Four Random Thoughts On TCAF 2014


TCAF 2014 has come and gone, and much excitement and merriment was had. The Toronto Comics Art Festival is the annual celebration of all things comic and graphic, hosted at the Toronto Reference Library, and is attended by thousands. For my third trip, I did not get as much, but saw a metric ton of Geeks.


IMG_0820True Patriot

Making my way through the crazy crowds, I managed to find Scott Chantler and get my True Patriot signed. The graphic novel collection of Canadian comic creators creating Canadian comics is wonderful and now I have one more autograph on my hardcover. I was also went to get Andy Belanger’s signature, but he quickly pointed out that he had already signed it. Keeping track of things as a Geek is hard.


IMG_0824Faith Erin Hicks

Last year @Taliana83 introduced me to the magic of writer/artist Faith Erin Hicks. Over the last 365 days I have gobbled down The Adventures of Superhero Girl and Friends With Boys. Now the graphic novel Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is signed and in my possession. I am now fiendishly awaiting next TCAF, all to get more FEH.


zz Buffy and logoBuffy

No, Buffy or Sarah Michelle Geller or Joss Whedon were not in attendance. Unfortunately. But with My Year of Buffy ongoing, I had a chance throughout the day to discuss everyone’s favourite Slayer with all of my fellow Geeks. But trying to remain SPOILER free was not always easy, since @Taliana83 and @Wwxkev had to be very very careful what they said in front of me. Especially after the name Dawn was mentioned, whoever that is.


Jamie D and the Scarlet Witch!!

Jamie D and the Scarlet Witch!!

Jamie D.

After TCAF, a whole bunch of us Geeks met down the street for friendship and food and frolicking, all in the name of Jamie D. So many many of us connected through Comic Geek Speak and the late Jamie D., who passed away recently after a battle with cancer. What we all got at TCAF, giggling at what I don’t know about Buffy yet, discussions of the acting in Twilight, and what is wrong with Agents of Shield, were amoung many of the topics bandied about. And that was how Jamie D. would have liked it.


With TCAF over, I look forward to next year, with more great comics, friends, and by then completed Buffy, to round out the excitement. Can’t Wait!




…is currently reading Fables v.8 Wolves and Fables v.9 Sons of Empire by Bill Willingham




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