Three Random Thoughts On My Third Blogoversary

Happy Third BirthdayThis Sunday is my Three Year Blogoversary! Yes, that’s right, the interwebs has been graced with my presence here for long trips around the sun! Now some random looking at each year of Scoops Mental Propaganda!


ToKillAMockingbirdcoverYear One!

My first post was me saying Hello to everyone on Earth. And I quickly went onto my first book review, namely To Kill A Mockingbird, my first television show review, with Friday Night Lights, and my first movie review, The Muppets! Toy Story became the premiere component of my Pixar look back, leading up to Brave. Plus, my very very first Guest Post exploded onto the scene. A busy year for ol’ Scoop!


Harry Potter and the Philiosopher's Stone 3Year Two!!

Scott Pilgrim became a focus for a bit. But the big major explosive event for me was reading Harry Potter for the very first time, making me a happy happy Gryffindor. Christmas television shows got the Scoop treatment, which lead to the start of my year of Superman missives. Plus, more and more Guest Posts! Whew!


The Passport To The Wall cover jpegYear Three!!!

Superman continues to go Up Up Away with lots and lots of babblings by me. Judy Blume popped up on my horizon, becoming a new fav. And one of my biggest projects ever, My Year Of Buffy started, and is still ongoing. But my real biggest project ever is the beginning, and now almost done, serialized novel The Passport To The Wall. Plus, plenty more Guest Posts! Busy year!


What will Year Four hold? Good question! Buffy will continue apace, with my gleefully going on about mighty Joss Whedon. My fiction, with lots of short stories and one completed novel, will also keep on. As will my photo albums, youtube videos, and such. Lots of craziness in the air, and more to come!




…is currently reading Fables v. 16 Super Team by Bill Willingham




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