My Top Five Movies Of All Time


For a very long time I kept meaning to do this post, just a general listing of what my top five movies of all time would be.  And yes I lifted that sentence from my last blog post, did you notice?  These movies hit someplace special inside me, and still impact my thinking to this day.

So without further babbling from me, let us go from one to five:

Intolerance by D.W. Griffith

I first saw this massively long silent classic waaaay back when I was in college.  Loved it, thought it was an amazing story of love and a masterpiece of filmmaking.  And years and years later I saw Griffith’s earlier work, the disgusting awful The Birth Of A Nation and was stunned the same man made both films.  Never see Nation for it is racist garbage, but do see Intolerance.  Griffith must have had issues.

Three Kings by David O Russell

A dark, stylized anti-war comedy taking place after the first Gulf War.  Quick paced with a definite message, Russell provides a film with such a topical, but still timeless feel.  Still laugh at the cow line.

Puff ‘n’ Stuff by Sid and Marty Krofft

This classic kids movie from the sixties has always entertained me, even in it’s darker moments.  I can sing along to most of the songs, with my favourite being Living Island.  Googliebear saw this one with me once, and now swears she will kill me if I ever make her watch this trippy trappy trance inducing flick again.  I just say groovy man!

To Kill A Mockingbird with Gregory Peck

I saw this classic movie years and years before I ever read the wonderful book by Harper Lee and instantly fell in love.  From the loving voice over to the sensational performances to the love story at its core, this movie is almost a perfect adaptation of the book.  Love it.

Twelve Angry Men by Sydney Lumet

Henry Fonda leads this all star cast where a jury has to decide the guilt of a young man in a murder case.  Arguments and tension fills almost the entire film as Fonda is the lone holdout who thinks the accused might not be guilty.  Will he sway the rest?

And because, as you guessed already, I am a relentless cheat, here is my sixth top movie……

Equus by Sydney Lumet

Loved the play by Peter Schaffer, and this movie adaptation is also relentless.  A movie with very adult themes and not for the squeamish, Richard Burton plays a psychiatrist who must figure out why a teen boy blinded several horses.  Very harrowing and definitely not for the faint of heart.

Well, yet again, that is it for this time.  Someday I shall revisit this list and see what changes.  Maybe none, we shall have to find out.


…is currently reading Schultz and Peanuts by David Michaelis


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