Three Random Thoughts On Buffy 4.2 Living Conditions

Buffy season 4

Buffy begins a new home life as she starts living in a dorm in Living Conditions! Another post in my SPOILER filled My Year of Buffy!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoWhat Buffy Did!

Buffy’s dormmate Kathy is annoying her as she readies for patrol. After Buffy goes on patrol, Kathy follows along. When a demon attacks, Buffy pushes Kathy out of the way and fights the demon. But two other demons comment that she maybe the one. Buffy tells Giles about the demon and wants to hang out with Giles. She finally admits it is because Kathy her roommate drives her nuts. Kathy is cleaning her clothes and wears one of Buffy’s instead. Buffy goes to lunch at the campus Rocket Cafe and sees Kathy, who she tries to avoid and meets Parker, another student. Buffy has lunch with the Scoobies and goes nutty when Kathy joins them. And Kathy drops food on Buffy’s sweater. Later, Buffy and Kathy annoy each other endlessly before bed. Buffy has nightmares of a demon doing some ritual to that night, and the next morning finds out Kathy had the same nightmare. Buffy tells the Scoobies her dream and Willow doesn’t like Buffy’s dislike to Kathy. Oz goes along with Buffy for patrolling, all to talk to her. The demons talk more about how she id the one and start a ritual to call upon the Great Taparrich. Buffy arrives back to her room and sees Kathy and Parker hanging out. She gets mad. Buffy has another nightmare with the demons. Buffy tells Willow that Kathy must be a demon and evil and has to be killed. Also, Kathy’s toenails keep growing after being cut. Willow calls Giles. Buffy sees Giles with the toenail and Xander and Oz tie her up. Giles goes for stuff for a spell to free Buffy from the demon possession he believes is happening. Buffy tricks Xander and Oz and gets free. Giles comes back and figures out Kathy is a demon. Buffy gets back to her room and argues with Kathy, leading to a fight. Buffy rips Kathy’s face off and now knows she is a demon. Kathy tells Buffy she left her demon dimension to go to college, and was sucking out Buffy’s soul so they would think she was her. The demons show up and bring Taparrich. Giles does a spell that returns Buffy’s soul to normal. The demons grab Kathy and take her back to her dimension. Buffy and Willow move in together. And Buffy already gets annoyed with Willow.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoMy Thoughts!!

Kathy loves Cher. Which makes Buffy leave. Does she suspect Buffy of something? Tracking phone calls and milk? Really starting to dislike Kathy. Willow! Good to see the girls talk. Is that Darkseid’s and Desaad’s love child lurking in the bushes? Kathy shows up? She is such a buzzkill on the Slaying. Buffy is getting better at cover stories. Bet the creepy commando guys are actually following Kathy. Buffy is hanging around Giles only because Kathy drives her nuts? Kinda cute. Kathy, I really hate you now you snoopy little snoop. And she finds Buffy’s bag of Slayer stuff! Don’t like this guy Parker. Scoobies at lunch, gossiping about boys, meeting Kathy, and ketchup on the sweater. Buffy finds even Kathy’s flossing annoying? Okay, that fridge is ridiculous. And why would Buffy leave her gum there? Time for demon dream! Bet Kathy is gonna annoy Giles really really fast. Giles rolls his eyes so well at Buffy/Kathy. Giles hones in on the shared dream issue just like Giles would. Parker is talking to Kathy. He gives her plastic bags, cause he is so cute. Not. See Buffy getting all jealous now. And she does. Kathy looks really really pissed. And I don’t blame her. They are playing this as comedy, but to me this should be serious. Buffy with the milk is gross and stupid. Willow and Oz are so cute. Oz is gonna be substitute BFF tonight. Does Willow’s roommate ever stop partying? Who is that girl Oz passed? And who are the commandos following? And Buffy dropkicks a bench. Has Buffy gone over the edge? Those ugly demons have gotta be responsible for this, which is just getting sillier and sillier. Hello scary nightmares! Kathy goes to Willow? Waiting for Willow to freak out. Love her phone message to Giles. And the Scoobies catch Buffy fairly easily. And Willow now realizes how crazy Kathy is as well. Which of these men is manly enough to check Buffy’s ropes? Both, timidly. And Buffy does a three stooges and knocks their heads together. Buffy versus Kathy, the epic battle we have been waiting for! Kathy is a demon? Buffy is not insane? Kathy is an escaped demon from another dimension. No one in the dorm hears this fight? That phone beating looks painful. Giles found a spell! Why is Buffy having so much trouble in this fight? Now someone hears? Knew those ugly guys were after Kathy. And she’s gone! So now Buffy and Willow are roomies!!


Buffy The Vampire Slayer LogoFavourite Lines!!!

Buffy gets snarky with Kathy her dorm mate with, “Like who? Syd the wiley dairy knome?” Giles asks Buffy a question which should be stupid, but is not, “You took your roommate patrolling with you?” Willow explains Giles to Kathy with “He’s a grown-up friend, but not in a creepy way.” Oz points out to Buffy her aggression issues with, “On the plus side you killed the bench, which was… looking shifty.” Buffy explains to Willow her plans concerning Kathy, “Kathy’s evil, and I’m an evil fighter. I’m gonna have to kill her.” Xander asks Oz, as Oz wakes up, a question, “Why can’t Giles have shackles like any self respecting bachelor?”


Second episode of the season and another one that was not funny or interesting or anything. Really hoping for better soon Joss.


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