Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.1 Anne

Buffy season 3

We start season three of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with our heroine in the big city and calling herself Anne. All in my pulse pounding SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy post!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!
Sunnydale has no Slayer so the Scoobies try to fill the void and Giles hunts down leads to Buffy. Our Slayer is in Los Angeles and working in a diner under her middle name Anne. A homeless couple, Lily and Rickie, met her and later Lily tells Buffy she remembers her from the Vampire cult adventure. Buffy and Lily have a heart to heart, and the Slayer saves a delusional man from being hit by a car as he mutters “I’m no one.” Buffy takes off and bumps into Ken, a street preacher, who offers help. She refuses. Later Lily tells Buffy that Rickie has vanished and wants help. She doesn’t want to, but does, and finds Rickie, now an old man. Lily does not believe the results and gets mad at Buffy. Ken offers help to Lily and Buffy questions a blood bank person and finds out she works with Ken, telling him about the homeless. Lily is about to enter a black oil cleansing bath, but Buffy shows up and first tries to talk her way in, then uses her fists. Lily falls in and during the Ken fight, he and Buffy also plop into it. They all enter some huge factory in another dimension and Ken is revealed as a demon. Buffy and Lily are made slave workers in this place where time moves differently, hence the aging of Rickie. Hence the use of homeless people. Ken demands the slaves answer “I’m no one” when asked who they are, and Buffy replies by saying her name and attacking. A fight breaks out and Ken takes Lily hostage, and the teen finally fights back. Lily leads the slaves out and Buffy takes down Ken, and the oil thingy closes after they escape. Buffy gives her apartment to Lily as she prepares to head back to Sunnydale. Buffy shows up at her house and is welcomed home by Joyce.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!
The Scoobies fight a Vampire! Oz throws the stake — and misses. Really dug that moment. School is about to start! And Buffy is on a beach, imagining Angel with her. But Instead Buffy is in the big city of LA and lonely. New credits! Liked season two better. Oz is a regular! Very fast paced credits! Buffy is a waitress named Anne! This is the worst diner ever with the biggest idiots as customers. Willow is leader of the Scoobies, just like it should be. The library has never ever been this busy. Or the school itself. Oz is repeating a grade, which fits him and keeps him around. Even the football players know about Sunnydale’s high mortality rate. Buffy is one depressed camper. And Giles is still searching for Buffy. That diner girl recognizes Buffy disguised as Anne. Lily was part of that Vampire worship cult. Creepy homeless guy and Buffy saves him and gets hit by car. And now she meets a more nicer guy on the street, Ken the street preacher. I never liked these indie bands on Buffy showing up at the Bronze. Cordelia as bait? Not a good idea. Giles meets with Joyce and updates her, and she turns full bitch mode. Neglectful parent blaming responsible non parent. Lily asks Buffy for help, cause that is what she does. Blood bank lady is eviiiiil!!   Buffy finds Rickie all aged up in an abandoned warehouse and Lily blames Buffy of course. And Ken is creepy and evil. Love Buffy breaking the phone. Scoobies do not keep very quiet patrols. And Buffy is not very good at lying. And Ken is a demon. An evil extra dimensional factory of evil! Inca mummy girl mention! Joss even calls back to the bad ones. If they play that bad music again when Xander and Cordelia kiss I shall retch. The hell of time displacement equals what homeless kids really go through. Interesting way to illustrate your point. And making the kids nameless demoralizes them more. Run Buffy run! Buffy taking on demons by the truckload! Lily pushes the demon! And the demon now has no legs! They almost call him Bob now. Buffy knocks at her house. And is welcomed home.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!
Oz tries to soften the repeating grade thing to Willow and she not taking it, so we get, “So the cute thing is out” from him to her. And Joyce keeps up her bitchy delusional self when she says the following to Giles, “I blame you.” Buffy speaks so well the bad guys with this bit, “I suck at undercover.” Buffy gives Ken the demon the what’s up with, “Hey Ken, wanna see my impression of Gandhi?” And Lily asks Buffy a touching question with, “can I be Anne?”

This is Buffy trying to find herself. And this Joss’s commentary on homelessness. And dang did this ever hit home on both counts.




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