Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.17 Enemies

Buffy season 3

The Faith hits the fan this time on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. All this and more in the episode called Enemies, all a part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Angel see a dirty movie in the theatre by accident, which slightly gets their hormones going. But of course they can’t do anything because of the threat of Angelus. Buffy and Faith meet a demon who offers them the Books of Ascension for $5,000, which Faith tells the Mayor, who orders Faith to steal the books and kill the demon. The Scoobies try to figure out what Ascension is, and Willow wants to look at one of the books Giles hides from her, all because he thinks she can’t handle it’s magic. Faith completes the Mayor’s assignment. Then Faith hits on Angel, giving him a tale of woe, and tries to stir Angelus forth, all with Buffy watching from a distance. But Angel doesn’t bite and remains true to Buffy. So the Mayor hires a cloaked person to make Angel Angelus again. Xander gets a lead from Willy and Buffy and Faith find the demon, now dead. Buffy tells Willow about Angel and Faith and is advised to simply talk to Angel about it. Faith goes back to Angel to talk, but instead helps the cloaked man cast the spell to change Angel to Angelus. Once that is done, Angel and Faith fight before she wins him over to the Mayor’s side. Willow finds out the Mayor has deleted files. The Scoobies check the Hall of Records and find out the Mayor has been around for centuries. Angelus and Faith see the Mayor, and realize he is invulnerable. Angelus wants to capture and torture Buffy. On the way to Buffy’s, Angelus smacks out Xander. Angelus and Faith get Buffy and knock her out. Buffy awakes, chained up, and see Angelus and Faith planning her torment. Faith reveals her childhood trauma with an alcoholic mother, also how she hates being in Buffy’s shadow. Faith lets out the Mayor’s plans, with Ascension happening on Graduation Day. Suddenly, Angelus shows he is really Angel. And Buffy was not really chained. The Scoobies arrive, knowing about Faith and Angelus, and Buffy and Faith fight, but Faith escapes because Buffy is unwilling to kill. After, Giles thanks the cloaked man, who faked the change from Angel to Angelus, all because he owed Giles. Cloaked man met his wife through Giles. Wesley is all annoyed that Giles did not include him in the plan and says the Watchers will hear about this. Buffy and Angel have been through alot with him pretending to be Angelus, so they decide on a break.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

I take it that Buffy and Angel just saw a porno and they are both weirded out. And they are worried about their animal lustings for each other. Awww! They kissed!! And Faith shows up. Really am disliking her now. She’s cleared for duty? Wesley is truly awful at his job. That is one annoying demon. He wants $5,000 for the Books of Ascension because it all involves the Mayor. Faith is thinking and plotting and that is worrisome. Looks like Faith’s flippant answers even extend to the Mayor. Offering Faith milk is supposed to seem all nice, but seems creepy. Is it really milk? Willow out watches the Watchers! Hidden Giles stuff is not dirty but magic he thinks Willow is not ready for. And Willow went snooping and found it anyway. So she knew Giles had this. Is Cordelia asking Wesley out? Term paper? This is such a lame excuse. Of course Faith just kills the whiny demon and takes the books. More blood on her hands! Is Faith being real here with Angel or just playing him. Looks like what Faith really wants is Buffy’s Angel. Is Faith planning on killing Buffy to get Angel. And Buffy sees of course. Yes, it was all a plan. Faith really really needs help. The Mayor wants Angelus back? At least Wesley is being less of an idiot here. The Council has to have figured out that Giles is still with the Scoobies. And Xander finds the demon, by bribing Willy the bartender. Faith shows up and feels so fake with her girlfriend bit. That was so obvious everyone noticed. Is Buffy figuring it out? That it was Faith? Okay, that cloaked guy with the Mayor is really really creepy. Willow is so good at interrogations. And Willow’s opinion of Faith is really really low. Still. Maybe Willow has to calm down with her hatred. But she is right, Angel would never cheat. Faith sees Angel and he does not trust her, but still wants to help her. Angel is so nice. Okay, blood on the shirt calls up creepy magic guy. Oh wait does this bring Angelus back? Now that was a revolting kiss between Angelus and Faith. We are supposed to feel bad for Faith being beaten by Angelus, but not so much. Angelus is really gonna kick Faith’s ass. This kinda feels like Spike Drusilla 2.0. Oz is back to blonde. Scoobies making war plans. So Cordelia is back fully with the Scoobies all because of Wesley’s presence. Angelus and Faith and Mayor all together. Faith is really off the deep end here. Nice Angelus pretending to be Angel to Joyce is frightening. They are smooth with Buffy. Great, Buffy is at the mansion, outnumbered, no weapons. Buffy thinks Angel has given in to his dark side, not that Angelus has returned. Mayor Wilkens is over 100 years old? Holy crap. And Xander tells the Scoobies that Angelus is back and Faith is evil.   Faith is the child of an alcoholic. Buffy is really scared here. And now Buffy knows how to strike back – with words. Faith is really hot by this. Wait! Wait! Wait! Angelus is not back? Angel is still here? And Faith is about to get the Slayer beaten out of her. Scoobies rush in and Faith escapes. That magic guy was working with Giles? Introduced to his wife? Shut up Wesley! And Giles calls Wesley bluff. And now Buffy is worried Angel is giving into his violent impulses. Faith playing miniature golf sounds so wrong. Looks like seeing Angel play act Angelus kinda freaked Buffy out.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Cordelia wants a “study date” with Wesley, which prompts this from Xander to the Scoobies, “And on the day the words flimsy excuse were redefined, we stood in awe and watched.” Buffy tells Wesley about Faith’s tardiness with, “That could take hours. The girl makes Godot look punctual.” Giles has to explain to the Scoobies about where a demon should live, “There you see, no standards. I mean any self respecting demon should be living in a pit of filth or a nice crypt.” Angelus comments on the Mayor’s habits with, “Can’t be killed. But you don’t like germs.” And after punching out Xander, Angelus says to Faith, “That guy just bugs me.” Willow expresses her thoughts to Xander with, “Faith and Angel? Together?” and Xander replies with, “Imagine the possibilities.” Buffy tells Faith off with, “You had to tie me up to beat me. There’s a word for people like you. Loser.” And Wesley says, “I’m telling the Council,” the same way Draco Malfoy snivels “I’m telling my father.”


Faith really needs to talk to Oprah and Dr Phil, preferably while tied to a chair. She is one very damaged Slayer. But I love the way they played her with the fake-out return of Angelus. Okay, and I was scared Angelus was back.




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