Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.20 Go Fish

Buffy season 2Buffy The Vampire Slayer takes on athletes and creatures and water in Go Fish. All part of my exciting SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is at a night time beach party celebrating another win for the Sunnydale High swim team. But she is all mopey and alone until Cameron, a member of the swim team comes up. Buffy leaves him to stop some bullies, but the victim is not happy she saved him. At school the next day, Principal Snyder tells Willow she can keep teaching computer sciences, which makes her happy. But then he tells her that the swim team members have to get special treatment, which makes her unhappy. Buffy gets a lift to school from Cameron, who then tries to rape her. She replies by slamming his head against the steering wheel. Principal Snyder sees this and blames Buffy, as does the swim coach. Giles tells the Scoobies about a body found on the beach and they start investigating. Xander bumps into Cameron and they trade insults, and after Cameron leaves, Xander hears screams. He walks in on some fish monster in the caf who promptly escapes. The Scoobies continue investigating and Buffy follows one of them, but is found out. After, the swimmer is attacked by Angelus, who hates the guy’s blood, and Buffy saves him. Xander decides to go undercover and join the swim team. Buffy finds the swimmer crying out and discovers he is now the same kind of fish creature Xander saw. The creature escapes to the sewers when the coach comes in, and later Buffy and Giles hunt for it in down below. Xander finds out it is the sauna steam that is pumping up, then transforming the swimmers. It turns out the coach and school nurse are in on the plot, using old Russian experiments to win. The coach then feeds the nurse to the creatures. Cordelia thinks one of the creatures is Xander and babbles to it. Buffy confronts the coach, who then makes her at gunpoint go into the sewer for the creatures to gang rape. Buffy fights the creatures and Xander saves Buffy. The coach attacks again and falls into the sewer where the creatures kill him. Later we find out Xander and the other swimmers are being cured from the steam. At the end, we see the creatures are leaving into the ocean.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Beach party! Victory party! And Buffy looks mopey as usual. Swim team guy smells fishy. Buffy saves wimpy guy from bullies and of course he does not appreciate it. Okay, that is gross with swim guy being… digested. Willow is the nicest coolest teacher ever. And then she sees swim jock playing solitaire. Principal Snyder is a jerk and an ass and a jerk. Hope he dies soon. This swimjerk just screams rapist. Break his bones Buffy! Snyder is just standing and watching? Creepy! Swimjerk says she was asking for it and so does the coach. Excuse me while I barf. And the Scoobies don’t care about these potential rapists? Kinda insulting. Monster in steam room and I hope swimjerk is dead. Yep and this is disgusting with the dissolving skin and such. Buffy is really really bad at stalking. Willow really has to improve her interrogation techniques. Swimjerk should die and now her meets Angelus, so good riddance to that jerk! Dang, swimjerk lives. That Cordelia does not recognize him in all that flesh tells me that Xander and Cordelia have not had sex. I assumed they had. Xander is so obvious with the questions. It’s in the steam?!?! Holy crud! Did not see the obvious with this one! The coach and nurse were in on it! Wait, this isn’t Hellmouth related? But science! Couldn’t Buffy just disarm the coach? The coach is even more repugnant with the gang rape allusion. This Cordelia heart to heart scene with Xander is so obvious and stupid. Buffy fights creatures and I am waiting for some neck snapping! Xander takes down coach and saving the day is getting old. And the coach falls into the sewer, surprising no one. Good, he is monster chow! And the creatures head to sea, never to be seen again.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow tells Cordelia what Sunnydale High truly excels at, “Um, you are forgetting our high mortality rate.” Cordelia knows how to sweet talk her man with this bit, “Xander, I know you take pride in being the voice of the common wuss.” Xander lets off some steam to Cordelia and Willow with, “You know what really grates my cheese.” The stress of everything gets to Cordelia, who tells the Scoobies, “I think I have lost all will to cheerlead.” Cordelia explains where she thinks she saw Xander, “He was in the pool skinless dipping.” And Buffy gets the pithy one liner to give to Xander at the end, “Those boys really loved their coach.”


Felt very meh towards this one. Steroids are evil and athletes can be jerks doesn’t really thrill me. Interestingly, this is another episode almost having a rape, in this case twice. Seems to be a recurring theme that is will be a constant threat to Buffy and her friends.




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