Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.6 Halloween

Buffy season 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer celebrates Halloween with an episode called HalloweenMy Year of Buffy spooks along with SPOILERS on.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is delayed for her first date with Angel because of her Slayer duties.  What she does not know is that her fight is being videotaped.  Buffy shows for the date looking messy and call it a night.  At school, Principal Snyder makes the Scoobies volunteer to help the neighbourhood kids trick or tweet, then Buffy saves Xander from Larry the bully.  Buffy and Angel gossip about Angel’s past and think it is a good idea to steal Giles Watcher Diaries to find out.  Sneaking into the library and distracting Giles, Willow steals the book.  After, they discover that Cordelia has no idea Angel is a Vampire.  Going to Ethan’s Costume Shop, a new place in town, The Scoobies get outfits.  Buffy an 18th century lady, Willow a ghost, and Xander a soldier.  Meanwhile, Spike watches the video of Buffy fighting and Drusilla comes is with a prediction of Buffy being weak on Halloween.  And Ethan does some strange chants.  Buffy tries to get Willow to wear a sexy revealing outfit, but at the last second throws the ghost costume on top.  Ethan’s spell hits while the kids are out, making everyone become their costumes, in thought and action.  Because of Willow’s duel outfits, she becomes a ghost but retains her memories, and has to take control of the Scoobies.  Cordelia is also unaffected because her cat outfit came from a different store.  Willow goes to Giles for help – and scare the crud out of him in the process.  Buffy flees her house when Angel’s Vampire face appears.  Giles and Willow go to Ethan’s store and Giles realizes this is someone he knows.  Spike has gathered some creatures and goes on the hunt for Buffy, who he finds with the Scoobies in a warehouse.  Just when he is about to kill her, Ethan tells Giles how to break the spell, all because Giles beats him.  Buffy “wakes up” and beats up Spike.  Oz sees Willow again.  Buffy and Angel have a heart to heart.  After, Giles heads back to the store and sees note from Ethan “Be seeing you.”

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Called the pumpkin getting squashed.  And someone is filming this!  Cordelia and Angel.  Again.  Buffy looks hurt, both physically and emotionally.  And she is late for her date.  Snyder is such a charmer, force marching the Scoobies into being volunteer.  Larry the bully thinks Buffy is fast.  Kinda makes sense in twisted bully logic world.  So Xander defends her honour, almost gets his ass kicked, Buffy saves him, and he gets ticked?  Willow, this idea of looking up Angel in Giles books will only lead to trouble!  Giles has hobbies?  Like what, collecting belly button lint?  Buffy shamelessly lies to Giles!  Bad Slayer!  Willow gives her a priceless look!  Giles has gotta figure this out, the man is not that dense about human interactions.  Buffy and Willow gossip about Angel’s 1800 girlfriend.  Jealous over someone dead for like a really long time?  Really?  And Cordelia didn’t know Angel was a Vampire?  Yes, Buffy that dress is from 1800 or so.  Spike!  He’s watching the video!  And Drusilla is downright spooky!  Knew that costume shop guy was up to something!  Buffy’s costume is gonna be a bad idea.  Willow’s costume is abit much.  And Willow reverts to her ghost costume, saw that coming.  Oz!  Willow almost meets Oz!  Again!  That one kids mask looks like The Master.  Guy does the spell!  Everyone becomes their costume!  Buffy faints!  Xena joke!  Cordelia is not affected!  Whew!  I laughed when Willow just left by walking through the wall.  Spike just loves this chaos, doesn’t he?  Angel!  And of course they don’t remember him.  Giles hears sirens and doesn’t figure it out?  Willow scaring the crud out of him is classic.  And Cordelia still wants Angel.  Dang this is a fun episode!  Buffy is nailing it here!  Giles and Willow figure out it is the store, which kind of disappointed me.  I thought it would be something metatextual.  Giles knows this guy?  Bet it is his evil brother.  Xander saves Buffy!  Spike is on the hunt with his posse!  Giles having a secret past really scares me.  Giles kicks ass!  Spike has Buffy!  Buffy kicks Spikes ass!  Cordelia is soooo clueless.  Awww, an honest moment between Xander and Cordelia.  Yay, Willow drops the ghost costume!  And Oz sees her again!  Buffy and Angel – baw chica wawa!  Love the message Ethan leaves for Giles at the costume shop – Be seeing you.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Principal Snyder proves yet again that he is just as annoying as Cordelia, especially with this, “Miss Summers. Just the juvenile delinquent I’ve been looking for.”  Buffy’s terrible lies to distract Giles are mean and funny when she says this, “Miss Calendar says you are a babe! She said that you were a hunk of burning something or other.”  Cordelia is so correct when she informs Buffy and Willow, “When it comes to dating, I’m the slayer.”  Willow explains it all to Buffy by saying, “It’s not a demon. It’s a car.”  And when Buffy wakes up from the spell, she gives Spike a great comeback with, “Hi honey, I’m home!”
Gotta admit, did not like this one at first.  But when the plot kicked in, absolutely loved it.  Usually when actors act different in these kind of episodes, I hate it.  This case, it was smashing.


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