Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.20 The Prom

Buffy season 3

Buffy gets to have her one moment of high school, all when she goes to The Prom! All part of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy and Angel fell asleep together after a night of patrolling. Buffy chats up Angel about her maybe possibly moving in, and about something coming up called the Prom. And then she almost burns Angel by opening the curtains. Anya asks Xander to Prom. Joyce talks to Angel and tells him she has issues about his and Buffy’s relationship. Joyce tells Angel to do something about it. Giles and Wesley are researching the Mayor’s coming Ascension and they will be chaperoning the Prom. Buffy is upset because that will be the last chance she has for fun in high school. In a dream, Angel sees him and Buffy getting married, and when the leave the church, Buffy disintegrates, not Angel. Buffy and Angel argue while patrolling. He will never age, can’t give her children, and has to stay indoors, and this is all unfair to Buffy. So Angel dumps Buffy and plans to leave Sunnydale after defeating the Mayor. Buffy gets support from Willow and figures out Angel is correct. But Buffy still breaks down and crumbles. Xander sees Cordelia at a store and gives her attitude, but is shocked to find out she is actually working there. Cordelia’s family has lost its money because her father cheated on the taxes for twelve years. She has to work the store to get a Prom dress. And her family lost its house. And she has no money for college. A strange furry beast smashes through the window and kills a teen dressed for Prom. The Scoobies watch the store video of the attack and see Tucker Wells, a student in Oz’s chemistry class, acting suspiciously. Tucker has a hell-hound and plans to have his brainwashed creature attack the Prom. Buffy tracks Tucker down by finding out where he gets the cow brains to feed the creatures. And she bumps into Angel and they argue. Cordelia leaves the store and finds out her dress is paid for. Buffy tells the Scoobies to go to Prom and she will take care of the hell-hounds. Buffy talks to/tells off Tucker. Turns out he is mad the girl he asked turned him down. Buffy takes Tucker down, but realizes their are four hounds, not one. Buffy takes on the hell-hounds and kills each one. She gets into her Prom dress and shows up. Cordelia is with Wesley and thanks Xander for paying for the dress. Anya tells Xander stories of her cursing men. Willow and Oz are happy together. Class Awards time has Xander losing Class Clown. Jonathan gives out the final award of the night and asks if Buffy is present. A new category has been created this year, all because Sunnydale High is a strange place with weird happenings and a large mortality rate. But thanks to Buffy, who always seems to be in the thick of saving the day, Sunnydale High has enjoyed the lowest death rate in history. So the Graduating Class of 1999 awards Buffy with a small cute umbrella engraved with “Buffy Summers – Class Protector.” Buffy is very touched and takes the stage to the cheers and adoration of her friends and classmates. Later, everyone is dancing and Wesley wants to dance with Cordelia, and Giles has to point out she is a student. Angel surprises Buffy by showing up, and wearing a tux. They dance a slow dance. Angel tells Buffy he is still leaving soon, but they can at least have now.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy and Angel slept together without sleeping together. Prom talk kinda freaks Angel out. That sunlight must have hurt! Anya! She comes off as what some people stereotype as what a feminist is. They are incorrect, but it fells like some kind of meta commentary or something. Xander and the Sock Puppet of Love would be a great romcom. Aww! Buffy doodles on her notebook. Joyce? Love how Angel calls her Mrs. Summers. Is Joyce gonna tell Angel to leave town? Skedaddle? Is this the setup for Angel’s series? Bet Wesley and Cordelia were making out in the book stacks. Giles wants to plan to take out the Mayor on graduation day, while Buffy wants to make Prom plans. Is that a werewolf? Cheesy dream sequence of Buffy and Angel getting married. Is Angel gonna dump Buffy in the sewers? Finally, Buffy just stakes a Vampire! When Buffy finds out what Joyce said to Angel, holy crud! Man, he is breaking her heart. And that sound you hear are millions of fangirls crying. This is the set-up for Angel! Now serving, one punch in the gut from Joss. At least, Buffy and Angel will always have Sunnydale. Willow is just as upset as Buffy over this. Werewolf is free! Now Xander finds out Cordelia is working at the store. Taxes? A real world problem. But wait, her rich dad did not make a “mistake”, but cheated. Cordelia believes or rationalizes. Is this another reason for her season one behaviour? Why didn’t this come up in Earshot? Xander looks stunned. Okay, werewolf or demon thing attacks Cordelia’s store. Hell-hound, demon foot soldier, eats brains. Xander lies for Cordelia as to why they were at store, not surprised. Willow can certainly hack. Teen trains Hell-hound to attack Prom, that’s different. Time for rousing Buffy Prom speech! Buffy’s got a plan! Follow the brains! Buffy and Angel share an intimate estranged glance across the meat processing plant. And bet it was Xander who paid for the dress. Buffy orders her friends to the Prom. Now she tells Giles, and he looks surprised. Anya tells old demon stories and they sound so interesting. Giles and Wesley talking about Watcher school days. Wait, Giles said all Watchers are men, but what about Post? And Cordelia arrives alone. Wesley, you are sick perv, she’s a student! Willow and Oz! The moment of peaceful truce between Xander and Cordelia is sweet and long overdue, and very short and with little said. Hell-hound stuck watching movies endlessly? Cruel! Loser gets turned down, goes psycho, film at 11! Three Hell-hounds??? One down, two to go. Darnit, Kool and the Gang is gonna get every killed! Two down, one to go! She snapped his neck! She did a Kal-El! What do you do with three Hell-hound bodies? Dump them in the forest! Buffy brought her dress! Now everyone is happy at the Prom! Xander loses class clown to a guy with a balloon hat? Jonathan from Earshot! Buffy gets a special award! “Zombie’s!” “Hyena people!” “Snyder!” Sunnydale High students really know their school. Buffy went from crazed social pariah/druggie to Sunnydale savior! A Kaylee umbrella! A mini one. “Buffy Summers – Class Protector” Buffy’s one perfect high school moment. Not crying now, Joss, not crying now. Giles finally gets annoyed with Wesley over Cordelia. Wesley and Cordelia dance. Xander and Anya dance. Willow and Oz dance. Giles congratulates Buffy, not crying. Angel shows up, in a tux, for Buffy, and still not crying. Buffy understands why Angel is leaving. And they have one final dance…


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Anya really knows how to ask Xander out to the Prom, “Men are evil. Will you go with me?” Buffy pours her heart out to Angel, “I want my life to be with you.” But Angel replies, “I don’t.” And we all scream. Buffy tells Willow how her life is now, “Right now, I’m just trying to keep from dying.” Xander tries to get Buffy to be less standoffish with, “Your impersonation of an inanimate object is really coming along.” Tucker tells Buffy part of his fiendish plot, “If you think formal wear makes them crazy, wait till they see the mirror ball.” Jonathan gives the best speech to Buffy with, “We are proud to say the Class of ’99 has the lowest mortality rate of any graduating class in Sunnydale history.”


Buffy Summers – Class Protector. That award says it all. Thanks Joss.



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