Three Random Thoughts On Justice League War Cartoon

Justice League War dvd cover

With the relaunch of the DC Comics Animated Universe after the Flashpoint cartoon adaptation, we get the Justice League War toon to get us up to speed with the here and now. Based on the comics by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, we have this reshaping and reimagining of the origin and first adventure of the team.


And I really did not like it. At all.


So lets take a quick SPOILER FILLED look, shall we?

The Story And Changes!

The comics has Batman and Green Lantern arguing and fighting Parademons and then setting out to find Superman, whom they also promptly fight. Flash, Aquaman, a newly arrived Wonder Woman and a very newly created Cyborg show up and help fight off the now invading Parademons led by Darkseid. Superman is captured, Batman rescues him, and they all blind Darkseid and send him home. That’s the basic boring template the movie follows as well, but decides Aquaman has to be replaced by Shazam for no discernable reason. Also, half of the cute character bits are jettisoned, all to extend fight scenes into video game promos. Also, Cyborg can now super assimilate technology into himself, just because it looks cool and no other Mother Boxes are shown doing this in the movie, but what the hey!

Stupid Parts!!

Really did the Supeman/Batman/Green Lantern fight have to go on and on and on, could they not have included some of the funny lines Flash had from the comic? And with the ending of that sequence, I am surprised Superman did not ask Batman how he knew about Clark Kent. It would have allowed the creators to use the “I’m Batman!” line as an excuse for the laziest writing since Star Trek Into Darkness. And don’t even get me started on the over the top juvenile behaviour of Green Lantern and Shazam.


Wonder Woman!!!

One of my sticking points of War, and of The New 52 version of Wonder Woman, is the excessive warlike, abrupt, aggressive and humourless, take on the iconic character. Wonder Woman is an ambassador of peace, a concept from the very beginning that Perez, Jimenez, and Rucka all ran with it, but DC is running from. Also, to use Wonder Woman’s intro to the movie as a chance to make a cheap gay joke about an obnoxious protestor is offensive. The protestors can’t maybe have some valid points? Which Diana could talk to them with logic and compassion? All to defuse the situation? Nope, lets just cop-out and ridicule the person. Later, she threatens an ice cream vendor with a sword, which is so not funny and cringeworthy. And making her simply an object of desire by the moronic Green Lantern, the teenish Shazam, and an easily head turned Superman is very offensive. They have all seen, early on, that she is a capable warrior when the need arrives, but still treat her like eye candy. I hope DC does better with the big screen version.


I own almost all the DCAU movies, but even with my completest OCD collector mentality, this dvd will not join my shelves unless it is astonishingly cheap. Very much a thumbs down for this mindlessly violent minimal story.




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