Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.19 Choices

Buffy season 3

Buffy faces choices in the episode called Choices. Another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Mayor gives Faith a special knife. Buffy fights Vampires and complains to Angel. Joyce wants Buffy to go away for University. But Buffy has also been accepted into University of California, Sunnydale, but is uncertain about commitment. Principal Snyder goes over the top with drug searches, going after teens lunches. Buffy who thinks about her school choices and hears that Willow has tons of acceptances including Harward, Yale, Oxford and MIT. Xander has no acceptances and plans to travel like Kerouac. Cordelia says nothing of her future. Buffy tells Giles and Wesley of her possibility of leaving Sunnydale, and the Watchers are worried. Her deal is she takes down the Mayor, she can leave Sunnydale for awhile to go to college. Faith goes to the airport, murders the courier, and takes the Box of Gavrok by chopping off the guys hand. Buffy spies on Faith delivering the Box to the Mayor’s office, then forces the driver to tell about the Box. The Scoobies make plans to sneak into city hall and steal the Box. Willow will take care of the magic protecting the Box and Buffy and Angel will swipe it. Xander and Oz ready the spell for Willow to destroy it. Xander goes for the ingredients and sees Cordelia in a store and she tells him she has been accepted into lots of colleges. When the Scoobies do the plan and all is well till until the rope lowering Buffy gets stuck and an alarm goes off. Vampires burst in and Angel comes down to help Buffy fight. They get away. But Willow has been caught. The Scoobies argue about what to do, give them the Box for Willow. Oz makes the decision by breaking, in a rage, the container holding the potion to destroy the Box. Willow uses magic to stake a Vampire and escape, but also finds the Mayor’s Books of Ascension. And Faith finds her. Faith is about to hurt Willow when Giles call for the trade comes in. The Scoobies and the villains do the exchange in the school cafeteria. The Mayor goes on and on about how doomed Buffy and Angel’s relationship is, with him being immortal and all. Snyder bursts in and claims they are doing a drug deal. The Box is opened and a large spider thing come out and kills a security guard. More emerge and start attacking. Soon everyone is working together to survive the spiders. Both creatures are killed, one by Faith’s knife which she leaves behind. Willow gives Giles some pages from the Books of Ascension that she swiped, and Wesley whines as usual. Buffy tells Willow she now knows she cannot leave, and Willow doesn’t want to leave either. She likes fighting evil. Buffy and Willow will go to University of California Sunnydale. Cordelia is actually working at the store Xander saw her at. Buffy and Angel talk about what the Mayor said about them. They say he is wrong because he is evil.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Faith gets a gift the Mayor. Does she look at him like a father she never had? He gives Faith some sort of ceremonial dagger? Buffy and Angel tag team slaying! Romantic nights for Buffy and Angel is fighting demons… every girls dream. Buffy got accepted to university! And buffy looks so not happy. Willow got accepted to Oxford, where Giles went. Xander is reading On The Road? Xander can read? Season one Cordelia just showed up. I am guessing Cordelia did not get accepted anywhere. Now Buffy wants permission from Wesley to leave Sunnydale, this convo should go well. Buffy wants to do first strike on the Mayor. Mysterious stranger with the Box. Now dead thanks to Faith doing a Katniss. Knew she was gonna cut the guys arm off. Buffy is getting better at the spying thing. Love how they all ignore Wesley while planning the raid on the Box. And all the Scoobies prepare the perfect plan. And Xander confronts Cordelia. Bet her dads money did get her into those schools. Xander and Oz doing the spell together, with the help of Willow’s stick figures. Darn, Willow is one good witch. Mission Impossible: Hellmouth edition, starring Buffy Summers. And of course, the device jams. This evil magic Box makes one hell of a prop in this fight. Faith captured Willow! And Wesley is an ass, but he might be right. They can’t trade Willow for the Box. And Oz speaks up, with his fists. Giles and Buffy are gonna be in so much trouble with the Watchers for this. Willow is awesome! Staked by floating pencil! Wonder how long Joss was setting that bit up. And Willow finds the Books of Ascension. And Faith finds Willow. And Willow finally tells Faith off. Witch versus Slayer! Dang, the Mayor walked in! Really wanted to see Willow kick Faith’s ass. Buffy and Mayor finally face to face. This Mayor speaks truth in a disgusting terrible way, all to drive dissent. Snyder? With the rent-a-cops? Drugs? And Snyder is scared of the Mayor? I HATE SPIDERS! Thanks for me scream and squirm! The Mayor! Another one! Welcome to Buffy meets Alien! Three fighting forces, all allied for a few minutes of mutual survival. I think Snyder is gonna be hugging that chair tonight in bed. And Faith lost the dagger to Buffy. Willow stole pages from the Books of Ascension! She is the best. Wesley is wrong, they have more intel. And Willow is staying in Sunnydale for Buffy! Willow wants to fight evil! Wait, Cordelia wasn’t shopping, she’s working at that clothing store? What about daddy’s money? Aww, romantic talk by a tombstone for Buffy and Angel. And they know the mayor is right….


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Snyder is Snyder, demanding to know what the student has in the bag, answer lunch, “Is that the new drug lingo?” Buffy gives crap to both Xander and Cordelia with, “Hey you guys, don’t forget to breathe between insults.” The Mayor tells Faith what he thinks of Buffy and Angel with some rocky horror, “She deserves that poor excuse for a creature of the night.” Xander asks the Scoobies what we are all asking, “I need a volunteer to hit Wesley.” Willow points out something important to a Vampire with, “Hey, did you get permission to eat the hostage? I don’t think so.” Angel tells the Mayor what he thinks of Faith, “Well, what can I say, I like them sane.” Buffy explains to Willow who she is, “I’m a Sunnydale girl. No other choice.”


Build up build up build up…. all to that ending of horror and tension and an inevitable choice. The climax is acoming and I hope Buffy is ready!




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