Scoop’s The Day Of The Doctor Adventure

Dr Who X Men Days of Future Past

Found this somewhere on the interwebs. And no I do not know who knows this.

Well, it started off with a fez popping out of a time rift.

Okay, not really, but THAT would have been an amazing story to tell!

My tale is of a more sedate, more fanboyish, variety.  One with no Daleks involved.

The morning of The Day Of The Doctor started with my viewing of An Adventure In Space and Time, the excellent movie all about the genesis of Dr Who.  Once completed, and smiling tears of joy at the surprise cameo at its conclusion, Googliebear and I prepared for our trip downtown.

Zipping along, but still cutting it close, we managed to get to the theatre well before the big event.  Instead of our scheduled Auditorium Thirteen, we were put into what I guess was the overflow area Auditorium Four.  Upon entering the almost completely full theatre, we immediately noticed a plethora of long scarfs, Tardis dresses and toques, and fezs galore.

Us in the dark.

Us in the dark.

Seated and wearing our 12D glasses (er, I mean 3D glasses), we suffered through boring commercials for retro movies Cineplex brings back for limited time events.  I love the 1989 Batman and like Die Hard, but Dr Who trivia would have been far more appropriate.  Thankfully, Strax shows up and tells /orders the audience to put our communication devices on silent and not to film the entertainment event.  But eating of popcorn is wholeheartedly recommended.  Next up is Doctors Smith and Tennant telling us to wear our glasses, enjoy the show, and listen to them natter on about each other.

Then we had the love and majesty of The Day Of The Doctor…

Right after the credits rolled, we saw a documentary short about the good Doctor and his 50th, narrated by the sixth Colin Baker.  Lights then came up and people started filling out, as happy as happy could be.

Us not in the dark.

Us not in the dark.

Well, they only partly put the lights up.  I wanted to get a picture of us in the theatre, wearing our 12D glasses, but the low light made the results murky as heckers.  Undaunted and undulated (undulated?) we handed back our 12D glasses and ventured into the theatre lobby where we finally had a proper picture taken.

We left the theatre and entered the bitterly cold wind, all to travel the few blocks to The Elephant And Castle where The Doctor Who Society Of Canada was hosting an after party.  The place was quite nice and Googliebear and I sat for awhile discussing the episode.  Just before we left, one Geek announced she was selling little wool dolls made up to look like the various Doctors.  We scored the Tenth (now Eleventh) Doctor version, complete with Tennant’s trademark hair.

Now with The Day Of The Doctor pretty much done, we headed home.  With my braincells dancing and my Geekvibe prancing, I was one happy Scoop.

And now I can’t wait for the 100th anniversary with all 57 Doctors, all shot in glorious 12D.  That will be amazing as well.


…is currently reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.

Dr Who Tennat Wool

My Little Wooly David Tennant

Wolf and Squid

Made by this Geek!

And Finally…

Dr Who Muppets

Again, found on interwebs. Again, don’t know who owns.


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