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 Hello and Welcome to 2014!

With this new year still brand spanking, well,  new, I thought a hello would be in order.

Hello to all my new readers populating this here blog.  Hope you like what you read and see and experience.  Feel free to retweet, reblog, and regurg- (wait, nevermind the last bit) and just generally spread the word all over the interwebs of what you like, dislike and are still wondering about with Scoopsmentalpropaganda.

And Hello to all my returning, loyal, readers, you have shown impeccable taste for sticking with me.  Something, somewhere on here has struck a chord with all of you, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Again, feel free to spread what you love, or even hate, about Scoopsmentalpropaganda to the world at large.

And what should you all expect here in 2014?  Glad you asked!

For the coming year, my usual posts about books and movies and television and personal essays and current events and photo albums should continue unabated.  Basically, I write and rant about all those topics and more, all because I like to write and rant about them.  And the fact you all seem to like that as well is an added bonus.

Continuing as well are my occasional forays into fiction, with the big project in this area being The Passport To The Wall.  This narrative with new chapters every Friday, tells the tale of a lonely young girl who makes friends because of a book.  ILONA lives and learns and loves, all due to the written word.

Starting up new this 2014 is the My Year of Buffy.  Being almost completely oblivious to this classic Joss Whedon television series, I have started watching and Three Random Thoughting (is that a word?) all the episodes.  So every Saturday and Sunday ye shall see Scoop’s views on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, in the same grand tradition of my Pixar movies posts and last years Superman look backs.

For those who wish more of me, I am also on various other social media platforms.  Here are the hundred or so links:

@Scoopriches twitter

Scoops Mental Propaganda on facebook (hit Like!)

Scoopriches on Youtube

Wattpad – Scoopriches (another venue for my fiction, read and Vote!)

Goodreads (a book review site)

And as a final note, Thank You To All Of You For Reading.  Scoopsmentalpropaganda is fun and merriment (and occasionally headache inducing) for me, and getting your feedback is also gratifying.

Again, Thank You All.  2014 will be another amazing year.


…is currently reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.


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Married to beautiful wife. Always learning a ton of stuff. Geek with too much useless knowledge. fb page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Scoops-Mental-Propaganda/192314550819647 twitter & twitpic: Scoopriches AboutMe Page: http://about.me/paulriches This site is an @Scoopriches production
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