Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.15 Phases

Buffy season 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer brings us Phases this time, all part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow is complaining to Buffy that Oz and her are dating, but nothing is happening.  Cordelia is annoyed that Xander will not shut up about Willow and Buffy.  But then a Werewolf attacks the car they are making out in.  They get away and the next morning the Scoobies are debating how to handle the Werewolf.  Giles tells them that Werewolves change during the full moon are normal the rest of the month.  On the hunt that night, Buffy and Giles bump into Cain, a complete sexist jackass who kills Werewolves for their fur.  Buffy figures out to go to the Bronze, where the Werewolf attacks, Buffy fights it, but it gets away.  Angelus kills a Sunnydale High student and meets the Werewolf.  In the morning, the Werewolf changes back to human and it is Oz.  At home he calls his Aunt and finds out his cousin, who bit him, is a Werewolf.  Xander thinks Larry the bully is the Werewolf, and confronts him, and it turns out Larry is gay.  When Buffy and Xander check out the dead student, they realize Angelus did this, and promptly have to fight her as a Vampire.  Willow goes to talk to Oz, who is trying to restrain himself before he transforms.  He is unsuccessful and is soon chasing a terrified Willow.  She escapes and tells Buffy and Giles about Oz.  Everyone ends up in the woods, with Buffy smacking Cain around and Willow shooting Oz.  Turns out, Oz lives but cannot be cured, so he must be locked up when the full moon hits.  Willow and Oz have a heart to heart and are even more officially dating.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Oz mentions the cheerleader trophy!  Love the callback!  Willow is so awkward and I love her for being her so much.  And I love Willow’s happy face backpack.  Cordelia almost said virgin.  Full moon means danger Will Robinson!  And the Werewolf attack scares the crap out of me!  Willow and Oz are my new fanfic fav couple!  So cute!  Xander being jealous of Oz and Angelus is annoying and annoying.  Larry the bully is creepy and that girl in gym class looks really scared of him.  And thank you for Buffy for flipping him!  That lame moon pie joke makes Giles laugh?  Really?  Giles ideas for staking out lovers lane is so cute and clueless.  This Cain guy is an idiot and a jerk and a pig and, well you get the idea.  Can Cain die now?  Oh crud it’s Angelus!  Cordelia and Willow giving each other advice?  This is interesting…  Werewolf!  Me jumping out of my seat!  Okay, in proper light, that Werewolf looks rather lame.  I wonder how much the Bronze spends on repairs each month.  Vampire and Werewolf meet!  Cue the B movie!  Thanks God for the radio updating the plot.  Holy crud Oz is the Werewolf!  Did not see that coming!  And Oz figures it out!  You can tell when Oz walks into the library he is going to tell the truth, but quickly changes his mind when Buffy goes on about killing.  Xander is funny when caught remembering being a hyena.  Willow knows Oz so well, and knows he is internally conflicted.  Larry the bully and Xander have the classic misunderstanding conversation, with the result is we find out Larry is gay.  Teresa being a Vampire and getting out of the coffin freaks me the hell out.  Xander is heroic again!  Did Buffy and Xander almost kiss?  Kill me now with that.  Willow does one of the best screams ever.  And Willow of course trips while running.  CONTINUITY ERROR!  When Willow tells Buffy and Giles that Oz is the Werewolf, Giles glasses are off, than on, than off!  Now back to Buffy proper!  Willow shot Oz!  Buffy tells moron Cain off!  Hope that idiot never comes back.  Larry is now nice!  Can they cure Oz?  Guess not, darn.  Period joke from Willow?  Will and Oz kiss!  YAY!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

The Willow to Buffy confessional is funny and truthful and heartbreaking.  We start with Willow saying, “I want smoochies!”  And later in the convo, Buffy gives Willow a meow, which gets this reply, “I have never gotten a meow before.”  Later in the episode, Cain is an ass which makes Giles angry and says this, “You would be wise to take that back.”  And he means it!  Xander brags about knowing the enemy, which gets Willow saying, “On account that once you were a hyena?”  Which is also a great callback.  Willow later asks Oz a very good question with “Why do you have chains and stuff?”  Giles reassure Willow, and says how well he knows this particular Scooby with this line, “He’ll be Oz.”  Willow is so romantic with this bit to Oz, “I am kinda okay with you being in my way.”  Oz gets the last line, with this touching statement, “I’m a werewolf in love!”

So much got done in this great episode.  Willow and Oz are now my fav couple forever and ever.  Werewolves and their lore are introduced.  And future storylines are seeded.  Methinks some great things are born here!


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