Four Random Thoughts On My Television Shows

Television Set - old

With the current “regular” television season all getting ready to end, I thought I would take a quick moment to survey how my favourites have done so far.


Parenthood 4Parenthood

Googliebear and I watched this one sporadically, mainly because Jason “Friday Night Lights” Katims is producing it. Based on the concept, but not tied into, the original movie, it is simply about the lives of the Braverman family, kids, grandkids, and all the chaos in between. We binge watched the dvd’s over time and were fully caught up when this current season, the fifth, started. And this is the season that Parenthood let us down. Kristina running for mayor was farfetched and not well written and the never ending should-the-grandparents-sell-the-house storyline has gone on far far longer than we cared. What we did cheer for was the granddaughter Amber getting engaged to Ryan. And Ryan has to deal with major PTSD that often occurs with returning war vets. We have seen the season finale, and because of social media, we already kinda knew everything that was going to happen. We hoped they would pull this season out of the ‘whatever’ category, but they only partway succeeded.



Rich bratty frat boy gets marooned on an island and learns to rebuild himself into a better person. And this better person comes back to his city, dons a costume, and metes out justice as Green Arrow. Okay, he’s not called that that, but still. While this show had an uneven first season, it learned it’s lessons and gave us a much improved second season. Not. Still uneven, still kinda all over the place, it is not till the final batch of episodes, leading to the season ender, have things really started tightening up. Deathstroke is the big bad whose machinations are threatening to destroy all things Team Arrow, and thankfully new viewers can simply watch the previously on segments and get all filled in. Really looking forward to the big conclusion, and the set-up for season three!


SHIELD castMarvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The super spies of the Marvel cinematic universe have weekly missions led by the now non-dead Agent Coulson. And along the way they discover some sinister goings ons, with a villain named The Clairvoyant pulling the strings. Now Captain America 2 has S.H.I.E.L.D. getting into major trouble with Hydra infiltrators, and this show picks up those threads now. Most of social media has been steadily against this show, while I kinda dug it for what it was. Now that it has connected to Cap 2, it has entered stupid territory. Anyone who really believes that ‘plot twist’ they served us was planned out, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


Orphan Black

Season two is here! Season two is here! This wonderful, noir, funny, show about nefarious dealings with all these clones, all played by the superb Tatiana Maslany, is amazing. I came in late to this greatness as first, but now can’t wait to see what weirdness and derring do the clones get into this time around. And don’t we all wish we had a best friend like Felix? This past Saturday was when season two premiered and part of me really wants to get them all, avoid social media, and binge watch the heck out of those clones.


I also have Once Upon A Time every week, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland which is done and gone, and a mini stockpile of About A Boy – which is also by Katims, The Newsroom coming back someday for season three, Doctor Who!, Luther ruling, Sherlock ruling even more, and Sleepy Hollow with all its creepiness, in my PVR all the time. Now I just gotta get caught up!




…is currently reading Schultz and Peanuts by David Michaelis




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