Frozen: Elsa and Anna and Love

Frozen poster

So we joined the rest to the world recently.

And we now have got Frozen fever.

Yes Frozen, the billion dollar juggernaut animated movie that produced two gigantic hits songs, Do You Want To Build A Snowman and Let It Go, and has enthralled millions upon millions of kids and kids at heart world-wide.

Whew. Even going on about Frozen is exhausting. That’s how big this one is, and deservedly so.

For those of you who were me awhile ago and ignorant of it all, Frozen tells the tale of a young Princess named Elsa, who has natural magical abilities to generate snow and ice and cold on a massive scale. She loves and plays and has all sorts of fun with her sister Anna, until one fateful day when an injury happens. Anna will be okay, but the King and Queen completely misunderstand the advice given by the wise trolls and locks Elsa away.

Years and years later, after being raised separately, the parents die and Elsa becomes Queen, leading to the sisters meeting again. And Anna bumps into visiting Prince Hans, who she gets along with and promptly gets engaged to. This news causes the sisters to argue, and accidentally releases Elsa’s powers. She flashfreezes the kingdom, flees, and quickly masters her powers while creating a wonderful ice castle. Meanwhile, a visiting Duke tries to rally everyone that Elsa is a monster, but Anna leaves Hans in charge and goes off to retrieve Elsa. Anna meets Kristoff on her quest, and the talking snowman Olaf, and finally reunites with Elsa.

And then all sorts of snow hits the fans.

Frozen has so many many things going for it. The story feels real and natural and evolves in all the right directions at all the right times. You can feel the Pixar influence on this Disney movie. Amazingly, a crucial moment for the Princesses happens early on, and the King and Queen prove they may love their children, but they are completely oblivious to the extremely good advice given to them. You just to shout at the screen at their well meaning idiocy.

Frozen OlafBut what I found most interesting, something I noticed some people mentioned online at the time Frozen first became hot, is the undeniable subtext screaming through the narrative and epitomized in the Let It Go song.

The whole story is a parable for homosexuality. Elsa is born the way she is, and a difference she possesses has her parents troubled in trying to fully comprehend how everyone is to live with this. They love her, but react in a completely stupid way, full of misunderstanding.

When Elsa finally embraces who she is, she belts out Let It Go, and quite simply, does let it go. All the hiding, all the deception, is gone now. Elsa lives her true self for the first time since she was a child, and thoroughly enjoys being her.

Anna loves her sister truly and completely and tries desperately to mend the age old hurt between the two, caused by over reacting parents. For her, Elsa is Elsa and love is love. Cold powers or no cold powers. Change the last line to homosexuality and the point is so obvious.

Disney/Pixar have long been known for progressive takes of society, but Frozen is to my mind one of the best in this regard. The kids may not pick up the metaphor, but anyone teen or older can clearly see the connection being made. I am interested to see when Frozen 2 hits if they continue the through line and have Elsa start dating another woman. Here’s hoping they do.

Frozen gives us an excellent fun tale of understanding and epic adventure, with a wonderful morality story telegraphed as well.


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