Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.8 The Dark Age

Buffy season 2

Giles gets a starring turn in The Dark Age episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  All part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

One night at Sunnydale High a man is rushing about trying to find Giles.  He is killed by some zombie lady he knows before he can find him.  Zombie lady Deidre then disintegrates.  The next day Giles has an acid flashback nightmare.  Later he tells Buffy to meet him at the hospital at night, since the blood delivery comes in.  At the library, Giles is met by the police who tell him about the dead man who was looking for him, and Cordelia interrupts this talk.  Giles identifies the body as an old friend, but lies about knowing what the tattoo was.  That night, Buffy fights the blood stealing Vampires by herself, and Angel shows up to lend a hand.  Buffy checks in on Giles and finds him looking all disheveled and yucky.  He dismisses her, calls someone and finds out that Deidre is dead, and then we see he has the same tattoo.  The dead friend in the morgue wakes up and escapes.  Miss Calendar brings in the Scoobies for some saturday remedial computer class when Buffy barges in, concerned about Giles.  Cordelia mentions the cops, Buffy heads to the library and apprehends Ethan, the evil costume shop owner.  Buffy calls Giles, mentions The Mark Of Eygthon and the zombie shows up.  A fight happens, Buffy wins and zombie guy goes poof.  But Miss Calendar is now possessed and no one knows it.  Willow figures out Eygthon is possessing people and that Miss Calendar is now it.  Buffy saves Giles from Calendar, then finds out about Giles rebellious youth, having used demon possession for fun with tragic consequences.  Buffy goes to see Ethan, who captures her and puts the tattoo on her, which is a demon homing deacon.  Calendar/Eygthon shows up, fights Buffy, then the Scoobies arrive.  Angel fights Eygthon, who jumps into Angel and is exiled out, all pretty much how Willow figured it would go.  Later Miss Calendar is cool to Giles, which hurts his feelings.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

A mysterious scared looking man wandering the school late at night is never a good sign.  And his looking for Giles is our first clue that this will be a Watcher episode.  Zombies!  I hate zombies!  Buffy aerobicizing?  Paging the 1980’s!  Okay, zombie Deidre dissolving after killing the guy surprised me.  Time for Giles 60’s acid flashback dream, cue Doors music.  Miss Calendar!  I like her!  Why do I have the feeling Xander has remedial everything?  Besides computers?  Cordelia taking remedial and Willow helping teach it is so natural.  Cops looking for Giles feels scary, and then Cordelia shows up and is actually funny.  Giles is the worlds worst liar, part seven.  Even the corpse knows he is lying about the tattoo.  Vampire doctors!  Angel!  Fighting on top of a car!  This is all kinda funny.  Giles is really really really distracted.  And he looks yucky.  Names on a list is never a good sign.  Shocker to no one, the same tattoo.  Shocker to no one, the corpse wakes up.  The very thought of Giles drinking shocks everyone so completely, it feels very wrong.  Ethan was creepy, now he feels lame.  I hope Buffy drops a bookcase or two on him.  So The Mark Of Eygthon is the villain of the piece.  Another zombie.  I hate zombies, by the way.  Miss Calendar being infected is not going to end well.  Giles getting angry, is that even possible?  Giles was once a rebellious youth?  Betcha he listened to Sex Pistols.  And now Buffy sees Giles in a different light, realizing his youth was not mathier.  Ethan is a jerk and a loser and I hope Buffy breaks his bones.  This tension between Xander and Cordelia feels slightly romantic.  And Willow kicks their ass!  I love Willow so much, she is so cool.  Now Buffy figures out how to escape?  Angel to the rescue!  In more ways than one!  Eygthon jumping into Angel is a brilliant idea of Willows!  And darn creepy to watch.  Willow as a Watcher makes complete sense.  Dang, I was really pulling for Giles and Miss Calendar.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy nails the who and the what of Giles was probably like as a student, when she said this line to Willow and Xander, “This could be mathier.”  But Miss Calendar thinks Giles is darn cute, which she tells him, “Did anyone ever tell you are kind of a sexy fuddy duddy?”  And Cordelia suns up so much of what Sunnydale is about with, “I am going to be therapy till I am thirty.”

While I like Giles as a character and kind of figured he had a mysterious past even before Ethan showed up, this episode did not overly thrill me.  The moral struck me as the daughter (Buffy) seeing her father (Giles) is a different light.  And that part worked beautifully.


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