Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.6 Band Candy

Buffy season 3

Buffy The Vampire Slayer realizes that a sweet tooth can make you feel young and carefree in the episode called Band Candy. All part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy studies for her SAT with Giles help while Slaying in the cemetery. And she complains all along the way because of stress, overscheduling, and so forth. At school Principal Snyder is making the students sell band candy. Joyce buys a lot of the candy and argues that Buffy cannot drive, which causes the Slayer to say she is heading to train with Giles. Her Watcher buys the rest of the candy before she takes off early. Buffy ends up at Angel’s and does some T’ai chi with him. When she gets home, she is confronted by Giles and Joyce, who figured out her lies. Arguing leads to Buffy going to her room and the adults eating more candy. At a warehouse, humans and Vampires are packaging the candy with Ethan Rayne and Mr. Trick. At school Willow and Xander are playing footsie while Giles fails to show at study hall. When Buffy checks in on Giles at his place and finds Joyce, her mother, in attendance. Joyce gives Buffy the car keys and tells her to drive herself. Once Buffy leaves, Giles starts smoking and drinking with Joyce and he starts acting like “Ripper”, his teenage self. Buffy drives. very badly, with Willow to the Bronze, but find it packed with adults acting like wild teens. Buffy, Willow, Oz and a candy filled Principal Snyder head out to find Giles and figure out what is happening. Giles and Joyce are having fun in the streets with Ripper stealing a coat for her, than stopping a cop, then finally making out. Buffy figures out it is the band candy and after sending Willow and Oz to get Giles at the library, she takes Snyder with her to the candy factory. Buffy gets there and sees Giles and her mother making out. Freaked out, she tries to reason with the adults, but with little results. Buffy goes into the factory and finds Ethan, who after threats finally tells her that Mr. Trick needs Sunnydale docile for a tribute to the demon Lurconis. At the hospital four babies are taken by Vampires before Buffy can show, and Willow calls and tells them the demon eats babies and Giles recalls that one lives in the sewer. The Mayor and Mr. Trick have the babies in the sewer and are chanting. Buffy and Giles and Joyce stop them and the Mayor flees, unseen. The babies are rushed to safety and Buffy fights the Vampires while Trick gets away. Buffy kills Lurconis with a gas explosion. The Mayor and Mr. Trick discuss the death of the demon, and the Mayor seems annoyed by this turn of events. The next morning everyone is back to normal and Buffy is happy Giles and Joyce did not go further. She does not notice the looks the two share before departing, which is embarrassment.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Let’s study for the SATs in the graveyard, just like everyone does. The Mayor is making more evil deals, and he has a cabinet full of curiosities, which means his is the big bad this season. Snyder is such a troll and what’s with the candy bars? Gotta be some evil angle. Buffy’s not driving yet? So I see Joyce is back to bitch mode, and not letting Buffy drive. Buffy mastered the basketball test really fast. Maybe it is because she really wants to be with Angel. And speaking of Angel, he and Buffy doing tai chi really kinda makes sense. And Buffy ditching everyone to be with him also makes sense. Buffy is caught by Joyce and Giles, and man she knows she is busted. Buffy has a point, which Giles recognizes and Joyce is to stupid to. Okay, calling those chocolate bars as cursed or something. Joyce and Giles, a new ship? And what the? Willow and Xander playing footsie??? My brain hurts and it must be the chocolate. Only Buffy figures out something is up with Giles. Joyce is at Giles?? Alarm bells! Buffy come on, she gave you the car! Now Giles is smoking and Joyce is drinking and Buffy sucks at driving. Great, a comedy episode. Mostly, not a fan of Buffy’s comedy episodes. And the parents are at the Bronze going wild. Snyder? Snyder? What the? He is even scarier wild. The Vampires are behind the chocolate? Snyder is going along? Heaven help them. Knew Giles was gonna do that, because stealing for a lady love is romantic. Giles and Joyce are making the sweet love. Buffy is starting to put it together, everyone is outside and easy prey, but no Vampires. And Buffy finally sees Giles and Joyce smooching, and properly freaking out. Ethan Rayne! And their hands touched! I really hate love quadrangles. How much freaking chocolate did the Vampires make? Corridors and corridors of it. If Joyce and Snyder make out, I shall vomit. Thank goodness Joyce left. Buffy can be very pervasive when she punches. The Vampires are taking the newborns! Holy crap!  Larconis the demon. Rayne deserves a beating or ten. Joyce has handcuffs? I will pay good money to see Giles punch out Snyder. The Mayor is very slick with covering his tracks. That’s thinking Buffy! Flaming snake a la mode! Even Mr. Trick thinks the Mayor is strange. And Buffy describes the SATs so well. Giles and Joyce share an awkward about face and then run from each other. But where was Faith during all this?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy explains her woes to Giles with, “I broke my number 2 pencil.” The teacher Mrs. Barton points out the obvious to Willow with, “Willow that’s a tree. You ‘re a tree.” Principal Snyder tells Oz something important with, “You’ve got great hair.” And Snyder has more backtalk, with this line to Buffy, “Summers, you drive like spaz!” Xander explains the plot, and a lot about himself, with this line, “I don’t get this. The candy is supposed to make you feel all immature and stuff, but I have had a ton and I don’t feel any different. Never mind.”


What started as a humour episode, which I usually dislike, Band Candy became humour with an edge. The concept of Giles and Joyce could have severe implications down the road. But please stop the Willow and Xander stuff right now.




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