Three Random Thoughts On The Excitement Of The Third Annual Book Blogger Meet-up!!!


On Saturday, November 2nd, 2013, what seemed like thousands (well, about a hundred) Book Bloggers gathered in downtown Toronto to have fun and merriment and enjoy gallons and gallons of book talk!  All organized by the hard working BlogOntario people!

@strawberry and @rebeccahh95

@strawberry and @rebeccahh95

New Friends To Blogging!

So all my well laid plans bore glorious fruit as both @rebeccahh95 and @strawberryfinn were able to make it.  These two smart young ladies are friends of mine and because of my incessant prodding, have entered the wonderful world of blogging.  Strawberry mostly writes about social issues and art for well over a year now, while Rebeccahh is just getting started spreading her wisdom online.  Both had an absolute blast, meeting people, trading books, and just soaking in the geeky atmosphere.  Next years meet-up shall be massive for them both!

Sybil and @Bookwormsdiary

Sybil and @Bookwormsdiary

Old Friends To Blogging!!

The first person we saw, who made the trek all the way from Ottawa, was @Katallina.  Our strolling took us by @Christasbooks and @Book_lover1988, who were peddling their start-up magazine Inaccurate Realities.

After lunch we went to see the youngest blogger, Sybil, who dragged along her sidekick @Bookwormsdiary.  Before the end, @ArdoOmer had crossed our geeky paths and completed some final book swaps with us.  It was great to catch up with so many!

Book s Galore Being Given Out!!!

Book s Galore Being Given Out!!!

Book Friends To Blog About!!!

Trading of the books in the grab bags zipped between the three of us, and very quickly escalated to so many of the other bloggers whom we met.  Strawberry is now fascinated with reading guest author’s Teresa Toten books, right after a long conversation with her.  Rebeccahh managed to pawn off onto me every book she did not want.  All three of us left with quite a wonderful haul!

The Third Annual Book Blogger Meet-up.  We came, we saw, we conquered!  NEXT YEAR CAN NOT COME SOON ENOUGH!!!


…is currently reading The Death And Life Of Superman by Roger Stern.

Either @strawberryfinn or @rebeccahh95 kidnapped my camera and did this...

Either @strawberryfinn or @rebeccahh95 kidnapped my camera and did this…


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