Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.9 What’s My Line? Part 1

Buffy season 2

What’s My Line? Part 1 is today’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode I shall rhapsodize about.  All part and parcel of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is all sullen because Career Week  reminds her that her fate as The Chosen One is sealed.  Drusilla is still sick and Spike is trying to decode a book stolen from Giles that might help her.  But Buffy keeps interfering.  Spike sends some minions out to steal a key that will help decode the book, but Buffy almost foils the lackeys in their mission.  Once home, Buffy finds Angel in her room and they talk about her youthful skating fixations.  At school, the career day results are in and no one is happy.  Buffy and Giles check out the theft area and Giles realizes more of Spike’s plot.  While decoding the book, Spike gets the Order of Taraka, an ancient group of relentless magical/non magical assassins, to come to Sunnydale and take care of Buffy.  During this, Willow finally meets Oz.  Giles tells the Scoobies about the killers and has them do further research, and tells Buffy to lay low.  She goes to ice skate with Angel and is attacked.  Another killer takes out Buffy’s neighbour and we see he can change into thousands of maggots.  Buffy is freaked out by all this and heads to Angel’s place.  Angel is at a sleazy bar questioning a sleazy guy about Spike when he is attacked by a lady, who quickly imprisons Angel in a deathtrap.  The Scoobies figure out that the book will help revive a sick Vampire.  Xander and Cordelia go to Buffy’s house and meet maggot man.  Buffy wakes up in Angel’s place and is attacked by the same lady who went after Angel.  They fight and at a lull the lady reveals she is Kendra the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Career Fair brings out Buffy’s doldrums, which makes sense.  She is the Slayer, period.  Kind of like Harry Potter.  Spike and Drusilla just creep me the hell out.  And Drusilla reading cards just gives me the shivers.  I know it is supposed to be romantic, but Angel stalking Buffy’s room is abit much.  Figure skating?  Fits that Buffy would have had a life before Slaying.  Cordelia as a motivational speaker?  This is some Bizarro World right?  Buffy and Giles argue, part ten.  The Order of Taraka sounds nasty and dangerous and not very nice.  Can Principal Snyder die now?  The second I saw the official looking suited guys after Willow I thought of the Feds from that invisible girl episode.  Nope!  Computer company recruiters!  Oz!  Willow meets Oz!  Buffy as a cop sounds kinda cool.  But wait a stake, this issue of a career never came up with previous Slayers?  Interesting assassins.  Buffy can skate!  I can’t, so now I am jealous of Buffy.  Angel being self conscious over his Vampire face cut is so… human of him.  The Order of Teraca does sound ominous.  I am officially grossed out and disgusted and icked out by maggot man.  Thanks for the nightmares Joss.  Buffy meeting Oz, and almost killing him, is fun and cool.  Why does Angel’s apartment look like an old mans place?  Wait, nevermind, I forgot.  Buffy is really freaking scared, this feels so much like the season one finale.  That is one heckuva deathtrap the assassin leaves Angel in, I am actually on the edge of my seat.  Xander and Cordelia should get a room.  And I am guessing my fanfic theory of Willow/Xander being the Hermione/Ron is not going to happen.  The First Mention Of The Scooby Gang!  The First Mention Of The Scooby Gang!!  This has all kinds of excited!  Cordelia is actually slightly growing on me.  Evil Maggot Man!  Don’t let him in!  Xander and Cordelia are trapped!  Angel is trapped!  Angel about to be killed by an assassin!  This is so intense I am jumping!  And then the assassin lady Kendra speaks.  And I shout WHAT!?!?!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy gives the sweetest sweet talk to Angel, showing how awesome true love is between a Slayer and a Vampire, and this line sells it, “You are the one freaky thing in my freaky world that still makes sense to me.”  Willow shows her amazing goofy side when she says this to the Scoobies, “Goodie!  Research party!”  But the absolute best line of the whole frigging episode goes to Kendra, who says the following to Buffy, “I am Kendra the Vampire Slayer.”  And that sound you heard was my jaw slamming into the floor.

Joss, I don’t need my heart in my chest, really I don’t.  The character build up here is amazing and the tension slaps the senses.  I don’t who Kendra is, but damn that last line flipped me out.


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