Three Random Thoughts On What I Think MIGHT Happen In The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Dr Who Tardis

Originally I put this up on facebook as a note several days ago.  Now that the episode has aired worldwide (galaxy-wide?), I am now enlightening the universe with my predictions, only slightly rewritten for the Three Random Format.  Now we shall all see how right/wrong I am.

So with the Dr Who 50th almost upon us, I am going to make my fearless prediction as to what the special is all about.  Now remember, I know jacksquat of what is in the script, this is simply my completely uneducated, right off the top of my head, giving my slightly fanfic treatment to what I think might happen.  So stop reading NOW if you are afraid my thoughts might be proven right.

So yes, I know nothing.  Just doing some random guessing/daydreaming.


Okay, here goes!

Dr Who Sonic ScrewdriverThe Main Story!
Doctors Tennant and Smith decide to join forces and prevent Hurt from doing his genocide to stop the Dalek/Time Lord War.  Hurt, wanting a second chance, joins in with them, eventhough this would massively alter Universal history, and the Doctors own history.  But they fail.  Utterly fail.

Dr Who Sonic ScrewdriverThe Reunion!!
Hurt is still not satisfied with all this and wants to make peace with all his other selves.  So using Gallifreyian science/voodoo magic/Zero Cabinet technobabble, Hurt enters some psychic zone where ALL the Doctors can co-exist on the astral plane.  Using CGI/old episodes footage they recreate all the Doctors who can’t/won/t/too old to be present and use original voices/replacement voices for the Doctors.  The next Doctor, Capaldi, is also here, and all the Doctors know each other.

Dr Who Sonic ScrewdriverThe Trial!!!

Hurt then goes on a kind of quasi trial, asking to be accepted as a Doctor.  In the end, after much debate, they do, with the First Doctor welcoming him to the fold.  Cue credits.  And the entire trial is only five minutes.

If I am right, I am an unparalled genius.

If I am wrong, I got the start of some wicked fanfic.

And btw, my track record for finalles sucks.  My Lost predictions were laughable off and my Battlestar Gallactica predictions were completely wrong.

But I gotta be right someday, right?


…is currently reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.


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