Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.18 Killed By Death

Buffy season 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is sick and ends up in the hospital in the episode called Killed By Death. All part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy post.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is on cemetery patrol one night when she bumps into the Scoobies, who want her to go home because she is sick with the flu. Buffy resists because she is till on the hunt for Angelus, who then attacks. They fight, and Buffy gets saved by the Scoobies, who use a cross to ward Angelus off. Buffy then collapses due to the flu and exhaustion from the battle. The Scoobies rush her to the hospital, where she is taken care of and told to stay for observation. Buffy does not like this, since her cousin Celia died in a hospital when she was eight. At night Buffy sees a strange man in the hospital and follows him. After she hears two doctors arguing over how to treat the kids, then bumps into two children who warn Buffy that Death is coming. Angelus stops by and Xander stands up to him, which ends up with the Vampire leaving. Buffy tells the Scoobies about the strange man and the doctors fight, and she thinks something is up, but her friends are less convinced. Xander and Cordelia sneak into the hospital records room at night while Giles and Willow check for clues in the library. Buffy finds a little boy, who is drawing a picture of the strange man. Willow finds out one of the doctors has done some controversial practices. But that doctor is killed by the strange man and Buffy cannot stop him. She gives the child’s drawing to the Scoobies, who figure out it is called Der Kindestod, which is German for ‘the child’s death’, and is a demon that steals the life from sick kids. Buffy realizes the demon is only visible to sick people, so she infects herself on purpose with Willow’s help. Buffy’s fever rises and she and Willow find the kids missing from their ward and are hiding in the basement. Buffy can see the demon and she finds her way to the basement as well, with Xander in tow. Soon Buffy and the demon are fighting and she wins. At the end, Buffy is resting at home with Willow and Xander, as Buffy’s mom waits on them. And Buffy is given one of the child’s drawing which features her winning over the demon.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy seems really sick, and she is sneaking into the graveyard? Go home Buffy! And the Scoobies catch her! I really think the Scoobies should have got their stories together on the way to the hospital. Buffy delusional and babbling about Vampires in front of her mom kinda freaked me. Plot point alert: dead cousin. Buffy’s mom mentions Miss Calendar! Giles and Buffy’s mom, new ship? That hospital kid is creepy. And that strange man is creepy. And that little girl is creepy. Angelus showing up at the hospital is a ballsy move, but Xander is even more ballsy for standing up to him. Okay, that confrontation was intense. Xander definitely looks scared after that. Power Girl reference for the win! Willow brings the best gift ever – homework done. Giles is so cute explaining, well, life and stuff, to Cordelia. Xander makes an old movie reference. Cordelia is caught and charms the heck out of that witless security guard. And Xander and Cordelia argue yet again over Buffy. For some reason this hospital set looks less than convincing. The kids drawing of the creepy face guy is creepy. And we have a suspect, which puts Buffy on the prowl! Giles seems distracted, maybe this is that demon he used to get high with? Willow doesn’t know how to play doctor? Giles dismay at being stuck with Cordelia is so cute. I keep wondering when Oz will show up. Cordelia really does not get sarcasm – in the library or anywhere else. Cordelia is funny when she describes how this thing kills. And now Buffy now realizes this thing killed Celia, her cousin. That looks scary, that little girl screaming. Giving Buffy a fever to see the creature? That is one desperate plan. Well, at least the monster is a gentleman, tipping his hat like that before he leaves. Willow is best with the frogs. Very Freddy Kreugeresque in the basement. That eye thing is scary and disgusting. She snapped its neck! I almost feel sorry for Buffy’s mom, having Buffy recuperate at home with Willow and Xander. Love the pic the kid sent Buffy.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander really shows his backbone when dealing with Angelus with the line, “Take a walk overbite!” And Willow is at her take charge best at the hospital with her orders, “I’ll call Giles, tell him what happened. You call Buffy’s mom, tell her not what happened.” Xander’s backbone gets a backbone as well, when dealing with Angelus at the hospital, with “Why don’t you come back during the day?” Later, Giles asks the question everyone wants to ask, “Cordelia, have you ever actually heard of tact?” Xander shows some signs of intelligence, when trying to convince Buffy’s mom to leave our Slayer at the hospital, with this line, “Increased oginess, that’s a danger signal.” The best bit? Willow distracting the security guards with “No more frogs?”


I loved the beginning and ending of this one, but I felt the middle sagged a bit. A demon preying on children is horrifying, but the manner of killing disturbed me. It felt like a metaphor for child sexual abuse, which brings the level of horror to a whole new level.




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