Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 2.22 Becoming Part Two

Buffy season 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer heads into the conclusion of season two with Becoming Part Two. All in my exciting SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy marathon!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy goes on the run from the law as Principal Snyder labels her a culprit in the murder. Buffy sneaks into the hospital and finds out Xander’s arm is broken and Willow is still knocked out. And Angelus is tormenting Giles for information. Buffy bumps into Whistler and they talk about Angel/Angelus and how Angel was supposed to stop Acathla. Buffy runs into the cops and is saved by Spike, who wants to help our Slayer prevent Angelus from destroying the world, but wants to leave with Drusilla after. They head to Buffy’s house and meet Joyce, Buffy’s mother, who knows her daughter is wanted. Buffy tells her mother that she is a Vampire Slayer and Joyce is kinda freaked. They argue about Buffy going out to save the world, and she wants Buffy to simply stop being a Slayer. Xander tells the knocked out Willow that he loves her and wants her to wake up. Willow does wake up and asks for Oz. Willow decides to try the curse again and orders the Scoobies to help. Oz and Cordelia go to get supplies and Xander is sent to tell Buffy the plan. Buffy bumps into Snyder at the library to get the sword and he all happily tells her she is expelled. Spike hides his healing from Angelus, and then tells him to stop torturing Giles and try Drusilla’s hypnosis. She projects Jenny Calendar and lures the information from Giles, and kisses him, much to Angelus and Spike’s chagrin. Giles tells them to use their blood to free the demon. Buffy finds out from Whistler that if Angelus blood frees Acathla, only that blood can entrap it again, which will send both to hell. Xander finds Buffy, but does not tell her of Willow’s plan. At the mansion, Buffy and Spike attack, with Drusilla picking Angelus’s side. Giles is freed by Xander. Angelus gets the sword loose from Acathla and he and Buffy fight. Spike takes off with a knocked out Drusilla and leaves town. Angelus gains the upper hand and taunts Buffy, who rallies and starts beating the Vampire. Willow does the spell at the hospital and succeeds. Angelus becomes Angel just as Buffy is about to kill him, and they hug. But Acathla is awake and about to drag Earth into hell, so Buffy takes the no memory Angel, kisses him and tells him of her love, and pushes him into the vortex and stabs him. Angel is confused and is pulled into the closing vortex. Buffy has saved the world again, leaves a goodbye letter to her mother and departs Sunnydale. Forever.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy takes off from the cops and Principal Snyder! Xander is gonna be okay! Whew! But Holy Crap, Willow is out! And now they realize Giles is missing. Angelus is one sick bastard. Buffy meets Whistler! Spike saves Buffy from the cop! Never saw that coming! Spike wants Drusilla back because he is one lonely Vampire. Buffy calling Drusilla a hoe made me laugh. So is this where Spike slowly turns good? I know that happens eventually. Xander’s bedside chat with Willow is cliched but kinda works. Maybe we will finally see this love pentagon resolved? Oz! Gotta love Oz! Hey Xander, sorry to burst your bubble but it looks like Willow has moved on to Oz, her one true love. Angelus torturing Giles is disturbing to say the least. Buffy and Spike are really really bad at lying to, well, anyone. I thought Buffy’s mom did not know for another season or two about the Slaying stuff. Spike and Buffy’s mother Joyce are funny just sitting around. Love how this scene plays out with the deal making between Buffy and Spike and with Joyce trying to comprehend everything. Joyce is clueless and a bitch and stupid and Buffy is right about her willful ignorance. I hope Joyce dies cause she is one stupid ass. Still feels weird hearing Xander call Cordelia honey. Angelus is really enjoying this torture. Snyder says you’re expelled like some kinda massive trump card. What a troll. Drusilla is gonna hypnotize Giles!  Wouldn’t Giles as a Watcher have some sort of training to fight this off? Bringing up Jenny is dirty pool and mean. Wow, Drusilla is a hoe.  Xander just lied to Buffy about what Willow said, and Willow is gonna be so pissed. Two magical ceremonies diverged in the woods. Only Willow would do a magical spell in a hospital room. Spike takes on Angelus! Drusilla saves Angelus by attacking Spike! Fight! Fight! Xander saves Giles! Angelus unleashes the demon! Buffy and Angelus fight! With swords! Do the spell faster Willow! But why isn’t Amy doing the spell, she being a full fledged witch, not a neophyte. Okay, those magic eyes Willow just did scared the crap out of me!! Spike knocks out Drusilla and just leaves, which I think everyone kinda saw coming. Kick Angelus ass Buffy! Angel is back!!!! Yay!! Does she trust him? It is kind of a mercy that he doesn’t remember. Two lovers reunited for the end of the world! Portal resealed and Angel is gone. And Angel has no idea why. And Buffy has left home. Willow is such a cute incurable romantic, God I love her. Buffy Summers, homeless, dead lover, on the run from the law, cue the Bruce Banner music as she leaves town.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy finally tells Principal Snyder what everyone thinks of him, “You stupid little troll.” Angelus is certainly evil when he says this to Giles, “The last time I tortured somebody, they didn’t even have chainsaws.” Spike is gross describing humans to Buffy as, “Billions of people walking around like happy meals with legs.” And my strangeness likes it when Oz said to Willow, “No, it’s head size.” Buffy says the unthinkable to Buffy with, “Mom, I’m a Vampire Slayer.” Never thought I would hear those words. Spike meets Buffy’s mother Joyce, “You hit me an axe one time.” And the immortal stupid words of Joyce continue with, “Honey, are you sure you’re a Vampire Slayer?” Willow gives orders well to the Scoobies with, “Resolve face.” Snyder explains so much to Buffy with, “In case you didn’t notice, the police of Sunnydale are deeply stupid.” And I loved it when, during Willow’s spell, Oz asked Cordelia, “Is this a good thing?”


You can tell Joss wanted a kicked ass, emotional, painful, heart wrenching season finale. And he gave us all that and more, the twisted genius. Angel is back and now gone forever, bad mojo has been laid amoung the Scoobies, and Buffy is now an aimless drifter. I need a hug.




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