Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.4 Inca Mummy Girl

Buffy season 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets an Inca Mummy Girl.  SPOILERS on for My Year of Buffy!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and her friends are visiting a museum on a school trip, all because several of them are expecting foreign exchange students soon.  After they leave the Inca Mummy exhibit, one annoying student tries to steal an ancient dish which the mummy holds, but breaks it instead.  This does not go well for him.  When the Scoobies come in, they find the student mummified and a strange guy with a sword attacking.  Later, Buffy picks up her exchange student, and she is a beautiful girl whom Xander immediately falls for.  But we know she is really the Inca girl.  This teen translates the plate for Giles, than tells them to destroy it.  When the sword guy attacks again, the teen kills him by sucking the life out of him.  Buffy and the girl bond, especially over The Chosen One idea.  Xander takes the teen to a costume party at the Bronze, where she almost sucks the life out of him.  Meanwhile, a member of the band, a fellow named Oz, sees Willow and is immediately smitten.  Also, Buffy and Giles finally figure out that the teen girl is actually an Incan.  Giles heads to the museum to fix the plate and save the day, but the Incan shows up.  Buffy and her fight.  The Incan disintegrates when Xander confronts her, leaving him heartbroken.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Okay, exchange students?  Think I am not going to like this.  Cordelia is back, only milder.  The annoying guy is annoying.  Saw the mummy coming to life.  Xander, please get over Buffy, this is becoming stupid.  Xander is an idiot in the library, but no one notices Willow?  And I feel sad for Willow here.  I love the whole it’s a mummy scene in the library.  Okay, now the Incan girl is young and hot and living with Buffy as the exchange student.  Cordelia being a groupie, and an obnoxious one at that, makes sense.  Seth Green!  His first episode!  Giles is very bad at making excuses, even the ancient Incan princess can tell he is lying.  So this is the Xander/Incan love story?  Willow is so sad and Giles doesn’t notice or care or anything.  Jerk Watcher.  So sword guy shows up attacking Xander when he is with Incan girl and no one figures it out.  That Chosen One line made my head spin!  What does that mean?  Okay, she kills sword guy and her version is Chosen One is not what we think it is.  Willow’s costume at the Bronze is just silly.  I think they are trying to find a new balance for Cordelia between meanness and funny.  Giles and Buffy figure it all out about ten years later.  I really wish they would stop these bands playing on the show.  Oz likes Willow?  Did not see that coming.  I am either going to love or hate this love triangle.  So she has to feed to stay young?  Yuck.  I am guessing the museum is just down the street from the Bronze?  Okay, that was a gross ending.  And kinda lame.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy’s denying her reputation for, well smacking problems, is made fun by Xander with this line, “The important thing is, you believe that.”  Xander acts all heroic with fighting the sword guy and realizes that with this bit, “Okay, I just saved us, right?”  Bringing up past history in a really cool way is Xander with this question to Incan teen, “You’re not a preying mantis are you?”  And Buffy tells Giles nicely, “One of these days you are going to have to get a grown up car.”

Really not feeling this one at all.  In fact, it ranks right up there with the preying mantis one from first season as the worst.  Sigh.


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