Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 1.11 Out of Mind, Out of Sight

Buffy season 1

Out of Mind, Out of Sight almost completes season one of Buffy The Vampire SlayerMy Year of Buffy continues with SPOILERS!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Cordelia is going on about the May Queen competition when Buffy accidently drops her Slayer stuff.  Cordelia continues her bitchiness by being a pain in english class.  Cordelia’s boyfriend Mitch is then attacked by a floating baseball bat.  Meanwhile, we learn about the shared history of Willow, Xander and Cordelia.  Meanwhile, Buffy feels odd, seeing as she was May Queen at her old school.  When Mitch is found, Buffy investigates.  Cordelia is still self absorbed after the attack, and another person is attacked.  Giles figures out the assailant is invisible and Buffy goes off to investigate.  Angel shows up and offers Giles an ancient book.  Cordelia wins the May Queen contest and Buffy tracks down the invisible girl’s hideout, and shortly after a teacher is attacked.  The invisible girl, Marcie, is shown to be truly lonely, since everyone wrote “Have a nice summer” in her yearbook.  We then see how no one paid attention to Marcie, causing her to become invisible.  Cordelia then pops into the library asking Buffy for protection.  While helping her, Buffy hears Cordelia confess how lonely she truly is.  Giles, Willow and Xander are lured into a deadly trap, but are later saved by Angel.  Marcie kidnaps Cordelia and Buffy, who awaken all tied up.  Buffy gets free, figures out how to fight an invisible girl, and is surprised when government agents take away the villain.  After, Cordelia is nice for abit, then reverts to nasty.  And Marcie ends up in a government school for invisible kids, all learning how to do spy stuff.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

O boy, a Cordelia episode, this is gonna hurt.  Finally someone mentions the weird Buffy/Giles relationship.  Willow, the smartest person in the school, outwits Principal Snyder by mentioning lawsuits.  My head almost exploded when Giles and Angel meet.  I am really hoping Cordelia will finally die here.  Marcie turning invisible is so sad, right before our eyes.  Cordelia almost makes sense in the library, but I still don’t buy her confessional with Buffy.  Man, Marcia really moved the two girls rather quickly, and Angel saving the Scoobies was rather convenient.  The FBI taking Marcia took me completely by surprise and I love the classroom she ends up in.  And Giles not mentioning Angel to Buffy really ticked me off.  Bad Watcher, Bad!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Principal Snyder is certainly getting the hang of Sunnydale High School, as shown here, “Their are no dead students here. This week.”  And Willow depresses by stating the obvious with, “Have a nice summer. Have a nice summer. This girl had no friends at all.”

They really got the creepy worked out on this show, which gets under my skin every time.  Marcie as the invisible girl is tragic and real and slams very hard.


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