Three Random Thoughts On Cheese


Sometime last week I mentioned, for some stupid reason or other, to Googliebear that while in grade four I did a rather good class report. And it was on cheese. And I did rather well on it. So she triple dared me to do a post here about cheese. And I am an idiot, so I did…


Cheese cartoonTypes of Cheese!

Many many kinds of cheese exist all across our fair planet Earth. And surprisingly, despite my aforementioned project, I really don’t like most of them. I do remember trying cheeses throughout the years, and for awhile Brussels cheese from Belgium had my taste for a time. Danish Blue from Denmark always annoyed me, as does any type of Blue. Limburger from Germany has been touch and go for my sensibilities, but mostly go.


Cheese cartoonHow Cheese Is Made!!

From milk. By aliens. Who use Mind Melds. I have no clue how cheese is made, since I wrote the report in grade four and faaaaar more important information has since replaced that useless bits about separating the curds and whey using natural acids like vinegar or bacteria and how some cheeses are heated plus the part about salt being added to prevent spoiling. All that silly science was shoved to the wayside by Harry Potter trivia and Star Trek mythology. You know, the important stuff in life.


Cheese cartoonFavourite Uses of Cheese!!!

Cheese on a burger is a classic of course, as is melted cheese on popcorn. Grilled cheese sandwiches are yummy and scrumptious and are good when the cheese is solid, but even better when the cheese is gooey and clingy. The absolute best use of cheese is in massive quantities, smushed together with gravy, over french fries. Yes, I am going on about the wonders of poutine.


So next time you see a rather absurd post here, like say, about cheese, you know who to blame. Me. For being weak willed.






…is currently reading Saga v 1, 2, 3, by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples


P.S. Googliebear used to as a wee child, melted cheese on a plate and scooped it up. She’s weird.




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