different look, a different Canadaness to their contribution to True Patriot.

For those of us from the country Sir John A MacDonald founded, True Patriot is a great reminder of the creators and characters we have.  For the Geeks living in the uncool area south of the 49th parallel, welcome to what makes us super.


…is currently reading Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

TP Silver Birch

Silver Birch by Andy Belanger

The True Patriot crew!!  Howard Wong, J Torres, Jack Briglio, J Bone and Jay Stephens!!

The True Patriot crew!! Howard Wong, J Torres, Jack Briglio, J Bone and Jay Stephens!!


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    On April 28, 2015 at 2:05 PM, DJ Steel wrote:

    “Cool! True Patriot looks awesome! I’m going to have to see if I can find it at one of my local comic book shops! I would love it if you checked out our Canadian Multimedia comic. Season two is being released in one week!

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