Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.1 The Freshman

Buffy season 4

Buffy begins a new life as she starts University in The Freshman! Another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

University of California – Sunnydale Campus welcomes three of the Scoobies to school this year – Buffy, Willow and Oz. Buffy takes it all in and it slightly overwhelms her, while Willow is all excited by everything – including the library, and Oz is Oz with his calm demeanor. Giles is retired and Xander is doing a road trip cross country. Buffy and Willow get textbooks and Buffy drops a book onto the head of Riley Finn, a TA for Professor Walsh the Intro to Psychology prof. Buffy moves into her dorm room and meets her roommate Kathy. Kathy is perky and perky and has a Celine Dion poster. Kathy is also annoying while sleeping because she snores and many other things. Buffy has a bad first day of class, with one jerk Prof humiliating her in front of class and another – Walsh – warning of heavy workload. Buffy is worried about studying and Slaying and finding the time. Buffy meets another student Eddie at night when they both get lost on campus. Eddie tells Buffy of his security blanket, the book Of Human Bondage. Eddie is shortly after killed by Vampires, who also steal his things and leave a note saying he quit school. Buffy hears he left, but finds his book still in his room. This sets off Buffy’s spidey-sense and she talks to Giles. He tells her she can take care of this herself. Buffy goes on patrol and finds Eddie, and finds out he is a Vampire. The other Vampires show up and Buffy is beaten up by them and their leader. This shakes Buffy and she goes to Joyce. This surprises Joyce, who has made Buffy’s room into gallery storage. Buffy returns to her dorm and sees the note announcing her leaving and her stuff gone. Buffy heads to the Bronze and feels bad, thinks she sees Angel, but it is not him, and feels badder. Xander shows up and tells Buffy that his road trip went bust real fast when his car died. Now he is back home and living in his parents basement and paying rent. Buffy whines about college and Xander hands out a pep talk of great proportions. He and Buffy then decide to go get those Vampires. They track the Vampires, via computers, and find them. Xander heads off for the Scoobies and Buffy falls through the roof and into their lair. Buffy fights and is losing, but when her Buffy Summers – Class Protector umbrella is broken, she gets all Buffyized. She is whomping Vampire butt when the Scoobies arrive and help. They win and Giles shows up, saying sorry for earlier. An escaping Vampires is caught by taser by some commando types.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Buffy and Willow are picking college courses, all while on cemetery patrol. Five miles away? That’s not far. And the newly risen Vampire suddenly sees her Slayer gear and wisely takes off. Buffy, all alone at University, confused, seeing protests, frat pledges, and getting a zillion flyers. Willow is loving all this University stuff. She is such a Hermoine. Oz! He is completely into college as well. Giles mention! Unemployed! Xander mention! Driving to all 50 states! Love the Hawaii bit. Now that is a library! New guy! Riley! A TA! With a very clumsy intro. Buffy being this clueless and socially awkward feels kinda forced. Buffy’s living on campus and Kathy is her roommate. I’m guessing the Celine Dion poster and happy positive attitude are supposed to be a bad sign? This Prof is a jerk. This feels way forced and over the top. Prof Walsh is the evil bitch monster of death. Eddie is lost at night, and he is obviously evil. Vampire? Demon? Rapist? Hehe, Buffy called her stake Mr. Pointy. Nope, Eddie is Vampire bait. So the Vampires kill, steal the stereo, and leaves. Early in first semester, it’s day two! A clue! Eddie’s book is still beside the bed! These frat Vampires are annoying. Okay, the poster tally is cute. I hope this frat Vampire is not the season’s big bad. Oh no Eddie’s a Vampire! Hello! Giles is getting some afternoon delight! Buffy looks like a truck hit her. Giles has lost his Watcher mojo. Olivia. Who is she? Giles is acting so nonchalant about Buffy’s suggestions of evil doings. And Buffy kills Eddie in record time. Oh crud. Buffy is outnumbered. That Spicoli Vampire is way annoying. Four to one! And Buffy is getting her butt kicked. Knew she would have to run. Noooo! Buffy talk to your friends! Things must be desperate if Buffy seeks advice from Joyce. A house that big, and Joyce piles her ugly gallery boxes into Buffy’s room? All you need now is for someone to pee in her coffee and Buffy’s day is set. The Vampires cleared her room already? And this doesn’t annoy Buffy? Oh look another indie band. OMG it’s Angel! Psyche! It’s not. Shocker. Xander! I am actually glad to see him, which shows you how sad this episode is. So Xander grand trip never really went anywhere, what a surprise. Now living in parents basement and paying rent. Wait, isn’t that the name of the musical episode?   Xander almost got the Yoda quote right. WWBD. What Would Buffy Do? I actually kinda like Xander’s pep talk. Hey, they found the Vampires. You know Buffy is gonna fall through that window. Yep! Willow and Oz find the note. Oz notices the handwriting because he is Oz. Xander hugs Kathy! Does she become a Scooby soon? Xander is darn good at speaking in code. Vampire broke the umbrella! Buffy kick her ass! Scoobies! Willow got a Vampire! Buffy got her Buffy back! Hey Giles, bit late you jerk. And one Vampire got away. Tasering a Vampire? Quasi commandos taking him prisoner? What the??


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Willow says something sexual which isn’t supposed to be sexual and apologizes with, “That sentence ended up in a different place then it started out in.” Buffy tells Willow how cool college would be with the following happened, “Too bad Giles couldn’t be librarian here, it would be convenient.” Willow echoes to Buffy what the fans are saying, “It’s like a whole new world.” Buffy talks to Giles about his private life with, “No. Because you are very very old. And it’s gross.” Xander gives Buffy a cool rallying cry of “Avengers Assemble” because Joss knew where his future lay. And Xander continues his Buffy pep talk with, “Let’s put this bitch in the ground. What do you say?” Xander tells Buffy the order of things with the Vampires with, “Murder I expect. But petty larceny, feels so… petty.”


I know this is the rebuilding episode for Buffy and all, but I really did dig this one till the last few minutes. Buffy is not this clueless and that one Prof is nothing compared to Snyder. Also, RIP mini Kaylee umbrella.



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