Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.4 Beauty and the Beasts

Buffy season 3

Buffy The Vampire Slayer sees different types of relationships in Beauty and the Beasts, another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy wackiness!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow reads The Call of the Wild to Werewolf Oz, who is caged in the library. Xander relieves her of duty and promptly falls asleep. Buffy and Faith are on patrol and they talk about men. In the woods, a teen boy is killed. Buffy talks to Scott’s friends, Debbie and Peter, who are dating, and she tells them she must see the school psychologist, Mr. Platt. Everyone thinks Oz killed the boy because of Xander sleeping. Buffy and Mr. Platt talk, with little details offered by her. She trusts him and thinks she might be solving her problems. On patrol that night, Buffy bumps into Angel, who is acting all primal. The Scoobies examine the body in the morgue and Willow discovers clues. Faith takes Oz watch that night, and accidentally whacks Buffy. She takes over from Faith and begins researching how Angel came back. When Giles finds her in the morning, she asks if it was possible Angel could return. He explains the time difference and that two months or so would equal one hundred years here, and that the torture would probably drive him insane. Buffy heads to the mansion and Angel, shackled up, still all beast like. Peter and Debbie make out in a room and he discovers one of his jars is empty and believes she drank it. He gets angry. Buffy goes to talk to Mr. Platt and finds him dead and mauled. Peter changes into a monster, beats Debbie, apologizes, and she forgives him. The Scoobies figure out the killings were done during the day, ruling out Oz and Angel. Oz gets school notes from Debbie, sees her black eye, and asks about it. Peter sees this and is unhappy. Oz stays penned up in the library as the Scoobies head out to find Peter. Buffy and Willow find Debbie, who refuses to admit Peter has a problem. Angel breaks from his shackles and goes to try and find Buffy. Peter, in roid mode, attacks Oz, who changes into werewolf. The Scoobies arrive and tries to tranquilize Oz, but Debbie gets in the way and Giles gets tranqued instead. Buffy goes after Peter while Willow and Faith go after Oz, who they capture. Buffy fights Peter after he kills Debbie. Angel shows up and helps Buffy fight Peter, who the Vampire kills. Buffy is happy when Angel reverts to human face, since this means he is truly back. Turns out Peter had invented the jar stuff to make him more macho. Buffy offers sympathy to Scott. Buffy lets Angel sleep in the mansion, unshackled, as she reads Call of the Wild.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy narrates blurry Blair Witch footage. Willow is reading Call of the Wild to WereOz, imprisoned in library. Willow is so cute teasing her sex life to Xander. And of course Xander falls asleep on duty. Buffy and Faith on patrol feels so groovy! Rejects from 90210 show up with Buffy’s boyfriend Scott.  They are Peter and Debbie. Buffy sees school counselor Mr. Platt, who I don’t like right off the bat. He’s probably the werewolf. Yah, don’t like this counselor. Oz looks so sad going back into the cage. Buffy finds the creature… and it is Angel! With blood on his lips! Only Willow would put her tools in an old school lunchbox. Is Willow really Quincy? So Buffy chains Angel up? Why is he so feral? And Faith backhanding Buffy made me laugh. That look Giles gives Buffy is classic, he knows her reading that demon book is… unnatural. Buffy isn’t telling Giles? Is Giles figuring it out? Cause Buffy is not being real subtle here. Angel may have been in hell for a hundreds of years of torture. Yikes! Is Giles finally clueing in? Scott’s friends Peter and Debbie are so annoying. And Buffy pulls away cause her chained up Vampire feral ex-boyfriend is back. Um, Buffy, even I figured out that annoying counselor guy is dead before you started rambling. Peter is now evil and changing from meteor rock juice. Okay, abusive boyfriend that I really want to see die. Holy crud, this is abusive 101. Oz is cleared of being the killer thankfully. Love how Faith is so blunt sometimes. Kinda surprised that Debbie admits everything so easily. And Angel gets free! Peter showing up to confront Oz means the library gets busted up again. Kick his ass Oz! That was a fast change, took longer the other time! Giles getting tranqued was funny! Debbie ending up dead was not a surprise. How did Angel know where Buffy was? Angel’s back! I love the cover stories Sunnydale conjures up for itself, they are like the internet of today. And Buffy still hasn’t told anyone about Angel?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow explains Oz to all with, “he’s just being an Oz.” Oz gives Giles some advice, “Just a thought, poker, not your game.” Xander has to explain things to Cordelia with, “we’re doing crime here! You don’t sneak up while we’re doing crime.” Willow clears Oz with, “It’s a killer in the day monster! 100 per cent sure.” Faith has the usual brutal honesty with this line to Oz about the jazz band victims, “they were screwing?” Willow to Buffy over Debbie, “I think we broke her” and Buffy replies to Willow with, “I think she was broken before this.” Oz gives Peter the 411 with, “times up, rules change.”


This felt like three different relationships being examined here. And while Buffy is desperately searching for the Angel she once knew, we are searching with her. But now we know, our beloved Angel is back! And Peter, by the way, deserved a good neck snapping.




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