My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully


I almost called this Scoop meets Angel… Again.

But I knew Joss would groan.

Waaaay before I started My Year of Buffy, I knew about the spinoff Angel. So when I secured the Buffy The Vampire Slayer boxset from my brother Mark, I also grabbed his Angel boxset.

Right from the beginning of Buffy, my Geek head exploded. For I had no clue that our brooding Slayer helper was actually a Vampire. And even more interesting, a Vampire with a soul.

Yes, I was a clueless idiot.

BuffyAs BTVS paraded past my eyes, I really grew to love this couple. Seeing the ups and downs of Buffy and Angel, the incredible chemistry between the two, and the heartbreak of Angelus, all hit my heart and soul.

Even the most clueless Sunnydale student could tell that Angel was getting a spinoff. His rehabilitation from Angelus, finding a purpose in Amends, and his eventually final forever we cannot ever be together breakup with Buffy made the new show coming very very obvious.

But we fans don’t mind. Afterall, Buffy and Angel could still get back together someday. And we get twice the Joss Whedon every week!

I should quickly explain, just like I did in My Year of Buffy post, what I knew of our favourite Vampire’s series.

To my Muggle mind, Angel spun out of season four of Buffy and lasted three or four seasons. Cordelia joins the cast as Angel moves to Los Angelas and becomes a private eye or something. He also faces some evil nefarious shadowy organization. And Spike joins the cast because he is on the boxset, along with some people I don’t recognize.

With this writing, I have already completed season one of Angel and begun season two.

And this is where the Hopefully part of the title come from.

Warnings had come to me from various Buffy and Joss fans that Angel was not only a different beast, but a really different beast. And to my shocked senses, some had never even finished the series, only watched it intermittently, or found it boring.

By the end of the first episode of Angel, I found myself agreeing with these people massively.

Angel logoAt this point, and as the season rolled on at a limp rate, I tried to grapple with how to cover Angel here on Scoops Mental Propaganda. Doing each individual episode as a separate Three Random Thoughts would have become very dreary, very fast. Plus, my constant despairing comments about Doyle, the lack of story logic, and the awful humour would drive me crazy.

In fact, the main reason I kept going from Buffy to Angel to Buffy to Angel to Buffy to Angel to, well you get the idea, was to keep everything in sync for the crossovers. Otherwise I would have walked away, kept binging on Buffy, and gotten back to Angel in 2015 or so.

But I want, wish to, be a Geek completest. But I still added the Hopefully to the title. I want to reserve the right to put Angel on hold once Buffy is complete, just in case my senses can’t handle it.

My current plan is to do, between each Buffy post, one Angel post that will cover two episodes. I know it feel like a cheat, but yours and mine sanity will thank the Hellmouth for this. Who knows? Maybe season two will turn it around for me and Angel will graduate to deserving a post an episode.

This weekend you will see the premiere Some Random Thoughts on Angel 1.1 City Of and 1.2 Lonely Hearts with SPOILERS galore.

Let’s see how this goes. Hopefully.


…is currently reading Men From Earth by Buzz Aldrin and Malcolm McConnell




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