Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.8 Lovers Walk

Buffy season 3Buffy The Vampire Slayer watches as her Scoobies are destroyed from within in the adventure called Lovers Walk. All part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Willow and Xander compare SAT scores and neither is happy. Buffy got a really high score, which makes her think she might have a life outside of Slaying. Spike comes back into town that night, drunk and alone. He returns to the mansion and wonders why Drusilla left him. Xander and Cordelia decide to go on a double date with Willow and Oz. Oz also gives Willow a witch pez dispenser and she feels guilty because of her cheating with Xander. Giles is getting ready for a Watchers retreat and is happy with Buffy’s scores, and even suggests she could leave the Slaying to Faith. He also tells her not to get involved with Angel again, because of the threat of Angelus. She assures him they are just friends. Willow and Xander worry about the double date. Spike passes out drunk outside Angel’s place and wakes up when sunlight causes his skin to catch fire. Joyce wants Buffy to head to college, but Buffy is resistant because of her Angel feelings. Buffy and Angel talk about her future, with the Slayer trying to see where Angel stands with her. Angel advises she goes, but is reluctant. Spike goes to a magic shop and sees Willow getting the pieces for a de-lusting spell. The Mayor is told of Spike’s return and decides to deal with it. On the night of the double date, Willow is in a school lab making her de lusting spell when Xander walks in. He figures it out and they argue, then Spike shows up and knocks Xander out and takes the two. Spike secrets the two away and demands Willow make a love spell to make Drusilla come back to him. Willow agrees, frightened, after hearing Spike’s tale of woe. Spike leaves to get the ingredients Willow needs. Buffy is in the library when Cordelia and Oz come in, saying that Willow and Xander have vanished and the lab is a mess. Buffy sends them for Giles and is about to go find them when Joyce calls and she hears Spike’s voice. Spike pours out his heart to Joyce and taunts Angel when he arrives. Buffy rushes in and lets Angels in and finds out what Spike is up to.   While Cordelia and Oz are driving, Oz picks up Willow’s scent and they go into a factory. Buffy, Angel and Spike go to the magic store and bumps into some pissed off Vampires. A fight ensues which continues into the store. Spike gets his Vampire mojo back because of the violence and he decides to win Drusilla back the old fashioned way, withy torture and pain. He also tells off Buffy and Angel for not recognizing their feelings for each other. Willow and Xander talk in the factory basement and kiss, and are promptly caught by Cordelia and Oz. Upset, Cordelia rushes up the stairs, falls through them, and impales herself. After a cut to a funeral, we find out that Cordelia survived, but is bitter towards Xander. Both couples have broken up. Buffy sees Angel and tells him they cannot be friends because they both know it is something more. Angels tries to argue, but cannot. Spike leaves town, happy to try and woo Drusilla back.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

So the SAT scores did not go well for Willow and Xander. And Buffy scored really really well, hence she has a future as a non Slayer. Cue Spike hitting Welcome To Sunnydale sign. Yay Spike! The Scoobies seem awfully calm around each other since last episode. I think Spike needs a housekeeper. Drusilla is gone?? Now that was a quick change to Vampire mode. Oz gives the best gifts ever, a witch pez dispenser. Was Oz implying sex? Giles is going camping? He doesn’t seem the type. Giles’s reaction to Joyce head bit was classic. Buffy is surprised by the idea of a real future. Giles is not being a prude, but asking Buffy about Angel and Buffy is more out of worry of Angelus. This Willow and Xander love quadrangle must end now. Angel is being his usual reading soulful self. Spike is still not sober? Still drinking? And now he’s burning from sunlight. Loved that they showed this, pain and reaction from a Vampire. Spike is about to see Willow! Love spell? Sorry, de lusting spell. What is Willow up to? This Mayor is evil and obviously in control of so much and wants Spike under control as well. Buffy and Angel are all hanging out and being such a cute non couple. Xander has no clue of what Willow has planned. Xander actually figured it out, and I am surprised. Xander actually does better in the Spike fight than I thought. Spike is really brutal with Willow here. And Spike is pouring his heart out to Willow, kinda cute after the brutal. Buffy does that so well, and it’s very disconcerting. You feel bad for laughing after being sickened. You actually feel sorry for Spike here. Now the Scoobies know something is wrong. And yet again we switch from scary to funny. Angel shows up! Funny he can’t enter! Buffy’s here! And invites Angel in! Someone has gotta send Joyce the memos. If Oz pushed Cordelia out of the van right now, we all would understand. Oz can use werewolf nose power even when in human form? Wow! Now Buffy, Angel and Spike are working together. Spike describes Buffy and Angel so well here. That’s a lot of blood on Xander’s head, looks bad. Don’t kiss! Don’t kiss! Damnit! Noooo! And of course Oz and Cordelia catch them. Awkward! Now Cordelia is impaled! Joss, you just love to torture us, don’t you? And the line-up of people pissed off by Spike starts at the right and goes around the block. Holy Water Hand Grenades! Paging Monty Python! And Spike has his Spike back. Tie her up and torture her? Only from a Vampire would this be funny. Cordelia dies? What? Oh wait, fake out. Damn you Joss. And now the Hellmouth will hit the fan… Xander visits Cordelia in hospital. Is my Xander Cordelia ship now dead forever? Is Buffy breaking up forever with Angel? I am now all sad face emoticon. Now everyone is all sad and alone and crying and heartbroken and I hate Joss. Spike listens to sex pistols? Figures. Shows up, destroys everyone’s happiness, then leaves.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow describes herself to Xander in a very unappealing way with this, “I am Cletus the slack jawed yokel.” Cordelia gives her version of advice to Buffy with, “Now you can leave and never come back.” And Cordelia then explains her reasoning with, “What kind of moron would ever want to come back here?” Spike lets out some despair to no one with, “Drusilla, I’m home!” Willow tells the magic shop lady what she really wants in a spell, “Kind of a de lusting.” Spike never sounded scarier that when her says “Hello Joyce” to Buffy’s mother. And Spike pours out his troubles to Joyce with, “And she’s making out with a chaos demon,” which really makes us feel sorry for the psychopath. Spike enjoys telling Angel off with, “You are a very bad man.” Joyce really needs to get up to speed, especially after she says this, “Willow’s a witch?” Buffy tells Spike off with, “I violently dislike you.” Cordelia turns up the cold to Xander with, “Xander, stay away from me.” And Buffy gives a heartfelt plea to Angel, asking him to tell her “That you don’t love me.” And none of us like the answer.


Yet again, we knew it was gonna happen, and Joss delivered on a really really grand scale here.   And having Spike being the chaos bringer is simply logical. My ships are all broken! Time to cry and pray true love wins.




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