My Harry Potter Christmas!

Scoop and Harry Potter

Waaay back, over a year ago, I took up an interesting challenge.

Spend the summer of 2012 finally reading Harry Potter.

So with the magic of my local library, my quest started in early June, with the self-imposed deadline of late August, just before FanExpo, to be the goalpost.

Onwards and upwards I pillaged, and as the books got thicker and thicker and thicker, my determination never wavered.  And on the tuesday before the annual geekfest, my mission was completed.

Cue Kermit Muppet Flail!

At that point I was now a full fledged member of Harry Potter fandom.  I knew all about Accio and Horcrux’s and Firebolts and could converse like a Jedi Master on all these subjects.  The only hitch was my lack of reading the three textbooks J.K. had also put out, but even that little detail was quickly fixed in early September 2012.

My education of all things Harry Potter reached even new heights during the months after.  A Very Potter Musical and its sequels joined my mind, and sometime after Potted Potter also popped in.  The movies all flowed into me.  Currently, the MuggleCast podcast is now being slowly gobbled down by me.  And J.K. Rowling continued on with writing non-Hogwarts books, releasing The Casual Vacancy and The Cuckoo’s Calling in quick succession.

Now, being a good Muggle, I immediately snapped up both books and slammed through them.  Happy happy joy joy was the song in my heart.

But, one tiny little flaw existed in this perfect Geek world of mine.  I did not own any of the Harry Potter seven books.  Not a one, and my emoticon was a sad face because of it.

So flash forward to Christmas 2013.  Googliebear has to get me something from Santa and she sees something really cool on Amazon.  The Harry Potter Seven Book Series Box Set, in Hardcover, in the original British.  And before ye can shout “Quidditch!” she had my Christmas gift ordered and delivered.

Once the joy and happiness of Christmas morning with the unwrapping of J.K.’s greatness had passed, our next task was to keep this new prized possession safe from Lexie The Wonder Puppy.

Harry was squirreled away in a room with the door securely shut.  One day, when Lexie was not gracing us with her demented presence, I went to my bookshelves and started doing another long overdue purge.  Things got chucked chucked chucked, all for the magic of J.K.  Finally, in what seems like nineteen years later, but was actually about an hour, my Harry Potter Box Set was now living comfortably in the start of a wonderful shrine.

The start is the appropriate term.  Plans are afoot to someday get the Harry Potter textbooks, and I have already glanced online at different action figures to acquire.  My pickiness is legendary with these things, all to create my perfect vision of a tribute.

All to keep the flame of Hogwarts alive.  Cue fanboy squeal.


…is currently reading by Fables volume 3 and 4 by Bill Willingham

Harry Potter on the shelf


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