Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.10 Amends

Buffy season 3 Celebrate Christmas with Buffy The Vampire Slayer as Angel is plagued by visions in Amends, the latest post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Angel has nightmares of one of his previous victims, from way back in the Victorian era or so. Waking up, he wanders the streets as Merry Christmas time is all over Sunnydale. He bumps into Buffy and again sees a vision of a victim. As the nightmares continue, Buffy starts being drawn into them as well. Cordelia is going away for Christmas and still acts bitchy, while Xander will be camping on his lawn to get away from his alcoholic parents. Joyce suggests Buffy invite Faith over for Christmas dinner, and Buffy reluctantly agrees. Also, Sunnydale is going through a heatwave, unsual even for their part of California. Buffy seeks Giles help as Angel keeps seeing dead people, including Jenny Calendar. Giles figures out that The First Evil are after Angel. They keep telling Angel that he is killer and to kill Buffy, which he fearfully says no to. Faith shows up at Buffy’s place for Christmas, but Buffy has to take off when she figures out where The First Evil is. Buffy finds and fights the Bringers, who are working for First Evil. And The First Evil warns Buffy that she will lose and Angel is about to kill himself. Willow is given another chance by Oz, after she offers him sex, and he turns her down. He wants it to be special. Buffy goes and finds Angel, who is trying to commit suicide by sunlight by waiting for the dawn atop a hill. They argue, then fight, then argue some more, as Angel thinks of himself as only a killer with no redeeming value. Buffy disagrees and wants Angel to live and be good and make amends. Just when she tells him he’s a coward and will not be apart of his suicide, it starts to snow. With a television weatherman explaining how an out of nowhere snow front has appeared and their will be no sun today, scenes of Xander sleeping on his lawn, Joyce and Faith watching the snow, Giles looking out the window, and Willow and Oz peering out her bedroom window, go by. It ends with Buffy and Angel wandering the snow filled main street of Sunnydale, with both seeming happy.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Starting in Dublin 1838? And it’s all a flashback dream with Angelus. Do all Vampires dream or just ones with souls? And he runs into Buffy. Awkward! BTVS does awkward real well. And Angel sees his 1838 victim! More awkward as Cordelia is in the lounge when the Scoobies enter. Alcoholic parents? That explains a lot about Xander, and why he can be such a vengeful jerk. And how much he told Cordelia.  Willow would know this, wouldn’t she? Now Oz shows up. More awkward. And finally they have a heart to heart. Really cheering for Willow and Oz. They are back together!! Me happy! Actually, asking Faith to Christmas is a good idea. Plot point! Dead trees! Hated the eyes of those guys in Angels dream. Buffy and Faith equals awkward. This sucks, they were such cool bff’s. Faith’s lie about the party was like Fonzie lying to Ritchie in that Happy Days Christmas episode, really obvious. Giles and Angel face to face. Awkward! This one should be called that. Giles is one to hold a grudge here, understandably. And Jenny shows up? And almost touches Giles. Angelus is a bastard with that maid in another flashback dream. Now Buffy shows up? And Buffy feels the dream? Jenny’s ghost changes into 1838 guy. Giles “yes” is so reluctant to helping Angel. So with the endless research sessions, we are back to the main group from the beginning of season one with the Scoobies. Angel blames the demon inside for all his evil deeds. And isn’t he right? Angel’s soul makes a different person. And Buffy and Angel sleep again, remembering their night of passion. And what’s with the weird eyed demon. A clue! Bringers of the First! Ancient unspeakable evil! Hate that bartender Willy. Wouldn’t Xanders military training kick in for that not so subtle interrogation. Willow is being all sexy to win Oz back – saw this coming. Willow comes across as desperate here. And Oz is a gentleman of course. Do Willow’s parents know about Oz? Faith! Yay! Angel! He’s acting like a crazed junkie! Leaving Faith to protect Joyce is a smart move, and promising to explain everything shows Buffy is maturing. Giles still only seems half concerned. Angel is gonna commit suicide by sunlight. Buffy puts it together with the Christmas trees. Can Buffy talk Angel out of suicide? Is Angel really a monster? She still loves him. He still loves her. This is like the I Only Have Eyes For You episode. “Am I a righteous man?” Angel asks Buffy. This is also kinda like an addict being talked into rehab. And it snows on Christmas morning. Love the look Buffy and Angel exchange. A sign from God for Angel? Will and Oz see the snow. Faith and Joyce see the snow. Giles sees the snow. Xander sees the snow while camping outside. And he has a bunch of comics beside him. Snow in California. Weather announcer says no sun today, only snow. And Angel and Buffy walk the town. Grr! Arghh! has a nice Santa hat.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander explains Angel to Buffy and Willow with, “Angel? Weird? What are the odds?” And Cordelia gets her mean girls on with Xander with this line, which also say so much about Xander, “I thought you slept outside to avoid your family’s drunken Christmas fights.” Oz tells Willow how much he missed her, “Almost like I lost an arm, or worse, a torso.” Joyce says the dreaded words to Buffy, “You know honey I was thinking.” Willow gives her best come on line to Oz with, “We’re alone. And we’re together.” Buffy gives the Bringers the warning of a beating with, “Alright, ten more minutes of chanting then you guys have to go to bed.” And Buffy also gives The First Evil a warning as well with, “All right, I get it, you’re evil. Do we have to chat about it all day?” And Angel waxes poetic, even while attempting suicide, with “I can smell the sunrise long before it comes.”


Angel’s Angelus personality is treated like alcoholism here in many ways, because is it him who did those killings, or the other guy? Also, this is the first time in Buffy we have ever seen direct involvement of God, with the intervention of snow to save Angel. Very interesting seismic change in the mythology of the series. And lastly, to Angels’ new beginning!




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