Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 1.12 The Prophecy Girl

Buffy season 1

We end season one with The Prophecy Girl, another sensational episode of Buffy The Vampire SlayerMy Year of Buffy moves on with SPOILERS!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Everyone is out and about one night when Buffy does her slayer thing nearby CordeliaGiles is reading the book from Angel, all filled with prophecies, when an earthquake hits, making the trapped Master happy.  At school, Giles seems preoccupied when Buffy tells him about the Vampires getting worse.  Xander asks out Buffy, she says no, and he listens to country music to heal.  Miss Calendar, the Technopagan, warns Giles that something is up.  When Buffy overhears Giles and Angel in the library, they are talking about the prophecy that The Master will kill the Slayer.  Upset, she tries to get her mom to leave with her, but instead mom gives Buffy a dress for the dance.  Next day at school, Willow and Cordelia find the AV club all slaughtered by Vampires.  Buffy realizes what she must do, knocks out Giles for trying to stop her, and is led by the Anointed One little boy Colin to her doom.  Xander goes to Angel, whom he hates, for help, and shows up after The Master has left Buffy for dead and escaped.  When Willow and Miss Calendar try to leave the school, the Vampires attack, and they are saved by Cordelia.  Xander revives Buffy with CPR, as the Scoobies fight off the Vampires by holing up in the library.  A creature with many tentacles crashed through the library floor, from the Hellmouth.  Buffy fights The Master on the school roof and wins by impaling him on furniture.  Everything returns to normal.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy really enjoys kicking Vampire ass!  Giles should never play poker, since Buffy’s prophesized death is all over him.  Buffy letting Xander down for a date hurts.  The Technopagan is back!  The Technopagan is back!  Giles turning to Angel gots me spidey sense going.  Holy crap!  Buffy has to face her mortality!  And her mom is suddenly not so clueless.  A bloody hand print on the screen?  Thanks for the nightmares Joss!  This feels like the real implications of war here, absolutely terrifying.  Saw Buffy punching out Giles coming from a mile away.  Xander and Angel is interesting, especially since Xander had finally grown a pair.  Vampires at the dance!  Holy Crap!  Holy Crap!  Holy Crap!  Buffy was bitten!  Cordelia saves the Scoobies!  Buffy is alive!  Tentacles in the library!  BUFFY TO THE RESCUE!  BUFFY TO THE RESCUE!  Whew!  Now that that is done, is Cordelia part of the Scoobies now?  Or will she still die?  And it is amazing to see Buffy get her groove on as a Slayer, and maybe in her life.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy schools Xander with the line “No, boring falls short.”  The angst and the pain of her impending death hits Buffy hard, especially when she says to Giles the following, “Giles, I am sixteen years old. I don’t want to die.”  But Buffy makes a great comeback later, when she and The Master meet again, she says, “I may be dead, but I am still pretty.”

NOW THAT IS AN ENDING!  While not every question is answered, my trust in Joss is massive at this point, so I am sure we will see further resolutions.  Buffy faces death, walks into it with a child, and is reborn.


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