Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.15 Consequences

Buffy season 3

Buffy and Faith have to deal with the consequences of their actions in an episode called Consequences! Time for my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy post!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Faith dumped Allan’s body in the lake, but it is quickly found the next morning, sparking a police investigation. Wesley orders Buffy and Faith to investigate the death, in case it was supernatural. Buffy is conflicted over whether to turn Faith in. The Slayers break into City Hall to investigate Allan and find out that the Mayor is working with Mr. Trick. Buffy talks to Willow and then tells Giles about Faith. But Faith has already seen Giles and lied, saying Buffy killed Allan. Faith leaves and Giles reveals he knows it was Faith and that she has problems. Wesley overhears and calls the Watchers. While the Scoobies discuss what to do about Faith, Xander reveals that he slept with her, which surprises all. Willow cries about it after. Xander talks to Faith, who rebuffs him, then tries to have sex with him, then tries to kill him. Angel knocks Faith out and takes her. Angel ties her up and counsels her, and starts to get results. But then Wesley bursts in, takes down Angel, and takes in Faith. But Faith quickly escapes from Wesley. The Mayor and Mr. Trick see security footage of Buffy and Faith and realize both must be taken care of. Faith goes to leave Sunnydale by boat and Buffy arrives to talk her out of that plan. Vampires attack and Buffy almost loses to Mr. Trick, who is staked by Faith. Buffy talks to Giles and still thinks she can save Faith. Meanwhile Faith shows up at the Mayor’s door and wants to join his side.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

This had better not be a drowning nightmare. I hate dream sequences, and drowning ones in particular. Faith did a really really bad job at ditching Allan’s body. Giles is wrong and Wesley is right about investigating Deputy Mayor’s Allan’s death. And I hate saying that. Wesley, you perv, Cordelia is a teenager and you are an adult! That look was just unlawful and unethically in every way. Wouldn’t Snyder wonder who this Wesley guy is in the library? When Wesley finds out Cordelia is a student, that is priceless. Giles actually doing library work is so cute. Buffy and Faith round two. Faith brings up Angel’s resurrection in a very logical way. Wouldn’t the Watchers have contingencies incase an innocent was killed? When Faith calls Buffy “B” now, it is no longer feels chummy. Willow looking uncomfortable is so sad. Micheal Warlock mention! That was Willow saving Buffy, in a bitchy screw you huff. Allan the deputy mayor left a paper trail? This guy was not the best co-conspirator. Trick figures it out because he is one smart Vampire. So Faith is feeling it, and then quickly reverts to don’t care. Buffy is really using her noggin more these days. So now they know the Mayor is bad. Which doesn’t seem to faze them. That was quick and unexpected. Now Faith is changing her tune over not caring about Allan’s death. Faith considers herself better than humans. Is this Magneto and Prof X arguing? Cops are interrogating both Slayers, without lawyers because cops love to do that. And Faith and Buffy never worked out cover stories, but Faith is a better liar. Buffy seeks Willow. And Buffy finally breaks down with Willow, naturally. Does Giles live at the library? Faith’s presence is bad and intimidating. Faith lied? Faith lied? FAITH LIED! Giles believes Faith? Faith is a bitch. Giles is a bastard and should know better. Oh, wait, he does. Thank you Joss! Knew the Watchers would have plans for this kind of thing. Love how the Watchers plans only involve themselves, not the police. Those Watchers are rather insular twits. Giles knows what’s wrong with Faith. Yay adult supervision! Wesley overhears and looks rather menacing. Scoobies making plans to help Faith. Willow figures it out and looks hurt. And Buffy gets it. And Giles gets it. Willow looks really really hurt. Is she going to go after Oz again for sex. Willow crying in the bathroom is so sad. Xander is trying to be a friend to Faith and she is not having it. Is Xander finally maturing? Faith really needs help. Total denial. Is she gonna rape Xander? And she is choking him? Faith is going to kill him. And Angel saves the day. Faith chained up is sad. Buffy knows? So this was planned. Is Angel equating himself to Faith re: killing. The city hall security cameras are so logical and I love when this stuff is used. Angel analyses Faith. He is really getting to her. Wesley attacks and takes Angel down and takes Faith. Wesley is an ass. And I hope Faith kills him. Seriously, can Wesley do anything right? Willow took Buffy’s side last year with Angelus, now she is against Faith? Wants to send her far far away for treatment. Wesley shows up and nobody decks him? Am we supposed to feel sorry for Wesley standing all by himself in the library, cause I don’t. They argue and Faith tries to get Buffy over to the dark side. Dropping crates equals obvious trap. Faith fights darn well here. Buffy is till dazed and Trick has got her the scarf. That disintegration took a long time. Sad to see Trick turned to dust. Yay Faith!! Faith is staying in town! And Buffy is gonna try and help her. Mayor faces Faith and a fight… does not happen. She’s joining with him????


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Cordelia tells Wesley exactly what he is with, “Check out Giles the next generation.” Faith explains who Cordelia is to Wesley, “Uh, first word jail. Second word bait.” Willow gives Buffy a progress report, “We’re still trying to de-rat Amy.” And Willow tells Buffy what she wants to be, “I want to be fester free.” Wesley gives someone on the phone what they need with, “The code word? Monkey.” Angel explains the situation to Faith with, “It’s not that I don’t trust you, well actually it is that I don’t trust you.” Faith gives Angel some sass with, “Safety words are for wussies.” But Angel gives Faith a rebuttal with, “You are not a God, you are not much more than a child.”


Mayor equals Emperor, Faith equals Vader. Dang, I was very disappointed in this development. Faith is plummeting into the path of evil and I feel very very sorry for her. Please please redeem!


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