Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.21 Graduation Day, Part 1

Buffy season 3

Buffy is all set to have a wonderful Graduation from Sunnydale High School with nothing bad happening whatsoever. Yeah, right, it’s Graduation Day, Part 1 and EVERYTHING changes! Get yer grad hat for another SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy post!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

The Scoobies get all prepped for grad and reminiscence. Buffy might skip grad to take down the Mayor, but they find out the Mayor is the speaker. Faith finds Lester Worth, a Professor, and murders him. Xander tells Anya about the Ascension and she is concerned. Buffy finds out about the murder of Worth and tells Giles and Wesley that she thinks Faith is responsible, and that the Professor must have known something. Anya tells the Scoobies of the last Ascension she witnessed and how a sorcerer who became the demon Lohesh. Vampires are half breed demons and pure demons are larger and stronger. The Mayor comes into the library and tells everyone of how he will kill Buffy graduation day. This angers Giles, who stabs the Mayor, and he is unharmed. Buffy tells Joyce to leave town because of the Mayor. Willow and Oz talk and wonders why he is not more worried. He kisses her, they talk, and then they have sex for the first time. Buffy and Angel talk about Worth’s death and what he might have known, and they also chat about where they stand. Angel is hit by an arrow shot by Faith. It misses his heart. When the arrow is taken out, they realized it is magically poisoned. Giles and Wesley see Worth’s files and realize he found out how to kill a demon. Faith tells the Mayor what she did and includes some stories from her childhood. Wesley informs Buffy that the Watchers won’t help Angel. Willow researches and finds out Angel can be saved by feeding on a Slayer. Buffy sets out to get a Slayer for Angel to feed on – Faith. Buffy gets to Faith’s apartment and they have a brutal fight. The Scoobies find out the Mayor will change into the demon Olvikan and will be massive. The Mayor hears about the Buffy Faith fight. As the fight spills onto the roof, Buffy uses Faith’s knife and stabs her. Faith tells Buffy good job in killing her, then jumps off the roof. She lands in a passing truck and falls unconscious. Buffy watches helplessly as the truck leaves.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Xander thinks he’s gonna die on grad day. Love the fake yearbook signing happiness. Buffy is all depressed about grad. The Mayor is giving the commencement speech, bet it won’t be boring. Faith meets Professor worth. And Faith kills Professor Worth. Faith in a dress seems so odd. The Mayor really knows how to manipulate Faith doesn’t he. And of course Willow rides a cool bike to school. This teacher is doing hangman on the last day? Cool switchero, from jerk to dude in seconds. Anya again? And she wants Xander? Okaaay. Xander mentions Ascension and Anya notices. Buffy figures it out fast about Faith and the Professor. Giles is waaaay better then Wesley at fencing. Is Anya now a Scooby? Anya really enjoys her revenge stories. Demons on Earth are tainted? Vampires are human demon hybrids? Makes sense. Snyder seems relieved that the Mayor said to use his first name Richard. Snyder thinks he’s gonna get something good, I think it will be… death. The Mayor in the library! And he is scary and slimy. And Giles reacts with a sword! Buffy do you really think your mom is gonna leave? I bet Joyce doesn’t leave town. Bet Willow and Oz are going to have sex now, since with the world ending, why not? Wait, Amy, is still a rat? Buffy is sooo uncomfortable around Angel. Buffy is being a bitch here, and Angel is calling her on it. Arrow! But it missed the heart! Knew it was Faith! Just trying to cause havoc and take Angel out of the picture, or is the arrow magical? Knew Buffy would not wait to three. Called it with the arrow! Called it with Willow and Oz! Now let’s humanize Faith, and suddenly make her realize what the Mayor is doing. Does Anya have feelings for Xander? I guess she never heard about his love spell? Kinda not into this coupling. Is Anya Drusilla 2.0 or something? Wesley confirms that the Council are idiots. They have been doing this for how long? Buffy quits! Wesley looks mad and calls it a mutiny. Coming up, Buffy vs Faith for the life of Angel! Faith reading comics! Faith looks scared when Buffy says the cure is her blood. They are really beating the snot out of each other! Handcuffs? Okay, the Mayor eating the spiders is gross. Faith broke the handcuffs! Yes! Buffy stabbed her! And Faith’s body is driven away….


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Xander gives the heads up to Wesley with, “Easier said than done, monarchy boy.” Willow asks the Scoobies a good question with, “How come evil girl is in the mix?” Xander updates Cordelia on the plot, “The Mayor is going to kill us all during graduation.” Joyce always asks the obvious, “What, is some terrible demon going to attack the school?” Willow tells Oz her feelings, which gets interesting results, with, “I think we could be dead in two days time, and you’re being ironic detachment guy.” Oz tells Buffy how to save the day with on problem, “The only way to cure this thing is to drain the blood of a Slayer.” And Xander channels to Giles abit of Jaws with, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”


It’s always darkest before the dawn. There’s got to be a morning after. Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.

Joss should have had these as the soundtrack here, since my fingernails are bitten down waaaay to much now.


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