Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.16 Doppelgangland

Buffy season 3

Willow is the focus of this Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode where we get to see double in Doppelgangland! All for another my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy post!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Anya asks, begs and pleads her demon boss D’Hoffryn to change her back to demon. Anya has been stuck as human for awhile now. Snyder basically orders Willow to tutor a jerk jock. Willow also hacks into the Mayor’s computers at Giles request. Faith knows this and tells the Mayor. As a reward, the Mayor gives a really nice apartment to Faith, and tells her of his plans to kill Willow. The jock demands Willow do his homework and she agrees. Pissed off Willow turns her pissiness towards Buffy. Anya tries to trick Willow into doing a spell with her, hoping to regain her demoness. But it doesn’t work that way. Nothing seems to happen, but we see Evil Vampire Willow from the other dimension pops into our Sunnydale. Vampire Willow ends up at the Bronze and gets the better of the jock. Buffy and Xander sees her Vampire nature and feels bad that their friend is dead and must be staked. When the Mayor’s Vampires attack, Vampire Willow defeats them and gets them onto her side. The Scoobies inform Giles of Willow’s fate, then Willow walks in and they soon figure out how wrong they are. Angel and Anya come by the Bronze and witness Vampire Willow and her pack take the place hostage. Angel goes to get Buffy while Anya strikes a deal with Vampire Willow. As the Scoobies get ready to go to the Bronze, Willow goes to get another weapon, but is caught by Vampire Willow. They talk and Willow tries to escape and eventually captures Vampire Willow. Vampire Willow is then locked in the cage and Willow exchanges clothes with her. Disguised as Vampire Willow, Willow goes into the Bronze and sends Vampires out for Buffy and Angel to take care of. Cordelia finds Vampire Willow in the cage and gives her heck for stealing her boyfriend, then releases her. Wesley saves Cordelia and eventually Vampire Willow gives up. Anya sees through Willow’s disguise and a fight breaks out. After winning, Anya and Giles send Vampire Willow back to her world, right before Oz stakes her. The jock is so intimidated by Willow now that he treats her right and does his homework.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Anya is pleading her case to head demon D’Hoffryn. Anya is stuck as human at Sunnydale High? Willow and Buffy are working out, one with magic and one with calisthenics. No one notices the floating pencil in the schoolyard? Look out for the flying pencil! Snyder is always so creepy. Willow tutoring another jock? So Faith is doing this whole traitor thing really well – no one suspects a thing. Wesley, you are so useless, go away. Buffy and Faith, no longer bff, now just awkward. Willow is still so cold to Faith, not used to seeing her this way. The corruption of Faith is ongoing and she flings herself at the Mayor. And the bad guy is a family man. I noticed last episode Oz has really black hair now, wonder why. Willow forgot Oz’s show? That is so unlike her. And the jock is a jerk to Willow, what a shocker. Willow is getting all stressed out from being reliable. Why isn’t she talking to Buffy, her bff? Anya! And magic gets Willow all excited? Does everyone know Willow is a witch? Is it on her fb profile or something? Is she trying to be more like Faith, the bad girl, even through that ain’t working out so well for Faith? Willow, never do magic with someone you don’t know! And Willow sees that whole other reality, and gets promptly freaked out. I betcha they switched to the other reality without realizing. Oh wait, smashed plate sends Vampire Willow to our reality, our Sunnydale. I hope jock guy is killed by Vampire Willow. Xander saves Vampire Willow. Egg timer on how long before they figure it out. Vampire Willow recognizes Buffy and creates a very awkward few seconds and than they see she is a Vampire. Vampires attack Willow, all because of the Mayor. She is enjoying torturing these losers. Buffy and Xander look like the whole world has ended. And Giles looks bad too. Our Willow shows up! Love how Xander shakes the cross like it is malfunctioning. Group hug! And Giles joining in the group hug is actually really touching. Anya is old! Maybe Anya and Angel should hang out. And yes, Angel is always looking for Buffy. Vampires in the Bronze! Love Angel and Oz strategizing. And Oz knows something is really wrong as soon as he sees Vampire Willow. Because he is Oz. Oz and Vampire Willow meet and I am scared for Oz. Anya meet Vampire Willow. Angel is kinda slow if this episode, especially with the Willow realization. Willow is of course caught by Vampire Willow. Wouldn’t the two touching cause the universe to implode cause I have seen far too much Dr Who? Willow tranqing Vampire Willow is classic. And of course Giles has weapons hidden all over the library and Willow would know where they all were   Again, referencing how Vampire’s personality has nothing to do with how they are. And Angel almost disagrees. Really wish they would explore/explain this more. Willow as Vampire Willow looks so unnatural. Giles seems distracted and uncomfortable seeing Willow cleavage. Really not pulling off Vampire Willow, Willow. Anya has gotta figure this out. Little wave to Oz is so cute. Willow pretending to be Vampire Willow talking about how cranky Willow has been lately with her friends feels so meta or something. I thought they would just leave Vampire Willow covered with a towel, not put her in Willow clothes. Of course Cordelia. They save Cordelia by bringing up the obvious, she still hasn’t given Willow crap for stealing Xander. Anya figures it out. I think Vampire Willow wants to be staked right now, listening to Cordelia babble. I think Vampire Willow is just toying with Cordelia here by chasing her. And now useless Wesley shows up, wondered where that idiot was all this time. And Vampire Willow just leaves? Are Wesley and Cordelia about to get it on? Excuse me while I wretch. Love Willow’s scream. The Scoobies to the rescue! Yes! Willow punched out Anya! Will versus Vampire Willow! Willow doesn’t want Vampire Willow to die? Guess she feels sorry for herself? Time to send Vampire Willow back. This is almost Star Trek like, with characters talking about an alternately reality they have only heard about. Giles seems really off put by two Willows. And Vampire Willow returns just in time to die, just like before. Now Willow sees where the path of rebellion and unreliability takes you. That jock looked darn scared of Willow, wonder if this come up later, Willow getting a bad girl rep. I wonder how they covered up the whole Bronze Vampire fight? Another gang on PCP?


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Anya pleads her case to head demon D’Hoffryn with the line, “Do you have any idea how boring twelfth graders are?” Willow asks Buffy a quick question with, “Aren’t you just naturally buf Buf?” Willow completely misunderstands what Snyder says to her when she says, “You want us to breed?” Buffy says to Willow what we all hope she for, “Snyder needs me to kick his ass.” Willow gets huffy with Anya with, “Now, if you will excuse me, I have someone else’s homework to do.” Buffy meets Vampire Willow for the first time, “Aren’t you going to introduce me to- Holy God You’re Willow!” Giles updates the Scoobies with, “Something, something very strange is happening.” And Xander replies to this with, “Can you believe the Watchers Council let this guy go?” Willow is kinda freaked out by Vampire Willow, “It’s horrible. That’s me as a vampire. I’m so evil and skanky.” A Vampire finds out Willow is Willow and says, “A human. I should have smelled it right away.” And Willow gives Vampire Willow some advice with, “Good luck. Try not to kill people.”


We get a fascinating look at the pressure on Willow to be the responsible one. And darnit, the Scoobies have gotta be nicer to one of my favs, and sometimes really in charge, Willow. Also, the thought of losing a Scoobie is interestingly exploded here as well.




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