3.5 Random Thoughts on Scoops 350th Post

Waving Pencil

The amazing and incredible thing about this post is the numbering.  Three hundred and fifty.  Wow.  That is one heckuva big number.  Three hundred and fifty blog posts.  And some of them even makes sense.  So with this milestone of greatness (?), I figured I would treat my adoring public to some Random Thoughts, or 3.5 of them to be precise, about my three hundred and fiftieth post.  And yes, this is me being meta about being meta.

ToKillAMockingbirdcoverThe Best…

I have my own favourite posts, all for various reasons, which I am particularly proud and happy about.  Whenever people tell me how much they love the blog, my writing, or my fantastic talent (okay, that last part I made up), I always tell them to go back and read my first bunch of posts.  And then I apologize in advance.  I truly believe my groove did not really start until my To Kill A Mockingbird review hit, and my continuous reading habit did not fully bloom till The Hunger Games struck me.  The blog, just like life, is an ever evolving entity.

The Worst…

Yeah, I have had my stinkers, posts I look back at and shake my head.  Not going to name them here, and no one has complained, asked for a refund, and outright spat on me in public, but I know the yucky ones exist.  Sometime I know even when I am researching, writing, editing, or formatting these icky beasts that they are simply not working.  But so far I have never spiked a post.  Even the failures must be celebrated, just for the sheer audacity of existing.

Passport To The Wall CoverThe Different…

Experimentation is fun.  One big gamble I took this year is starting a serialized story, The Passport To The Wall, and have miraculously remained ahead of schedule on that crazy project.  Before the Brave movie hit theatres, I did a gazillion posts looking at everything Pixar has done, which was quite fun and interesting.  This year was Superman’s big 75th birthday, which gave me a perfect excuse to not only read all those books starring Kal-El that mocked me on my bookshelves, but afforded me a chance to expound on the glories of Clark Kent in other venues.  Next year?  I do have an idea for something special, which hopefully I can pull off.  Crossing fingers, toes, and eyes, that all will go according to plan.

So thank you, one and all, for the support and fun and merriment that helps lead to three hundred and fifty posts.  When I hit 1,000 posts, I shall collapse in exhaustion.


…is currently reading How To Curse In Hieroglyphics by Lesley Livingston and Jonathan Llyr.


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