Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.10 What’s My Line? Part 2

Buffy season 2

What’s My Line Part Two is today’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode I am going on about.  Welcome to my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The two Slayers go to Giles for clarification over who actually is The Chosen One.  Turns out Kendra was activated when Buffy died for a minute in the season one finale.  Kendra tells them she locked Angel in a cage with sunlight coming.  The Slayers go to save Angel, but discover he is already gone, saved by the creepy barkeep who sells Angel to Spike.  Spike plans to sacrifice Angel in order to save Drusilla, but first they will torture him.  Buffy thinks about quitting Chosen One duties and letting Kendra do it.  Giles and Kendra get along really well and we find out that Kendra has no family or social life, just Slaying.  Also, the existence of a Slayers Manual is revealed, but Buffy has never seen it since Giles didn’t think it would work will her.  Meanwhile, Xander and Cordelia realize who maggot man is and escape to the basement where they are trapped.  After awhile they argue, kiss, and get out of the house.  Buffy goes to the Career Fair, thinks about being a cop, and is attacked by a cop who is really an assassin.  The Slayers team up and the “cop” takes off.  Giles tells the Scoobies of Spike’s plan, which ticks off Buffy, since nobody puts her boyfriend in a coffin.  The Slayers talk some more, with Buffy telling Kendra she had no imagination in fighting.  The Slayers then go back to creepy bar guy, who leads Buffy into a trap.  Buffy sees Spike doing the ritual with Angel and Drusilla and attacks.  In bursts Kendra and the Scoobies.  Fights break out everywhere and the Scoobies win with everyone thinking Spike and Drusilla are gone and defeated.  Buffy and Kendra get along real well and Buffy now feels better about being The Slayer.  Drusilla, now all healed up, drags Spike from the wreckage.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Kendra meets Giles.  Giles meets Kendra.  Cue my goofy fun.  And Kendra does not understand or approve of the concept of friends.  She is like the Spock of Slayers.  Love the reference to the season one finale.  Maggot man is creepy and gross and yucky.  I hope the two Slayers break every bone in creepy bar guy’s body.  Spike and Drusilla equals freaky.  You will believe that two Slayers can team-up.  Giles and Kendra should have a nerd camp-out.  And Giles deciding to not use the Slayer’s Handbook on Buffy was funny, but also raises the question of why not?  We know Buffy will not give up being the Slayer, but darn it it feels like she will.  Xander and Cordelia arguing and making out and lamely escaping was so obvious.  But even Joss knows this, hence the cheesy music.  That team-up of Buffy and Kendra was so cool and bad-ass.  I have the distinct feeling that Kendra’s life as a Slayer is very different and less complicated than Buffy’s.  Buffy calling Angel her boyfriend made me gush and shout.  This is the first time she has called him that.  Kendra is really easy to get riled up.  Angel knows how to mentally muck up Spike and Drusilla.  The Psychology of Vampires 101 would be a cool course.  Buffy is being led into an obvious trap by slimy bar guy, but she knows it.  But the tables are turned by Kendra and the Scoobies!  Me shouting crazy like!  Scoobies fight Vampires!  Kendra fights Spike!  Buffy fights assassin!  And the Slayers switch!  Me cheering and bouncing off the walls!  But a piano falling on them feels like an old cartoon.  Willow and Oz forever!  Xander and Cordelia and the cheesy music again.  Buffy and Kendra bond with the pearls of wisdom that Slaying is not a job, it is who you are.  But can there be two Slayers?  My mind is boggling with this concept.  Drusilla and Spike are back and eviler than ever.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy lays down the law to Kendra with the line, “I’m the damn Slayer!”  Spike shows his tender side when telling creepy bar guy what he plans to do with Angel.  Or not.  You decide with this bit, “I’m thinking maybe dinner and a movie?”  Kendra gives Buffy crap, and gave me a laugh with, “No wonder you died.”  Giles never used the Slayer Handbook on Buffy, promptly having Willow say this to Buffy, “There’s a slayer handbook?”  Buffy asks Xander a very good question with, “You and bug people Xander, what’s up with that?”  Giles wonders why Sunnydale has so many Churches and Willow explain it all to him, “It’s the extra evil vibe from the Hellmouth. Makes people pray harder.”  And Willow gets sweet nothings from Oz with, “You have the sweetest smile I have ever seen.”

Screaming and jumping and shouting may sound like what happened during the episode, but it is also what I did while watching.   The fight, both verbal and physical, are amazing.  Will Kendra return Joss, will she?


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