Some Random Thoughts On Angel 1.1 City Of, and Angel 1.2 Lonely Hearts

Angel Season 1

Angel’s series starts with City Of and continues on with Lonely Hearts. The first entries into My Upcoming Year of Angel… Hopefully series.


City Of…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel is drunk in a Los Angeles bar when he sees some guys leaving with some women. Angel goes outside and saves her from the Vampires. Angel heads home to a basement apartment beneath his office and meets Doyle. Doyle looks human but is actually half demon and gets confusing painful visions of the future from The Powers That Be. Doyle knows all about Angel and says he can help him save people and seek redemption. Doyle tells Angel that a girl named Tina needs help. Angel meets and finds out a guy Russell is after her. Eventually she gets him to come to a Hollywood party. Angel shows up and sees Cordelia. She is in LA to become an actress. And she lies about how successful she is. And in reality she lives in a crap apartment. Angel sees a guy bugging Tina. It is Stacy and he attacks Tina later and Angel takes him out. Tina stays at Angel’s place and Angel goes to the library and internets more info. Angel tells Tina that her friend Denise was probably killed by Russell, but Tina freaks because she sees Doyle’s note with her number. She takes off. Russell attacks Tina in her apartment and turns out Russell is a Vampire. Tina dies. Russell sees a lawyer at Wolfram And Heart and creates an alibi. And picks Cordelia next. Angel gets info from Stacy and goes after Russell with Doyle’s help. Cordelia is at Russell’s mansion and quickly figures out he is a Vampire. Angel shows up and rescues her. Later, Angel barges into Russell’s corporation while Russell is meeting with Wolfram and Heart. Russell brags he is untouchable. Angel asks if he can fly, then shoves Russell out the window. And sunlight explodes Russell. Wolfram and Heart note Angel as a new player in town. Angel goes home and calls Buffy, but says nothing. Cordelia show up and wants to work with Angel, saving lives. So Angel Investigations with Angel, Cordelia, and Doyle is now in business.


My Thoughts!!

Hating this noir feel. Hello Los Angeles. Angel is a very unconvincing drunk. It’s Sawyer! Sawyer is a Vampire! Angel has spy gear weapons now. Dang, he looks at her blood like a junkie. This is a rather depressing opener. Cordelia! New guy Doyle! That looks like an old abandoned police station. Stranger in the Angel cave. Doyle. Angel to Doyle: “You don’t smell human.” Okay, that was a gross demon sneeze. The Powers That Be? Doyle gives the most boring retelling of Angels story ever. I think Doyle is supposed to be funny. Doyle has visions that cause headaches. Interesting plot device, half demon with visions to drive story along. The damsel in distress works in a restaurant. At least she is not stupid, leading with the pepper spray. Hello huge 1999 camcorder. She made the mistake of trusting Russell, maybe just like with Angel. I really hate Hollywood parodies in shows. Cordelia! Was that Joss talking with her. Angel to air after Cordelia walks away: “It’s nice that she has grown as a person.” Which she wouldn’t have walked away. For some reason, I don’t trust this girl. It would not have taken Angel this long to take out those thugs in the elevator. Angel jumping in the wrong car was supposed to be funny right. Now that was a punch! Aw, poor Cordelia! Like sucks for her. Looks like Angel is channeling his inner Willow, working the interwebs like a boss. Angel is really not good at hiding his notes. For a second I thought Angel was gonna dislocate her shoulder. Oh look slimy suit guy Russell is smooth talking Tina who has the gun. This episode feels waaaaay long already. Russell is a Vampire. And now she is dead. And I really don’t care. Angel P.I. is what we are starting to get here. Wolfram and Hart? I have heard of them. Are they a regular part of the show? Russell sees the video of Cordelia. And now wants a snack. Cordelia’s friend is an annoying drunk. Angel to Doyle about how many wars he has seen. “Fourteen. Not including Viet Nam. They never declared it.” Cordelia is gonna bore this Vampire Russell to death. Cordelia is thinking casting couch here. Cordelia: “Hey, you’re a Vampire!” Russell is so non concerned over Cordelia mention of Sunnydale and Hellmouth. Angel Superspy! Cordelia to Russell: “You don’t know who he is, do you? Oboy, you’re about to get your ass kicked.” Angel has taken on like four or five Vampires at a time, and he can’t beat this guy? Angel takes a hail of bullets. Knew that would happen at the front gate. And Angel just shows up. Wolfram and Heart know all about the Vampires don’t they? Russell is a rich jerk above the law Vampire. Is this guy the big baddie this season? Angel to Russell: “Really? Can you fly?” Now that was an exit. Best Death Scene Fall From A Building Since RoboCop. Okay, he not big baddie. Angel Cordelia Doyle make a strange trio, not quite Buffy Willow Xander.


Okay Joss, I know you wanted to be a big opener where the new set-up could be explained and the history of everyone can be explained. But this ain’t it. Really really bored.

Angel logo

Lonely Hearts…

What Angel Investigations Did!

Angel mopes in the dark. Doyle comes in and wants the three to go out. Also, Doyle likes Cordelia. But she can’t know he’s half demon. Cordelia shows up and Doyle has a vision. At the nightclub in Doyle’s vision, a guy and girl meet, then Angel shows up. Cordelia hands out Angel’s cards. Angel is lousy at finding the person who needs help. Then he meets Kate. They talk. One idiot thinks Cordelia’s cards is for hookers, and soon a fight breaks out. The next day, the girl gets out of bed and the guy is dead. AI (Angel Investigations) research the nightclub. Angel goes back to the club and sees Kate and warns her away. Angel gets info and goes to the girls place. But he is too late and he fights the creature, but then Kate shows up and turns out she is a cop. Angel escapes. The demon inside the guy goes back to the nightclub. Angel stays at Cordelia’s place during the day and Kate searches Angel’s office. Angel contacts Kate and wants to help catch the killer. Kate goes to the club and is taken to a backroom and attacked and Angel saves her. They get locked in the basement. The demon goes about the club, trying to find a new host. Angel and Kate get out of the basement. Angel and the demon fight in an alley and Angel wins. Kate thinks the bartender was the killer. Angel and Kate talk. Angel goes back to the office and says the three should go out. But Cordelia and Doyle beg off and leave Angel to brood in the dark again.


My Thoughts!!

Angel sitting in the dark, looking all morose. Doyle wants to ask Cordelia out? That was fast. Angel now has business cards. Doyle has a vision of a bad 80s disco? This guy at the bar is creepy and that girl is toast. This is the most boring nightclub conversation ever. Angels here! How did they know to go to this club. Angel, after all these centuries, you are still terrible at sneaking out info. Cordelia is cute handing out business cards. Cordelia to guy: “Hey, you look troubled. Or is that just your lazy eye?” Cordelia analyzing everyone is only mildly funny. Angel is gonna get picked up by this lady. Why is Angel such a dork in this series? And another boring conversation. Betcha she is a Vampire! I really get no chemistry from Cordelia and Doyle. This jerk thinks Cordelia a hooker? And Doyle is acting all gentlemanly. Fight! Lame fight! And the girl slept with the guy. Cord to Angel and Doyle: “We all had so much in common. Being monster food every other week.” So the girl killed him and other nasty things. And Cordelia knows how to use a computer. Angel is coming across stalkerish. She is so obvious as the bad guy here. Off hand demon comment by Cordelia unnerves Doyle. Sharon the dowdy chick. Thank you helpful bar people for the info. And now she is gonna kill the poor nerd. Now that was gross. So the creature goes from body to body to body. Kinda reminds me slightly of the movie Species. Angel’s not doing too well in this fight. Kate is a cop? Is she gonna be a regular? I don’t think Cordelia would ever leave her place so messy. Why do they keep explaining things? History? Rules? The Buffy fans watching know all this. Cordelia to Angel and Doyle: “It’s a donkey? But we didn’t see any donkey demons.” Kate found Angel Investigations. And now he is a woman. This moody music is awful. Talamar the demon, dislikes fire. Angel calls Kate and makes himself sound even more creepy. Their is no reason for her to believe him. Bartender is evil? Oh great, creature is inside him? Okay, that skin part was gross. Angel has a utility belt! Now she uses her gun? That dude has baaaad acne. Hey look, a convenient barrel full of fire! Kate should move to Sunnydale, because she has the same denial disease they have. The veterinarian bit is supposed to be funny, just like the lobster bit. And back to mopey Angel in the dark.


This simply isn’t working. Two episode in and another lame character introduction. Doyle was bad enough, now we have Kate. Ugh.



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