Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 3.22 Graduation Day, Part 2

Buffy season 3

Today is the day Buffy Graduates from Sunnydale High School! And she is almost ready to face the real world! Graduation Day, Part 2 is the latest of my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy takes off from Faith’s place just before the Major shows up. Cordelia wants to know why Wesley is planning on leaving. Giles tells Cordelia that Buffy has quit the Watchers so Wesley was recalled. Buffy goes to see ailing Angel and tells him the only cure is Slayer blood. No Faith, so Buffy tells Angel to feed off of her. Angel says no, but Buffy forces him to. Buffy is knocked out by Angel’s feeding, and he takes her to the hospital. In the next hospital room, the Mayor is told that Faith is in a coma. The Mayor finds out about Buffy and tries to kill her in her bed. Angel stops him and the Mayor leaves. The Scoobies arrive and Angel tells them he fed on Buffy. Buffy and Faith connect in a dream and talk in Faith’s apartment. They have a strange conversation and Faith kinda tells Buffy how to defeat the Mayor. Dream Faith touches Dream Buffy, which wakes Buffy up. Buffy tells the Scoobies she is ready to face the Mayor. Back in the library, Buffy tells the Scoobies her plan, which we do not hear, and they get to work. But Giles says the plan will only work if Buffy is right about the Mayor. Buffy says that Faith told her that the Mayor still has emotions and is upset over Faith. Wesley joins up on his own. The Mayor prepares for the Ascension. Buffy prepares to stop him, recruiting students as well. Wesley plans to leave after grad, so he and Cordelia kiss. They don’t like it and decide to go no further. Angel tells Buffy he won’t say goodbye after the battle, he will just leave. The ceremony starts and Snyder introduces the Mayor. They are told it is the 100th birthday of Sunnydale and the Mayor starts throbbing. The eclipse hits and the Mayor starts to change into Olvikan, a giant snake. The parents scream and run away. Buffy yells “NOW” and all the students whip off their robes to show arsenals of weapons and crosses. They are ready to rumble! Angel and Xander lead one group of students against the Mayor’s Vampires. The Mayor gobbles down Principal Snyder. Buffy flashes Faith’s knife at the Mayor, taunting him of how she stab his favourite Slayer. Enraged, the snake Mayor chases Buffy through the halls of Sunnydale High, right to the library. The books are gone and replaced by explosives. Buffy jumps out a window. Giles sets off the explosives. The Mayor blows up real good, just like the rest of Sunnydale High. Later, firefighters are cleaning up the mess and helping the hurt. Giles gives Buffy her diploma, saved from the destruction. Buffy finally sees Angel, across the chaos. They two look at each other one more time. Angel leaves. The Scoobies, with no Giles, survey the destroyed school. Willow asks Buffy if she is allright, Buffy says yes. Oz says they all survived, with Buffy mentioning the battle, but Oz says he was talking about high school itself. As they walk away together, we see a burnt yearbook on the ground for Sunnydale Class of 1999.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

So Buffy is up Slayer creek without a stake. No Faith to feed to Angel. Wow, the Mayor is losing his cool here. Now, because Wesley is all upset, Cordelia cares what is happening? Angel is so sad, pouring out his heart to Willow, thinking she’s Buffy. Buffy is gonna let Angel feed on her, isn’t she? Won’t that kill Buffy? She does! That looks really really painful. Now it looks really really sexual, crushing the jug, kicking the bench. Not surprised the ER Doctors thinks it’s drugs. Faith is right nearby! Alive and heavily hurt! The Mayor figures out where Buffy is! Hand over Buffy’s mouth, what a creepy bastard. Kick his ass Angel! Buffy has to feed off of Angel to become a Vampire? You know they are gonna do a blood transfer between Faith and Buffy. Xander is an ass, part five, especially with his hatred of Angel. Buffy and Faith in the meta realm, almost getting along. Man, Faith looks awful. Buffy kisses her Slayer sister. That was kinda sweet. Hope Snyder dies, eaten by a demon, staked, bazooka blast, dropped in acid, shot by a Cardassian. Military training of Xander is mentioned! I actually love Cordelia’s plan with Ebola. War planning montage! Eclipse! All the minor high schoolers are being shown. Really not digging this Cordelia Wesley relationship. I thought they had been smooching already. That’s it?? Oz van is about to start rockin’, cause Willow and Oz are awesome. Yet again, more Buffy and Angel angst. What is with Faith’s dagger? Snyder, die. 100th anniversary of the founding of Sunnydale? And as if on cue, the eclipse. And Mayor Wilkins becomes a demon! Holy crap! All the grads are armed!! Flamethrowers! Crossbows! Flaming arrows on the Vampires! Angel and Wesley! Holy crap! Wesley goes down like the moron he is! YES! SNYDER DIES!! TEARS OF JOY!!! Now a mob of grads with stakes are charging the Vampires. Cordelia stakes a Vampire! Sunnydale High is being demolished! THEY BLEW UP THE SCHOOL!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! THIS IS INSANE!!!!! Drat, Wesley is still alive. So the dagger was simply a diversion. And Giles gives Buffy her diploma. One last long look at Angel, across the disaster zone. But, he comes back, right, someday? And the Scoobies survived! Love Oz playing with Willow’s hair. Oz is right, they survived high school. Now that was an ending. They delayed this for what reason again? Because they are idiots? The zombie has a grad hat!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Giles tells Xander about food and moodiness with, “Tea is soothing. I wish to be tense.” Xander tells Wesley off with, “Hey, it’s Mr States the Obvious.” And as Angel and Xander bicker, Buffy tells them off with, “You guys are like little old ladies.” Principal Snyder gets all huffy with his usual idiotic blather and tells the students “This is simply unacceptable!” as they arm up to fight a giant snake. Buffy tells Giles how good she is after the battle with, “Fire bad, tree pretty.”


Joss, you made me jump and scream and yell and cheer and bellow. And that was just when Snyder died. Kidding, loved everything from beginning to end and can’t wait for Buffy’s next great adventure!



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