Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.7 Lie To Me

Buffy season 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer encounters heartbreak with Lie To Me, part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Drusilla acts all creepy with a kid in a darkened playground, until Angel shows up and saves the kid.  They argue, which Buffy sees and misunderstands.  At school, Giles and Miss Calendar discuss their date while Buffy and Willow pass notes in class, all about Angel and the mysterious woman.  Later, a teen boy surprises Buffy.  His name is Billy Fordman “Ford” and he was at her old school and her grade five crush.  Now he is at Sunnydale.  At the Bronze, Ford tells old Buffy stories, than meets Angel.  When leaving, Buffy makes an excuse and goes to save someone from a Vampire.  Ford sees and tells her he always knew.  Ford later goes to a secret warehouse club and acts all mysterious.  Angel goes to Willow’s place and asks her to cyberstalk Ford.  At night, Ford goes on patrol with Buffy and secretly spares a Vampire, all to get information.  The Scoobies find the warehouse, which is filled with Vampire groupies that Angel hates.  Buffy meets with Giles, finds out who Drusilla is, and realize Ford is a liar when the Vampire he supposed killed steals Giles book.  Ford takes the book to Spike and makes a deal:  Make him a Vampire if he gives them Buffy.  Angel finally tells Buffy about how he drove Drusilla insane before making her a Vampire.  Ford sets Buffy up for a trap, which she tries to prevent.  The groupies are all locked inside the warehouse, convinced they will all become Vampires.  Buffy tries to talk them out of this, but they are all delusional.  Ford reveals he has brain cancer and wants to live forever, knowing the others will die.  Spike and company arrive and get ready to feed, but Buffy knocks out Ford and takes Drusilla hostage and gets the groupies freed, locking the Vampires inside.  Ford wakes up and acts all jerklike.  Buffy tells the Scoobies they will come back for Ford’s body in the mourning.  At night, Buffy and Giles discuss Ford, who rises and is promptly dispatched by Buffy.  Buffy is hurt and emotional and wants false reassurance from Giles, who provides it.  Liar, she replies.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

This is one creepy playground.  Why is the kid waiting so late for his mom?  Drusilla!  Run!  Angel saves the day!  Buffy sees them and of course misunderstands.  Miss Calendar is back!  Awww, passing notes in class, so 90’s, now we just text.  Who is this guy?  Buffy’s fifth grade crush?  Billy Fordman “Ford” is now at Sunnydale, which makes my spidey-sense tingle.  Buffy mentions that quintessential 90’s favourite I Touch Myself by The Divinyls.  And realizes what she just implied.  How did they get away with that reference?  Willow’s look is priceless – she knows exactly what Buffy is talking about.  Wait, she doesn’t know?  Angel being older, cute bit from Xander.  Can Xander please get over his Buffy crush?  Really getting annoying.  Old boyfriend meets new boyfriend.  Buffy makes such lame Clark Kent excuses.  Ford is gonna see!  It is interesting to see Slaying from the outside perspective.  He knows! He’s known all along!  And now Ford is going somewhere mysterious and clubby.  Bet Ford is a Vampire.  Wait, Ford is some kind of weird Vampire groupie?  Angel getting Willow’s help is cute and funny.  And Willow is bad at lying.  Beeper!  The 90’s!  Now Giles is concerned with people knowing about Buffy?  Ford is evil and lying to Buffy!  Damn Vampire groupies!  Saw the how they dress bit coming.  A Vampire in the library!  That actually really scares me.  More clues!  Spike talks to Drusilla like she is a small child, this is a very strange relationship.  Ford finds Spike, proving he is insane.  And give him Giles book!  This Guy Is An Idiot!  But interesting concept, wanting to become a Vampire on purpose.  Buffy love Angel!  Drusilla was created by Angel!  Not surprised that he was a cruel cruel jerk to her, driving her insane.  Ford is a jerk, and thankfully Buffy now knows this.  Kick his ass Buffy!  These groupies are beyond stupid.  I really hope Spike slaughters all these morons.  Vampires drive!  Buffy defining how Vampires work is fascinating, with they being selective of who they convert, how it is a demon possession of a shell of what you are.  This is loaded with philosophical implication.  Ford has cancer?  Is this supposed to make us feel sympathy for this jerk?  Holy crud, Spike starts the slaughter!  Buffy takes Ford down!  Keep kicking the crud out of him!  Did not see that Drusilla bit coming, but good thinking Buffy!  Hope Ford dies a long horrible death.  Yes!  A heartfelt graveyard conversation between Buffy and Giles is interrupted by Ford rising, and our Slayer dispassionately dispatching him.  Does growing up get easier?  Lie to me, she says.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Miss Calendar is gonna get Giles some clothes for Christmas, you can tell with this bit, “Do you own anything else?”  Buffy gets slightly annoyed with Willow saying quite too much to Xander and shows it with, “Willow, do we have to be in total share mode?”  Angel unloads his feeling to Willow as only Angel can, “Hundred years, hanging out, just feeling guilty. Then she comes along.”  Thumb talk in the groupies warehouse has Xander say to Willow, “You have to many thoughts.”  Buffy gives good dating advice to Giles, “Experience this thing called fun.”

Really did not know where this one was going, but when it became obvious, really fell in love with it.  The nature of groupies, immortality, and what Vampires are, along with friendship and true love, Joss puts all that and more in here.  And love the ending.


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