Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.5 Homecoming

Buffy season 3

Buffy The Vampire Slayer does the unthinkable… she runs for Homecoming Queen, in the episode called… Homecoming. Yet another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy is asked by Scott to Homecoming and the Scoobies decide to get a limo for the night. But the next day Buffy is dumped by Scott. Buffy still takes care of a recuperating Angel. Buffy is being watched at Sunnydale by men in a van who know Mr. Trick. They get intel about Buffy and Faith in the limo. The Mayor gets an update about some unsavory characters showing up in town. Cordelia forgets to tell Buffy about yearbook photos, so she misses them. All because Cordelia was busy campaigning for Homecoming Queen. Buffy is further annoyed when her favourite teacher does not know who she is. This, and missing the picture, makes Buffy mad and she decides to run for Homecoming Queen as well. Mr. Trick gathers a bunch of assassins together and calls the operation SlayerFest ’98, and he has the two guys from the van, a bunch of other hunters, a demon, and the cowboy Vampire. While trying on Homecoming outfits, Willow and Xander flirt and kiss. Buffy starts strategizing with the Scoobies of how to win Homecoming, but finds they have already been tapped by Cordelia for her campaign. Buffy and Cordelia spend time going against each other for the vote. On Homecoming night, Buffy and Cordelia end up in the limo together, set up by the Scoobies to clear their differences. But the limo is taken by the Vampires to the woods and see a video tape announcing SlayerFest ’98. But the villains do not realize Cordelia is here, not Faith. After running around and fighting hunters, Buffy and Cordelia end up in a cabin in the woods. Faith makes Scott look bad in front of his new girlfriend. Buffy and Cordelia argue in the cabin. Cordelia admits to loving Xander while Buffy talks about spending alot of allowance to get her dress so she could have a wonderful moment in high school. After this breakthrough, they are attacked. When a grenade is thrown inside, they escape. Buffy and Cordelia end up at the school library and find Giles knocked out. Two more hunters come after them in the darkened school halls, tracking them by the corsages. Buffy puts the corsages on the hunters and they take each other out. With SlayerFest ’98 done, Mr. Trick gets to meet the Mayor, who wants him to do his bidding. At Homecoming, Buffy and Cordelia show up and find out they lost.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Homecoming talk at the bronze. Scott hasn’t asked Buffy to the Homecoming dance? And now he does. Scott is all shades of dorky. And that was the most awkward kiss ever. Ahh, Buffy brought takeout for Angel. Scott dumps her? Right before Homecoming? Jerk. Someone is watching from a creepy van. Okay, two rejects from Mission Impossible. Dial up modem! Hello 1990’s! Wow, this is one sniffy Mayor. Not even paying attention to the report of evil fugitives until after the hand inspection? Nice yearbook pictures! Wonder if Homecoming Queen will have a stake? Double Slaying training looks so cool. Is Buffy that invisible or is her teacher that clueless? Cordelia forgot to tell Buffy about yearbook pic? And no one else thought to tell Buffy? Sigh, Buffy is gonna run for Homecoming Queen and I don’t care, all because she is being all mopey. Oh no, the cowboy vampire is back. Lots and lots of Vampire bounty hunters, the scourge of the galaxy. Willow and Xander are cute with the friend talk, till they started quasi flirting. This feels so season one. Oh crud they kissed! Kill me now! When did Buffy have time to create all these charts? Cordelia already conscripted the Scoobies! Okay, this is getting silly now. Oh look a funny montage. And Willow is so calm when freaking out about this election. And Buffy and Cordelia have a huge argument with all sorts of nastiness. Willow is freaking out over this whole election nuttiness. A man running away like that always sounds ominous. And they think Cordelia is Faith! Love the SlayerFest ’98 logo. Willow looks so sad with her cheating heart. Faith is now the best ever, giving Scott a VD reputation. Buffy and Cord fighting for survival in a Cabin In The Woods! Cordelia says she is in love! This scaly guy is the worst fighter ever. Hate these cowboys, but why do they have Buffy weapons? Giles knocked out? Did not see that coming. Why are these cops arresting Mr. Trick? Buffy and Cordelia got back to Sunnydale High awfully fast. Death by spatula! Cordelia does a darn good bluff with moron cowboy vampire. No one at the school hears the gunfire? And they kill each other. The Mayor Richard Wilkins meets Mr. Trick. And the Mayor knows all about everything Hellmouthish. Sounds scary and funny all at once. The winners are… not Buffy or Cordelia. Kinda saw that coming. So when will the bald SlayerFest ’98 mastermind realize he failed?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy makes promises to Scott, “In fact, from here on you are going to see a drastic distraction reduction.” Xander channels a future cartoon character when he says this to Cordelia, “Whatcha doing.” Buffy gives a unique warning to Cordelia with, “You have awaken the prom queen within.” Mr. Trick gives an introduction to Buffy and Cordelia, “Welcome to SlayerFest 98.” Confusing conversations between Willow and Xander leads to “I am talking about Buffy and Cordelia” with Xander replying to Willow with “me too.” Cordelia explains to the air “She’s a Slayer, I’m a Homecoming Queen.” Giles shows some humour when he talks to Willow and Xander, “We have to find Buffy, something terrible has happened. Just kidding, thought I would give you a scare.” Cordelia explains to Buffy why she likes Zander, “He kinda grows on you, like a chia pet.” And the Mayor feels creepy when he says to Mr. Trick, “Moist towelette?”


Really did not care for this one till the SlayerFest ’98 parts. When they do comedy as part of the story, it works. When they try to force comedy into the story, it doesn’t.




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