Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.5 Reptile Boy

Buffy season 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer now meets a Reptile Boy.  SPOILERS for My Year of Buffy!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies are watching some Bollywood(?) movie and making up the dialogue, all because they be bored.  At a local frat house, a teen girl jumps out the window and tries to escape some hooded crazies, who then recapture her.  The next day, Giles demands Buffy train harder, all to take advantage of the lull.  Cordelia has to introduce Buffy to some college guys she wants to impress, but she says no thanks to their invite.  Later, Buffy is on patrol and bumps into Angel, and they find the teen girls bracelet.  They argue and Buffy leaves.  Buffy lies to Giles and heads to the frat party with Cordelia.  Giles and Willow figure out the bracelet belongs someone from a local prep school, and they find info about other dead girls.  At the frat party, Cordelia goes off with the guy, Buffy looks out of place, and Xander crashes it and gets caught.  When Angel shows up to help save Buffy, Willow tells both him and Giles off for how they treat Buffy.  A drugged Buffy and Cordelia awake in the frat house basement and find the hooded crazies are planning to sacrifice them to some reptile demon called Machida.  The Scoobies show up at the frat house, fight there in, and go to save their friends.  Buffy, meanwhile, has broken free and kicks the hooded crazies around, all before taking on Machida and winning.  Giles and Buffy reconcile and Angel finally asks her to coffee.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

A quite night for the Scoobies!  But nearby a teen girl is running from mad monks?  Cordelia please die, part fifty.  Buffy tells Willow her dirty dreams of Angel, these two do talk about everything!  Xander versus Cordelia round twenty.  Giles simply loves giving lectures, doesn’t he?  Buffy has such cute puppy dog eyes.  Buffy is falling for this college guys stupid lines?  Really?  I completely hate Cordelia’s laugh.  Giles is being a jerk and he deserves that ass kicking.  Hello angel, you meeting Buffy in a cemetery like this is so romantic.  Well, he is right about the age difference – 241 to 16.  Cordelia is almost completely insane with her logic.  Okay, creepy guys doing some kinda devil ceremony.  Buffy lied to Giles!  Colour me shocked.  Cordelia is annoying, please die part seventy five.  It’s a frat party! Toga!  Toga!  Toga!  Xander coming through the window is stupid.  Look, a drunken annoying frat boy.  Buffy finds a clue!  Thank god because this is getting boring.  And the clue goes nowhere quickly.  Xander as a pledge in a dress is stupid.  Drugged Buffy is about to be raped.  Or not.  Buffy and Cord and other teen girl are prisoners in the creepy basement!  Willow cracks and tells off Giles and Angel, who deserve it.  Reptile demon looks like a $5 special effect.  The Scoobies all meet-up outside!  Yes that’s right, the frat boys have to invite Angel in.  Yes!  Buffy finally breaks free and kicks frat boy ass!  Cordelia likes Angel?  Buffy and Giles finally have a talk, awww!  So these corporate guys were successful because of the reptile demon?  And Buffy takes back the power from Angel by doing coffee on her schedule.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Coffee drinkers will agree with Willows logic to Buffy here, “It’s not a date, it’s a caffeinated beverage.”  Life in Sunnydale is becoming the new normal, as this line from Buffy to Angel shows, “Wouldn’t it be funny sometime to see each other if it wasn’t a blood thing.”  This part just made me laugh, both the line and the delivery, with Buffy sating this to Willow and Xander, “I’m going with – egads – Cordelia.”  The new normal of Sunnydale again, from Willow to Giles, “This being Sunnydale and all, I guess we can rule out something good?”  A good question from Willow to Angel, “Angel, how do you shave?”  And Willow gets the chaotically fighting Scoobies rallied together with, “Hey! Buffy! Snake! Basement! Now!”

Another one that kinda gives me the blahs.  Didn’t really care the frat boys, the reptile thingee, or most of this.  Hoping next one is better.  A side note, this is the second time in a year Buffy was almost raped.  This is getting chilling.


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