The Annotated The Passport To The Wall, Part 4, Chapters 5 to 13

Passport To The Wall Anotated 1More Annotations! More bullet points!

I already covered the start of the idea, and who ILONA is, and Chapters 1 to 4. Which makes for a lot of naval gazing!


And now onto Chapter Five: How do you spell it?

• Doctor Who mention. And of course ILONA has no clue.

• Madison talks about Tracy and jam, a reference to The Chat.

• And the smartphone issue comes up. Early on I knew ILONA could not have a smartphone, and that this would cause embarrassment.

• And Collette does not have a smartphone either. All set-up for the reveals in the MERRY CHRISTMAS! eight-parter.

• Madison says she can’t use smartphone on weekends, as mentioned already in The Chat.

• Collette and Susan are the brainiacs of the group.

• Cynthia can operate very well with chaos and disruption all around her. We see she is used to this because of the craziness of her older brothers.

• Madison watches a lot of youtube, and tons of old videos.

• Star Wars reference.

• Madison always gets loans of money and “forgets” to pay people back.

• I knew ILONA would get the Star Wars reference. Who wouldn’t?

• Cynthia’s caring, motherly side comes out here. And Cynthia’s rundown of the girls will be brought back, and adapted, a few times.

• Song For This Chapter: The Rainbow Connection by The Muppets. A quiet song that that reflects the loud actions. But both the song and the chapter are happy.


Chapter Six: How To Do A Group High Five

• One area of her life ILONA would have control is her good handwriting. Unlike a lot of kids with self esteem issues.

• Calling Clara Muskrat, Josh’s nickname for her and her brother. Again, see The Chat.

• And scrunchies mention. The Chat.

• Updating various online platforms will also be a common accurence.

• Notice Susan never mentioned her father.

• A reference to Fiddler on the Roof. I wanted the pop culture mentions to go waaaaay back in some cases.

• Collette has seen the movie and read the original play. Because she is Collette.

• ILONA experiences the first group high five. Making these girls heavy duty, super duper, friends who celebrated finishing a book or a good grade or just because, was a priority.

• Song For This Chapter: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. A loud rousing song fit for a group high five.


Chapter Seven: Recess Dreams

• Clara and Susan are in the same class as ILONA, but the other side of the room.

• Mr. Micheals introduced. Always designed to be a villain. And haven’t we all have had a teacher or two or three like him.

• ILONA finds out about the older siblings of Madison and Clara. The Chat.

• Of course Madison texts in class. Doesn’t every kid?

• Song For This Chapter: Closer by Tegan and Sara. I have had a Tegan and Sara kick for awhile now.


Chapter Eight: The Word

• I remember someone in junior school telling a teacher off with an acrostic. Had to do the same here.

• Of course Cynthia advised against it. But let it happen anyway.

• What is the word? What do you think the word is?

• ILONA liking the word is not just her agreeing with her new friends. She likes the word because it is rebellion against everything Mr. Micheals.

• Song For This Chapter: Revolution by The Beatles. Cause ILONA is undergoing a revolution!


Chapter Nine: Ringtones

• Collette going to borrow Cynthia’s nail polish is one of the few times, maybe ever, that I mention make-up or fashion. These girls are about friendship and books and fandoms.

• Clara has Phineas and Ferb theme song as a ringtone. Because she is cool.

• ILONA talks much more freely now. Just letting herself flow with it.

• Cynthia walks with ILONA across the park. Thought this would be a nice breather for the reader and ILONA.

• Cynthia’s ringtone is Amazing Grace. Because she is Cynthia.

• And we find out, waaaay later, that ILONA did look up the story behind the song.

• Cynthia has three older brothers. All mischief makers and never named.

• Took awhile to come up with the nickname Sweetpea for Cynthia. But always designed to be a very loving, huggy family.

• And ILONA getting hugged by Cynthia’s mom I knew would elicit a reaction. And hugging someone off the ground is even better.

• Song For This Chapter: Today is gonna be a great day, the Phineas and Ferb theme song, by Bowling For Soup. This song rocks and knew it had to be a chapter song early on.


Chapter Ten: Homeward Bound

• I resemble that comment. I use that line all the time in real life.

• Hugs lifting you off the ground being the talent for mothers struck me as so truthful for Cynthia’s mom.

• Now ILONA speaking to the apartment walls do not strike me as so sad. Maybe because she knows now that won’t answer back.

• Honey covered baked potatoes is my idea. Sounded tasty.

• And her parents see the new ILONA for the first time.

• Asking if ILONA is Hungarian, but not in a mean way, is something every kid can relate to. The asking, not the Hungarian.

• Thought it would be very very cute to have ILONA want to do a group high five with her clueless parents.

• Song For This Chapter: Cook With Honey by Judy Collins. I have always loved this song since I was a wee little one. And ILONA does cook with honey, so it fits.


Chapter Eleven: The Phone Call

• ILONA should really switch to decaf here.

• ILONA’s decision to write the Trident book author is a major story point and comes back in a big big way. And that was part of the plan right from the genesis.

• Love how ILONA has such a momentous decision here with the baked potato, and calling Clara for cooking help.

• ILONA calls Clara and Josh answers the phone. Soon to be a big player in ILONA’s life.

• Munchacho was a nickname I gave all my friends in College. Always shouted like Clara does.

• ILONA starts automatically analysing her new friends now. Deconstructing people she has just met.

• And ILONA is so intent on her potato mission, she forgets to answer Clara’s question.

• Her parents catching ILONA on the phone with a friend is very very different for them.

• Her mom is annoyed she is so loud while her father wants to know if the person on the phone is a boy. Parents eh?

• Song For This Chapter: Call Me by Serena Ryder. Gotta love Serena Ryder.


Chapter Twelve: What Makes You Dance?

• ILONA offers to make a chart for her parents, all about her new friends. Thought this would be kinda cool.

• Of course would bellow her name into the phone.

• ILONA multitasking, talking on the phone while cleaning the kitchen. With her parents watching. Speaks volumes of the changes of the day.

• Madison does indeed have two speeds: faster and crazier.

• Cynthia calls because she is Cynthia.

• Always part of the plan to end this chapter with ILONA doing a twirly dance in the kitchen.

• Song For This Chapter: Love They Say by Tegan and Sara. Another one for my Tegan and Sara kick.


Chapter Thirteen: Starting Chapter One.

• End of the night review of ILONA’s day. Planned out from the start.

• ILONA lies to her mom. Always a big thing to a kid’s mind when they do that.

• Again with ILONA’s hair being played with by her mom.

• La Vita Nuova poem. Here Begins A New Life. This will not come back till the FAMILIES story arc in March. This ancient poem said so much about what Passport is about, and ILONA’s journey, and that it existed in the design from right from the start. I first heard of this poem in the Star Trek Voyager episode Latent Image, and eventhough I didn’t like that one, I loved the poem. So much so that it became my wedding vows.

• Using the slip of paper with the phone numbers as a bookmark. Fav part of mine.

• Who hasn’t said thank you to a book? Harry Potter for me.

• Song For This Chapter: Firework by Katy Perry. I think ILONA kind of exploded this chapter!


Well, that will be all for this dispatch. Hope you enjoyed.

Till next time!




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