Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.17 Passion

Buffy season 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer teaches us Muggles about passion with an episode called Passion. Get ready for another SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy post.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Angelus narrates a poem called Passion as he spies on and stalks Buffy. Buffy and the Scoobies have fun at the Bronze and when Buffy goes to bed at night, he watches her. The next morning, he leaves a drawing of Buffy sleeping for her to find. Buffy wants Giles to find a way to reverse Angelus’s permission to come into the house. Buffy even wants to tell her mom, fearing for her safety, but Giles says no. Giles and Miss Calendar have a heart to heart and start to clear the air. Buffy tells her mom about Angelus being a problem. Willow finds out that Angelus has killed her pet fishes. After more bickering between Angelus and Spike, Drusilla has a vision of ill tidings. Miss Calendar goes to a gypsy shop and buys a magical object called the Orb of Thesulah. Giles finds a spell which Buffy uses to prevent Angelus from entering her house. But Angelus has already told Buffy’s mom all about them having sex. Miss Calendar works late at the schools computer lab, trying to find the right spell to restore Angel’s soul. But Angelus is awaiting in the dark and chases Miss Calendar, scaring her, and when he catches her, snaps her neck. Giles comes home, sees everything all romantic set up, and finds Miss Calendar’s body laying on his bed. Angelus watches as Buffy and Willow get the phone call that Miss Calendar is dead. The Scoobies head to Giles place, but he has already left with his weapons. Spike is not happy with Angelus’s games, but is interrupted when Giles bursts in and attacks Angelus. Buffy shows up and fights Angelus, but has to break off to save Giles. Once safe, Buffy and Giles argue. Willow takes over Miss Calendar’s class and accidentally plops the back-up disk between the desk and filing cabinet.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Angelus is stalking Buffy at the Bronze. Angelus is stalking Buffy on the way home. Angelus is stalking Buffy in her bedroom. Okay, this is waaaaay creepy. Oh, lets up the creepy factor by infinity with that drawing. Students actually coming into the library still shocks everyone. And feels like an in joke by the show about itself. Is Angelus after Buffy’s mom? Miss Calendar is back! I love Willow’s sweater with butterflies on it. Talk to her Giles! I am still holding out hope for these two. So Buffy’s usually clueless mom actually notices something is wrong with Buffy? Miracles do happen. Dang, I forgot Willow had invited Angelus in as well. Spike and Drusilla drive me up the wall with creepiness. Aww, a puppy! But should Drusilla really be allowed to even be near one? Angelus can make sexual innuendoes like a boss. Miss Calendar is in a creepy store with a boring guy. Is she trying to make right with everyone by getting Angelus his soul back? Willow putting up a cross and then mentioning her Jewish faith was interesting. They may cloak religious issues in humour here, but it seems like my earlier thoughts about all religious symbols affecting vampires is out the Hellmouth. I hope they explain why only the Christian faith can fight the Demons. Angelus is scary with Buffy’s mom, and then ‘accidentally’ mentioning the sex was just nasty and vile. Love the Holy Water doorstopper Buffy and Willow do. Drusilla hasn’t killed the dog yet? Me surprised. Angelus really knows how to work a curse to his advantage, all to get into Sunnydale High. Run Miss Calendar Run! OMG He Killed Her! Did. Not. See. That. Coming. Okay, I am breathing again, now back to my ramblings. Willow talking about sex is so cool. Buffy and mom have the sex talk. And mom is ticked off. This is super awkward. And hurtful. This must be a different mom from season one, because she does seem to care. Giles must be desperate and lovelorn and he doesn’t figure out that something is wrong here? That something is really really wrong? Don’t look Giles! His reaction is shocking and completely normal. Police showing up hurts and makes sense. Angelus smiling as he watches Buffy’s and Willow anguish is terrifying. And the drawing of dead Miss Calendar is creepy and morbid. Giles is gonna kill Angelus! And of course Spike and Drusilla take off. Buffy decks Giles! And he deserves it! But again I wonder, they know the vampires are at the factory and they don’t attack during the day? Willow as a teacher? Another amazing career path for her? The cure falls away, will they find it? Well, they know they do cause Angel gets his own series, but still.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

We start with Xander giving a quip to the Scoobies with, “A visit from the pointed tooth fairy?” Giles later has to inform Xander of a very basic fact after some students walk in, “This is a school library Xander.” Yes, that line made me laugh. Cordelia is the eternal ray of sunshine, especially after this to the Scoobies,  “By sneaking in her room and leaving stuff at night? Why doesn’t he just slit her throat or strangle her while she’s sleeping or cut her heart out? What? I’m trying to help.” Willow speaks the truth to Buffy with this line, “men can be such jerks sometimes, dead or alive.”  Miss Calendar has a sincere moment with Giles, and I get the feels with, “I just want to be right with you.” Spike tells Angelus off, yet again, with, “You’re supposed to kill her, not leave gag gifts in her friend’s beds.”  And Buffy apologizes to Giles, “I’m sorry I couldn’t kill him for you.”


Okay Joss, I know you delight in ripping our hearts out and stomping on them and laughing maniacally as you do so, but come on! We know Angelus is evil, but did ya have to show him being soooo evil? And the glee he has over it? Thanks for destroying us!




…is currently reading



Passion… it lies in all of us.

Sleeping, waiting, and though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl.

It speaks to us, guides us… passion rules us all.

And we obey.

What other choice do we have?

Passion is the source of our finest moments; the joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief.

It hurts sometimes more than we can bear.

If we could live without passion, maybe we’d know some kind of peace.

But we would be hollow.

Empty rooms, shuttered and dank… without passion, we’d be truly dead.







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