My Upcoming Year of Buffy

zz Buffy and logoI almost called this Scoop meets Buffy.  Almost.

And I knew Giles would never approve.

But knowing Giles was abit of a no fun stick in the mud was one of the few things I knew about Buffy.  Yes, I am that sheltered from the genius of Joss Whedon, but more of that fact later.

And ye shall learn how clueless I truly am.

A long time ago, in a Geek world far far away, I went to see a new movie starring the hunky Luke Perry of 90210 fame, and found it passable at best.  It featured a where are they now Kristy Swanson, a future President Snow Donald Sutherland, and several annoying actors playing vampires.  This Buffy The Vampire Slayer received tepid reviews, sparked little public interest, and died at the box office rather quickly.

And it was never heard from again.

Until a few years later, when creator Joss Whedon decided to revive the concept of Buffy as a television show, aptly called Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

And a legend was born.

When the show was announced, a sneer of derision was very noticeable from the critics, who viewed it as simply an extension of the failed movie.  Even at the end of the first season, Buffy faced undue hostility from the press, which baffled me since the buzz I had heard was good, nay, great.

And I was involved with none of it.

Buffy lived and breathed and spinned off and changed networks and cultivated lifelong fans, all over seven glorious years.  The power of Buffy Summers is immense in Geek culture, with books and graphic novels and a season eight comic all spawning a cottage industry still thriving to this day.

And still I resisted her biting charm.  Ouch.

As the years went by, and drips and drabs of the adventures of Buffy went on, only two episodes entered my mind.  The delayed high school graduation one, filled with Buffy and her classmates fighting off a horde of demons, caught my interest since real life events had put it on hold for awhile.  My interest was spiked by the controversy, which struck me as unfounded after viewing the episode.  Years later, I noticed a rerun about to happen of the all singing and all dancing Buffy spectacular, Once More With Feeling.  So I sat back, had no clue what was going on, and enjoyed the fun and drama and jokes of what Joss has created.  Getting the mustard out and she needs backup still crack me up to this day.

And after that I went right back to being an uncultured non-Buffy watcher.

Firefly CastOver the last few years, my cerebral cortex has been assaulted endlessly with pleas, threats, death stares, pointy fingers and pity filled glances from Joss fans who admonished my lack of Buffy-ness.  After trying to sate these Geeks by taking in Firefly over a year ago, I realized that no matter how wonderful and amazing this short lived series was, It was not the same as premier Joss vehicle of greatness, the immortal Buffy.

And that stupidity of my part had to be fixed.  And soon.

So a trip to Sunnydale had to be arranged, which was quickly facilitated by my younger brother Mark, an avid Buffy Geek.  Some months back Mark loaned me his Buffy box set, and his Angel box set, and gave me a mighty triumphant smile.  He and my older brother @davidtgriches were part of the chorus trying to convert me to the cause.  With these box sets tucked under my arm, I went home and prepared for my Buffy experience.  Thanks Mark for the extended loan, and no worries, the box sets are safe on a high shelf well away from the bitey jaws of Lexie The Wonder Puppy.

And Googliebears Mad About You box set was not spared the same fate.

With the box sets now in my grasp, I look back at the people who helped bring this moment on.  Thanks again, not just to my brothers for their constant prodding over the years, but also @AinslieKeith and @Taliana83 for providing heavy motivations for attempting this massive task.  Also, a Buffy fan with major Joss credentials is @nikki_stafford, who completed a rewatch awhile ago which she chronicled on her blog Nik at Nite.  She, and what seems like a million other Buffy fanatics whom I cannot all remember, were also instrumental with my starting this journey.

And now I shall enlighten the Buffy fans with everything I knew before the first episode.  Prepare to weep.  SPOILERS ON!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoBuffy is a vampire slayer in Sunnydale High School, which is built on a Hellmouth.  She is helped by her Scooby Gang which includes smart guy Giles, Willow who becomes a witch, Xander, Cordelia, Faith, Spike the moody rebel vampire, Angel who has magical powers, and that annoying Seth Green guy.  Buffy lives with her mom, rarely sees her dad, and has a step sister.  Buffy died and was resurrected, and was sorts of pissy about it.

And that is about it.

Before I even started viewing the first episode, I knew something of what to expect in terms of quality.  Joss Whedon has a reputation for dramatic, character driven storytelling, with amazing action scenes, compelling follow through of traumatic events, and sparkling humour filled dialogue.  This and more I gleaned from the constant bombardment of the media, who long ago learned to love Joss, and the fans, who knew all along.  Yes, I have high expectations, but I also know every series has its ups and downs.  Having seen every episode of Smallville, and vividly recalling the awful first year which competes with the horrid crystal quest season as the worst, as having low points before flying high well before the conclusion.  Even the most die hard Buffy Geek will admit not every show is a classic, not all storylines worked, and some characters should have bit the dust way earlier.  For me, I put my trust in Joss and his greatness and do not think many shows will fail to thrill and inspire.

And so I took my first real bite.

As of right now, I am abit behind schedule with my viewing.  Season two, episode two is where my trip to Sunnydale is staked at the moment.  Starting next weekend, every Saturday and Sunday will feature a Three Random Thoughts popping on about each episode of Buffy.  All seven seasons comprising over five hundred shows, or so it seems like from my end of the viewing spectrum, will hopefully receive the randomness of Scoop.  Hopefully.

And now I must get back to Sunnydale.  Buffy is awaiting.


…is currently reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.


“If Scoop does not stop with the vampire humour, I will stake him.”


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One Response to My Upcoming Year of Buffy

  1. David T.G. Riches says:

    There are 143 episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and 110 episodes of Angel who is a vampire with a soul. That would give you enough episodes to review Monday thru Friday to fill out an entire year. Simple TV Junkie math.

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