Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.14 Bad Girls

Buffy season 3

Buffy and Faith hand out quite abit in this week’s episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer called Bad Girls. Once more with my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy posts!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Faith are patrolling and fighting Vampires. And Faith keeps asking Buffy if she ever had sex with Xander. Buffy keeps stating no. One Vampire is killed who has some special blades, but the blades are taken by Mr. Trick when the Slayers don’t notice. Trick brings the blades to the Mayor, who starts discussing comic strips. At Sunnydale High, the Scoobies talk about colleges. Buffy’s new Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, shows up and he is stuffy beyond belief. Wesley annoys Giles and Buffy and Faith try to ignore him. Buffy is sent to get an amulet once owned by the demon Balthazar. Faith tells Buffy that Slayers can do what they please, which Buffy does not subscribe to this view. Buffy finds the amulet in a crypt, but can’t escape because many Vampires show up, so she hides. The Vampires leave, Faith shows up and wonders why Buffy did not fight them. They fight the Vampires and retrieve the amulet. Buffy gives the amulet to Wesley, then goes to take a chemistry test. Buffy babbles on and on about her adventure with Faith to Willow and Xander. The test starts and Faith shows up to encourage Buffy to ditch, which she does. The two Slayers go take out a nest of Vampires, dancing at the Bronze, and see Angel. He warns Buffy that Balthazar is coming for the amulet, but she doesn’t listen. Wesley shows up, Buffy takes the amulet from him and lets Angel have it. The Slayers find Balthazar, who is very very very fat and lives in a tub of water. They decide they need better weapons, and Faith breaks into a sporting goods store for them, which Buffy objects to. The cops show up, arrest them, and the two escape causing the cop car to crash, which Buffy is also concerned about. The next day, Buffy feels guilty about the cops. The Mayor is attacked by one of Balthazar’s Vampires, who is stopped by Trick. Balthazar orders the Watchers brought to him and the Slayers killed, all to get the amulet. Willow gives Buffy the protection spell talisman, but Buffy does not allow Willow to help Slaying that night, preferring Faith instead. Buffy and Faith fight several Vampires. But Allan, the deputy Mayor, who is also human, walks by and Faith stakes him. Faith realizes her mistake as Allan dies as Buffy tries to save him. They flee, going different ways. Buffy bumps into Angel and he informs her that Balthazar kidnaped Giles and Wesley. Balthazar demands his prisoners tell him where the amulet is, with only Giles showing any backbone. Buffy and Angel sow up and a fight happens. Angel is captured and Buffy drops an electrical wire into Balthazar’s water, killing him and his last words being a cryptic warning. The Mayor does a magic spell and has Balthazar’s Vampire attack him. Turns out the spell made the Mayor invulnerable. Buffy talks to Faith about the man’s death, but Faith blows her off. She says she does not care she killed an innocent. And Buffy is disquieted by all this.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy and Faith fighting Vampires. Faith thinks Xander and Buffy slept together. Buffy is just abit pissed at Faith’s impulsiveness. That was fast how the Mayor got the Vampire swords. Family Circus reference. Marmaduke reference. Cathy reference. Fits Allan. Mayor knows about both Slayers. The Mayor is weird and has a plan which makes him feel dangerous.  Of course Willow got into every college she applied to. Season one Cordelia is annoying. Mentioning Xander father being unemployed is mean. This new Watcher is annoying. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. What a stupid name. Does Wesley have a job, or does he just hang out at the school. Wesley showing Giles the book about swords shows he is not a complete jerk. Plot point: amulet with power. Maybe I might grow to like him? Re: Cordelia. Faith has the best response to the new Watcher, a big whatev. And both Watchers look dorky cleaning their glasses. Faith blowing off “the homework” is so her. These guys from Balthazar have the ugliest outfits. Is Faith impulsive or have a death wish with odds of six against one? That’s a lot of Vampires Buffy and Faith are fighting. Is Buffy dead? By drowning? Again? She’s alive! So now Wesley is getting his back up over Giles’s influence. And Buffy and Giles don’t care. Buffy is finally admitting the thrill she gets from Slaying – which means Faith is right. Faith is at the window? And Buffy ditches the test? Holy crap. Tag team Slaying, wild dancing, and Faith naughty gyrating. That is a rather intimate position for Buffy and Angel, and she is being rather flirty and naughty. Angel sure looks uncomfortable. Wesley really has to get caught up in Giles’s journal since he had no idea who Angel is. Wesley is carrying the amulet with him? Where did the Watchers find this idiot? Buffy and Angel kissed! I am trying to process this. That is one disgusting fat Lord Balthazar. Jabba the demon? Would snapping a Vampires neck kill them? Faith really is being rotten here, stealing from a store. It’s the fuzz!! Wait, Faith seems very non-plussed about being caught and driven away from the demon and Vampires. Yeah, that was a car crash. And Faith is so whatever about the wounded cops. These Lord Balthazar Vampires are really lousy at doing, well, anything. And the Mayor seems so nonchalant about it all. Protection spell from Willow. Buffy is dumping Willow, her goodie Witch friend, for Faith her bad girl Slayer influence. Isn’t “its too dangerous” the rational used last episode to exclude Xander? Awkward Buffy, Willow, Faith moment. This is like when Angela Chase had to choose between Sharon Cherski and Rayanne Graff. Wesley giving Giles a lecture should equal Giles decking Wesley. Non emotional Watchers really would never work. Vampires in the library! This shouldn’t be allowed! Faith can’t use a bow? She’s just gotta channel her inner Katniss. An innocent civilian staked? We always knew this might happen someday. And he dies. And Buffy goes a different direction than Faith, it’s like she suddenly realized how wrong she has been lately. Faith staring at the body feels like a change in her. If Wesley throws up, I shall laugh. Giles is so cool and Wesley is a jerk. Angel is here to save the day! With Buffy! Wesley, please die you useless piece of Watcher excrement. Vampires die when you decapitate them? Now that demon dies and electrifying death. Oh look, cryptic warning from the almost dead demon. The Mayor is doing some major magic here. So the Mayor is now invincible. His list here could be the perfect companion piece to Steve Rogers. Buffy and Faith are about to have a really awkward conversation. Faith got rid of the body? Okay, I really thought she was getting better. She doesn’t care that innocent died? Faith has gone off the deep end and Buffy knows it. Holy crap.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow explains life to the Scoobies with, “They are pitching woo.” Buffy asks Giles a very obvious question about Wesley with, “Is he evil?” and Giles replies with the truth, “Not in the strictest sense.” Wesley reads aloud from Giles journal, all about Buffy, “Her abuse of the English language is such that I understand only every other sentence.” Buffy states a fact to her Vampire attacker, “I hate it when they drown me.” Buffy asks Xander a very important question with, “How come your eye twitches every time I say Faith’s name?” Faith explains her philosophy to Buffy, who repeats it, “Want. Take. Have. I’m getting it.” Giles tells Wesley who they are talking to, “That would be your demon, you know, the dead one.” And the Mayor tells Mr. Trick how he is doing, “Gosh, I’m feeling chirper!”


The Rise And Fall Of Faith! When Slayers Go Bad! Anakin Faith! Seriously Joss, you love to torment your characters, and seeing Faith slide into insanity is heartbreaking. I wanna give her a hug and fix it all.




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