Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.2 Dead Man’s Party

Buffy season 3

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is home and is welcomed back with a Dead Man’s Party. My pulse pounding SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy marches on!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is unpacking while Joyce puts up a Nigerian mask from the gallery. She lets Buffy out to see the Scoobies as they are on a Vampire hunt. Buffy meets up with them for the first time since returning and they end up at Giles place. Buffy is evasive when questioned as to what happened and is informed she is no longer a murder suspect. Buffy and Joyce see Snyder who wants to merrily keep her expelled, and our Slayer then goes to meet Willow for coffee, who does not show. At home, Buffy meets Pat, a member of Joyce’s book club, and is openly critical of our heroine. Buffy finds a dead cat in the basement and they bury it, but the mask gets involved and the cat comes back. Buffy finds the resurrected cat in the night and gives it to Giles, who also tells her she is not allowed at school. The Scoobies come up with throwing Buffy a welcome back party. The small party get together becomes a massive house party with a band and a gazillion people. When Buffy tries to talk to Willow, she gives up, then overhears Joyce complain about her. Buffy decides to leave again and starts packing. Giles at the library finally figures out the mask and not-dead cat and tries to call Buffy. When he can’t reach her, he takes off to her house, driving. But he runs into lots and lots of zombies, all heading to the mask. Buffy is caught packing by Willow, who gives her crap, than Joyce walks in as well. This causes a public fight between Buffy and Joyce, with the Scoobies taking Joyce’s side. As they argue ever more, the zombies party crash and chaos reigns. Buffy and the Scoobies join together and fight the creatures. Pat is killed and Oz and Cordelia end up in trapped in the closet. Giles shows up and warns all about the mask, which now non-dead Pat puts on, becoming a demon lord. Buffy fights the creature and finally kills it, making the other zombies disappear. This makes everyone happy and like Buffy again. Giles talks to Snyder and has to threaten the man to get Buffy back in school. Buffy and Willow meet for coffee and talk about Oz and magic and stuff, but our Slayer still does not mention what happened.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

The first time mentioning Joyce’s art gallery job since season one. Xander is shocked that Buffy is back. The Scoobies are hunting vampires! And not all look happy Buffy is back. Buffy and Giles reunite. The murder charge is gone? Why? What happened? Giles looks relieved while getting tea. Snyder is a jerk and an ass and won’t let Buffy back into school. This book club lady Pat is weird. Joyce invited the Scoobies over for diner? This is going to be awesomely awkward. Dead stray cat in basement is strange even for Buffy. Evil mask is glowing! Not a shocker! Dead cat rising! Not a shocker! I really do not like dream sequences. Angel! Dream Angel! Joyce is like the ultimate non-fan trying to understand a fan. Joyce and Giles share a nasty uncomfortable look. And Giles notices the evil mask. The Scoobies are tension filled over this welcome back party. And Giles misses the book page with the mask on it, dangit! Pat is annoying. This party/shindig/hootenany has gotten really out of hand. The evil mask brings everyone back to life? The legion of dead zombies are on the rise! Surprised Joyce is okay with this wild party. And Buffy overhears Joyce complaining. And packs and pouts. And Giles refinds his place in the book and realizes the mask is eviiiiil. Stoner guy answering the phone is stupid. Willow is mad because Buffy left just when she needed her best friend. Joyce is a bitch for confronting Buffy in front of everyone. And Joyce did kick her out. Xander is giving Buffy crap? Calling her out? That’s not like Xander, he usually hero worships her. The serious burying stuff line from Xander cutting to zombies is Joss having waaaay to much fun. Will that crappy little car of Giles survive even a zombie cat attack? Cordelia defends Buffy? Buffy mad at Willow? Oz being peacemaker! That last part makes sense. A whole lot of confidential Slayer stuff is being talked about at this party, right out in the open. Usually Willow is not this mean and sarcastic. Zombies crash the party! Wow, they really trash the house. Oz and Cordelia trapped in the closet! Giles finally shows up! Never liked that Pat. Giles sees Snyder and makes legal (??) threats. Knew he would have to threaten violence on that slug. Willow is becoming a witch! And she will be an awesome witch!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Joyce asks the most interesting questions of Buffy, with “will you be Slaying?” being amoung the best. The codenames the Scoobies use gets this from Buffy, “Nighthawk?” Buffy sums up the menace of the episode so well to Giles with, “welcome to the Hellmouth petting zoo.” Willow gives Buffy a well deserved telling off with, “wow, and it looks just like giving up.” Giles does a little rant to his steering wheel, “do you like my mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead. Americans.” Willow explains the plan to Oz, “talking about it isn’t helping, we might as well try some violence.” Xander explains how bad it is to Joyce with, “generally speaking, when scary things get scared, not good.” And Giles turns to strong arm tactics with Snyder with, “would you like me to convince you?”


Gotta admit, the best part was everyone piling on poor Buffy. Even with my heavy disagreement with the Scoobies points, thought it was interesting to see where everyone stood. And I am back to hating Joyce.




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